More than 60 TV providers, big and small, offer Pac-12 Networks to fans across the country. Our priority has always been to make sure that every fan has multiple options to get Pac-12 Networks in their area so they have access to more exciting Pac-12 content than they will find anywhere else. To find a TV provider in your area with Pac-12 Networks, visit and enter your zip code.


We know you’re frustrated and we share that frustration. After more than two years of trying to reach a deal with DIRECTV, they continue to reject our proposals. We created Pac-12 Networks for you and realize this puts many of you in a difficult position. But we do not want you to miss out on our exciting season of Pac-12 football, 850 live events throughout the year or our exciting behind-the-scenes programming, including The Drive: Pac-12 Football, an all-access documentary style show on the UCLA Bruins.

DIRECTV is treating you unfairly. More than 60 TV providers carry Pac-12 Networks, and we’ve offered DIRECTV the same fair deal. But DIRECTV continues to ignore their customers and Pac-12 fans. They said “yes” to Big Ten Network and dozens of other sports networks and “no” to Pac-12 Networks. They have offered up many excuses, but the reality is that they are depriving so many customers of great content.

There really is no substitute for Pac-12 Networks. It is true that DIRECTV carries some Pac-12 games through ESPN and FOX, but don’t be fooled. They offer nowhere near the number of events in any sport or original programming produced exclusively on Pac-12 Networks. We will televise 850 live events each year, including 35 football games, 150+ men’s basketball games, 100+ women's basketball games, 100+ volleyball matches, 95+ baseball games, 95+ soccer games, 80+ softball games and hundreds of other Olympic sporting events (swimming, gymnastics, tennis, track & field, etc.). You will never be forced to miss your team’s games with Pac-12 Networks.

Get Pac-12 Networks. You’ve been patient, but now the time to find a provider that will give you the programming you want. Pac-12 Networks is available on more than 60 cable, satellite, and telco distributors, including four of the five biggest. We are prepared to work with you to make it as easy as possible. Just go to, enter your zip code and you will be able to see special offers and connect directly to a Pac-12 Networks provider in your area.

Q: Are negotiations over between Pac-12 Networks and DIRECTV?
A: Unfortunately, DIRECTV has indicated that they are not going to carry Pac-12 Networks this year. We have negotiated in good faith and offered a fair deal that is consistent with the terms already agreed to by more than 60 other TV providers, including four of the five largest in the country. You fans have been patient, but if you don’t want to miss any more Pac-12 games you should get Pac-12 Networks.

Q: What are the actual terms of the proposal to DIRECTV?
A: More than 60 TV providers – ranging from the smallest to the biggest – have agreed to the same fundamental deal that we have offered DIRECTV, so it is fair to say that the marketplace has already set the terms. Those distributors found it fair and a good value for their customers. So should DIRECTV.

Q: Why don’t you accept DIRECTV’s request to let them offer Pac-12 Networks to only those who pay for it?
A: Pac-12 Networks produces 850 live events each year, making us one the top producers of live sports in the country. DIRECTV doesn’t offer any other full-time sports network in this manner, including the three that they own (ROOT Sports). With all of that great content and millions of fans and alumni across the United States and abroad, we shouldn’t be test case or be treated any different.

Q: Is this just a question of Pac-12 wanting too much money?
A: No. We have reached agreements with more than 60 TV providers, big and small, who have found the deal to be fair and a good value for the customers. We have offered DIRECTV the same fair, market-based deal that all of the others agreed to.

Q: So what happens next?
A: We will not stop trying to work things out with DIRECTV, we owe it to our fans, but DIRECTV has made it clear they have no intention of adding Pac-12 Networks again this year. So we’re encouraging Pac-12 fans – and other fans who care about seeing great football and other sports – to switch to a provider that carries the Pac-12 Networks. We’ve made it easy to find a provider near you. Just go to, enter your zip code and you will be able to connect directly to a Pac-12 Networks provider in your area.

Q: What does the AT&T purchase of DIRECTV mean for Pac-12 Networks?
A: It is true that AT&T and Pac-12 Networks have an excellent partnership, which we anticipate only getting stronger in the future. However, that deal is not done and Pac-12 Networks would still have to strike a deal with DIRECTV even if the deal goes through. It is impossible to predict what might happen in the future so switching providers is the only way to guarantee not missing any more Pac-12 games.

On Pac-12 Networks

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2:00 AM PTFootball: 2015 Game of the Week: BYU at UCLA (9/19/15)
3:00 AM PTFootball: 2015 Game of the Week: Utah at Oregon (9/26/15)

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