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    Okay, first of all the Cal game. Well there's no question in my mind that it was a big disappointment. We didn't make plays to win the football game, particularly in overtime when we had a chance to win it. Too little too late I guess you could call it. We started slowly again and we lost on the road, and that's something that I emphasized during the week, I emphasized Friday night and I emphasized to our team just before we took the field. So that was disappointing. You know, I've asked myself and I've asked my staff, what did we do when we've won on the road in the past? It's always the same answer, we're doing what we've done now. So if we're doing the same things that we did then and it's not working, then we have to look at our team and our coaches and adjust a little bit. We're going to try and approach a little bit differently and we're going to do some things a little bit differently - some subtle things that you guys probably won't be aware of.

    We made some physical errors and that's going to happen throughout the course of a game, and we made some mental errors. I thought we played hard, but I thought at times we didn't play smart. We didn't read our keys defensively and we didn't block the right guys a couple of times. We made some mistakes. Talking about emotion, the game is emotion and we try to play with intensity and emotion. Emotion I believe is created by execution. If you make a big play, all of the sudden it gives you emotion. If they make a play it gives them emotion. So it's important to execute and that's one of the things we didn't do a great job of. Offensively, we didn't run the ball extremely well. I was very disappointed in our offensive line, our tight ends and our fullbacks blocking for the run. Defensively I thought we did a great job stopping the run, we did a poor job stopping the pass. Cal, against Arizona State the week before, ran for 255 yards. (Joe) Igber had 180-plus yards. We against us, they get 107 yards rushing and Igber gets 49 and (Kyle) Boller gets 29 on two carries. And Boller's were on third-down runs. So from a run standpoint we did a great job. Passing wise, particularly on third down, we did a poor job. They were 8-for-18 on third down. Most of their throws went to running backs or tight ends. On a couple situations they're good calls, like when they got a mismatch on a linebacker and Igber catches the ball and runs for a touchdown. On a couple other occasions, we have what we call a bracket and when we try to bracket two people, if one guy gets knocked off the bracket and the guy is running clean we don't have anyone else to cover him because it's man coverage. Another time we had a defensive back that thought the tight end was blocking on a run, he came forward and the tight end kept crossing and he's wide open. Again, the mental part of it, executing what you're supposed to do, I thought that hurt us at times. Cal basically stuffed our running game. You have to give them credit. They did a great job. They changed what they've been doing a little bit. Against Arizona State for example, they had nine guys in the box and they gave up five big plays in the first half. Again, Arizona State was only 5-of-15. We they weren't giving us the big long pass early, but they're front seven was doing a great job of controlling the line of scrimmage and taking our running game away from us. It would help to have DeShaun Foster, but that wasn't the answer. The key is still to open some holes and be able to block for whoever is running the football and we didn't do a very good job of blocking. And again, (Andre) Carter is a great player and I give him a lot of credit. He played hard the entire game and made some good plays. (Jacob) Waasdorp is a heck of a football player. But still, I expect more from our football team as far as the running game is concerned. Throwing the football, Cory (Paus) did a nice job in that he threw for 309 yards and he threw four touchdown passes. He ran for a touchdown and he made some big plays throwing the football under a lot of duress at times. But the bad thing, the mental part of it, is that he threw three interceptions, two of which were poor throws. One was returned for a touchdown and the other one ended the game. But again, hopefully that's inexperience and hopefully he won't make those kind of throws as he gains some experience. Our defense, we had four turnovers. If you look at their (Cal) first-down efficiency running the football, I think we were over 77% on stopping them for three yards or less and that's pretty darn good on the first down.

    The upcoming game against Oregon State, we all know they are 5-1 and 2-1 in the conference. They're ranked 19th in the nation and I'll tell you what, for those that don't realize it, this is a talented football team with a lot of speed and a lot of athleticism. They've got an excellent quarterback. They have two really good runners and excellent wide receivers. They have a lot of speed on defense and 68 of their players are from California so I know they are going to want to come down here and play well against us. My concern at this point is more us than them. We are our own worst enemy..

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