Health & Well-Being

Acknowledging Our Grant Program Reviewers

The Pac-12 would like to thank all Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being Grant Program reviewers for their commitment of time and expertise. Their invaluable input contributes to ensuring funded projects meet rigorous academic and scientific standards. This results in developing best practices that are conducive to improvements in high priority areas for the Pac-12 in benefit of student-athletes. The current group of Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being Grant reviewers are:

University of Arizona
  • Dr. Anna Alkozei
  • Doug Contaoi
  • Dr. David Millward
  • Dr. Lynn Nadel
  • Dr. Evan Unger
Arizona State University
  • Dr. Glenn Gaesser
  • Dr. Roger McCoy
  • Diana Padilla
University of California, Berkeley
  • Dr. George Brooks
  • Dr. Cindy Chang
  • Laura Dixon
  • Dr. Josh Hatch
University of Colorado
  • Dr. Venu Akuthota
  • Dr. Angela Bryan
  • Dr. Theresa Hernandez
  • Marissa Holliday
  • Dr. Eric McCarty
  • Dr. Robert Spencer
University of Oregon
  • Dr. Li-Shan Chou
  • Dr. Craig Davidson
  • Dr. Grace Golden
  • Dr. Andrew Karduna
Oregon State University
  • Dr. Mark Hoffman
  • Dr. Nicholas Phillips
  • Fred Tedeschi
Stanford University
  • Dr. Jennifer Baine
  • Stephen Bartlinski
  • Dr. Constance Chu
  • Dr. Gary Glover
  • Dr. Ruth O'Hara
  • Dr. Amy Silder
  • Dr. Jean Yuh Tang
University of California, Los Angeles
  • Dr. Talin Babikian
  • Dr. Dena Florczyk
  • Dr. David McAllister
  • Dr. Richard Mink
  • Dr. Whitney Pope
  • Dr. Mayumi Prins
  • Dr. Kevin Shannon
  • Jeremy Vail
  • Dr. Daniel Vigil
University of Southern California
  • Dr. David Baron
  • Dr. Carl Castro
  • Dr. Seth Gamradt
  • Dr. John Meyer
  • Russ Romano
  • Dr. Darren Ruddell
University of Utah
  • Dr. Yoshimi Anzai
  • Dr. Patrick Greis
  • Dr. Charlie Hicks-Little
  • Dr. Alan Light
  • Joe McBeth
  • Dr. Leslie Podlog
University of Washington
  • Dr. Sylvia Lucas
  • Chris Melton
  • Dr. Mark Opp
  • Dr. John O'Kane
  • Dr. Vaishali Phatak
  • Dr. Ali Rowhani-Rahbar
  • Monica Zigman
Washington State University
  • Dr. Robert Catena
  • Bill Drake
  • Dr. Marcos Frank
  • Dr. Kasee Hildenbrand
  • Dr. Ed Tingstad
  • Dr. Sarah Ulrich-French
  • Dr. Anita Vasavada