Ask Christy LaPierre

Oct. 12, 2000

Stephanie Erickson (Stanford, CA)
Christy, how do you succeed in balancing academics with athletics? For instance, what if, per se, you had to take a huge test, such as the LSAT, in the middle of your Pac-10 opening weekend and you happen to be on the road as well? Who do you rely on to get you through those tough times? Has anyone in particular been a role model to you as to dealing with academics, athletics and challenging situations like that?

Stephanie, this is a great question! Ironically, I did indeed take the LSAT this past weekend on the University of Washington's campus, while traveling with the team. Although the LSAT was very important to me, I felt that I needed to also attend the first week of Pac-10 games. While preparing for both the games and my test, my team and coaches were extremely supportive. I could not have asked for more encouragement! In a time of stress and anxiety, my teammates and coaches were extremely integral in keeping me calm and focused while juggling two very important commitments, the LSATs and soccer! They are all truly amazing! I must say that there has not been one single individual who has been an icon for me when dealing with academics and athletics. Instead, each and every individual on the Stanford women's team has inspired me in infinite ways. Just watching their daily actions, and the way in which they conquer and overcome challenging situations, I simply could not ask for better role models.

Jane Hammonds (La Mirage, CA)
Your bio said you suffered a season-ending injury last season? What was the injury and how has it changed your approach to the game?

Last season while traveling with the team in Hawaii, I suffered a La Fort fracture, breaking multiple facial bones, therefore having to medically redshirt. Honestly, looking back upon this experience I am incredibly happy that it occurred. Being injured and unable to practice daily with the team, I was able to reflect upon how lucky I was to be a member of such an amazing group of individuals. I appreciate the game of soccer and the friendships in which I have made greatly, and thanks to my injury, have come to realize that my time here, at Stanford playing, is limited and thus must be appreciated daily!

Fred Tennyson (Los Altos, CA)
You've had some big wins this year and a couple of tough losses. How do you rate the Pac-10 compared to other conferences and do you feel a team from the conference has a real shot at the national title? Best of luck!

I believe the Pac-10 to be extremely competitive in fielding teams for the fast-approaching NCAA Tournament. Although, there are several other conferences nationally with great high caliber-teams, the Pac-10 certainly has the potential to advance several squads. Evaluating each team from the Pac-10 (and especially one located in Palo Alto) :), I feel that, yes, a Pac-10 team certainly has a shot at winning the national title!

Laurie Benjamin (Seattle, WA)
With two years of eligibility left, how does that work if you graduate? Will you be graduating this spring? Is your plan to go to graduate school so you can keep playing?

With two years of eligibility left, an athlete has a multitude of options. I plan on graduating from Stanford this June with an undergraduate degree in American Studies and a minor in Sociology, and then extending my studies into graduate work while completing my fifth year of eligibility. I hope to graduate next June (2002) with a masters in either sociology or education. I am currently applying to law schools, however, I am planning on deferring my acceptance until after the completion of my masters' work.

Gary Weaver (Palo Alto, CA)
Who do you consider your biggest rival (team) and who has been the best player you have matched up against?

I must say that I consider Stanford's biggest rival team to be ourselves. By saying this, I am not insinuating that other teams are not great, however, I am saying that if we as a team maintain our focus and drive, then we certainly have a chance at the NCAA title. It is us who determines whether we will win or lose a match ultimately... not the referee, the weather, or the other team. I feel that when asking other collegiate teams across the U.S. in other conferences this question, their reply would be very similar to mine!

Playing so many talented teams this season alone, I must say that it is much too hard to define who has been the most talented player. However, we do indeed have three extremely talented members of our own squad, who practice with us daily (Coaches Andy Nelson, Ashley Marks, and Stephanie Erickson!!! :))

And to my biggest fans, Mom, Dad, Grandma Rose, Uncle Don, and Aunt Shell, thanks for all of your love! You guys are awesome!

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