Ask Marcus Hoover

Oct. 20, 2000

Jeff Young (Atherton, CA)
What kind of pre-game rituals do you have, if any? How do you celebrate wins and mourn losses? Good luck against USC.

The day of a game I always listen to Mobb Deep's 'Murda Musik' CD. Besides that, before every game I pray for the safety of my teammates and myself. When we win, I go out, have a good time and am a pleasant person to be around. When we lose, I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't watch TV, I don't go out, and I'm not a very nice person.

Lionel Garner (Boise, ID)
What do you feel your prospects are in regards to reaching the NFL? Do you have any great stories about Willie Howard?

It's always been a goal of mine to play football as a professional. I believe in my ability and have a great work ethic, so its something I believe will happen for me. As far as the Willie Howard stories go, I can't write any that would be posted on this website, but I will tell you that I get more hugs and compliments from people all over Palo Alto who mistake me for Willie and act accordingly.

Steve Hendricks (Los Angeles, CA)
Coming from the East Coast (basically), do you feel there is a definite slight to West Coast teams, not only in the media, but also amongst the teams in the east?

I don't feel that there is a slight to West Coast teams. It's just a different style of football. Where I'm from, we are not exposed to West Coast teams as much, and for that reason I will say that the media definitely doesn't give West Coast teams the respect they deserve. I really just think that it's two different styles of football and people should respect that.

Jason Barnes (Phoenix, AZ)
What was the biggest adjustment you had to make in the transition from high school to college football?

The biggest adjustment for me was strength. I had to get a lot stronger and gain about thirty pounds to be able to deal with the huge lineman in the Pac-10. I also had to learn to maintain my speed along with all the added weight.

Bob Forry (Mechanicsburg, PA)
Coming from the East, and the City of Brotherly Love, how do you like living on the West Coast and has your thinking changed as far as East Coast style offenses or football in general? Also, I know you room with Coy Wire, does it bother you when he sings in the shower, I know he isn't much at holding a note?

I'll tell ya, Sarge, if Coy wasn't playing football he would be one of the Back Street Boys. Just kidding, but seriously, living on this coast is a lot different than where I'm from. I like Mexican food now more than cheesesteaks, I don't have to shovel any more snow, and you can't get in the ocean because the water is always freezing. My view of football has changed very much. Back East, it's all hard-nose football - run, run, run. Here the offenses try to spread you out and pass, pass, pass, then run. I definitely have a broader view of the game. Anyway, Sarge, I hope everything is going well with the complex. Hoov (is) going well with the center.

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