Joey Harrington Chat Wrap

Oct. 20, 2000

Joey Harrington at 3:04pm ET
I am here and ready for your questions. Let's get started.

jamestcanes at 3:04pm ET
do you feel like the country is underrating the ducks' potential? Disrespected?

Joey Harrington at 3:05pm ET
I think the country is starting to realize that there is another team in the Pac-10 beside the typical powers (USC, UCLA and Washington).

We have been disrepected in the past but I think we have shown this year that we can play football in the NW too.

pete from at 3:05pm ET
Who would you like to play when UO goes either to the Rose or Orange Bowl?

Joey Harrington at 3:06pm ET
I would really like to get another shot at Wisconsin because we let one slip away in the second week. But as long as we get there, I don't care. But we have to get their first.

Fred Berbert from at 3:06pm ET
Do you think it will be tough to move the ball against the Arizona defense?

Joey Harrington at 3:07pm ET
I think Arizona does a lot of unconventional things on defense. They have shut down a lot of good offenses this year. But we have a lot of confidence that we can move the ball against anyone. You have to have that each week to play this game.

Ohio Duck Fan at 3:07pm ET
This is relatively uncharted territory for this team. Is there any chance of you guys getting overconfident or do the coaches do a good job of keeping you humble?

Joey Harrington at 3:08pm ET
I think the coaches have done a very good job of keeping us humble and I don't see our success going to anyone's head. We have been underdogs in the past and we know the mentality it takes to knock off contenders. We know how teams are looking at us now and we are perparing accordingly.

Spencer from at 3:08pm ET
How do you feel about a Rosebowl dicision comming down to Civil War?

Joey Harrington at 3:09pm ET
That would be an interesting situation if it did happen. First of all, both teams have five weeks left before we can think about that. As good as it would be for the state, there is still a lot of football to be played.

pac10fan at 3:09pm ET
what is the team doing to prevent a breakdown this late in the season.

Joey Harrington at 3:10pm ET
I don't think we are even thinking about that. It is a big cliche, but we are just trying to take it one game at a time. We can't accomplish anything later in the season if we don't take care of business right now.

Big Duck Fan at 3:11pm ET
I know Reuben Droughns was a leader on the team last year, how is Maurice Morris fitting in?

Joey Harrington at 3:12pm ET
He is doing a great job. He is very willing to learn and to put in the effort to learn what is going on. Obviously, coming in as a transfer, it is hard to learn a new offense. But he has done a great job and carried the load for us early against UCLA and Washington.

FloridaDuck from at 3:12pm ET
How is it to be a student athlete at Oregon? and what is the campus life like?

Joey Harrington at 3:13pm ET
It is a great place to do to school.

Roboduck from at 3:13pm ET
How do you attribute your success to?

Joey Harrington at 3:14pm ET
I think our success comes from our work ethic. We have a lot of guys that are willing to put in the time and effort to be successful. I think a lot of it has come from our summer workout. We had a ton of guys who stayed here to work out and get ready for the season.

jason at 3:14pm ET
will you return for your senior year?

Joey Harrington at 3:15pm ET
Where would I go? Of course, I am coming back. That is not even a question. Unless of course I go to Law School or get my MBA.

Paige from at 3:16pm ET
What do you think about Ortege Jenkins playing down the Autzen stadium crowd? He states that they 'know' what to do to get it done in our crib. Hopefully, this will excite the fans and the players just a little more. Great game at SC!

Joey Harrington at 3:16pm ET
I think a lot of good teams have come here and underestimated the stadium and the crowd. It's probably because 45,000 doesn't seem like a lot of people. But it does make a difference but it ultimately comes down to the two teams on the field.

CoosBayDucksFan at 3:17pm ET
What does the defense need to do to shut down Arizona's Ortega Jenkins? Is he their biggest threat?

Joey Harrington at 3:18pm ET
If we can contain him -- keep him in the pocket, we have a chance. He is such an athlete who can make plays out of the pocket and on the run. He is great at improvising. We just need to keep him in the pocket.

mikey from at 3:18pm ET
what are you guys doing about all the penalties you guys have been getting?

Joey Harrington at 3:19pm ET
Normally the penalities we have gotten would be discouraging but they are one's we can correct. They are little mental mistakes that fortunately haven't cost us a game. We have been making a conscious effort to cut down on those mistakes.

pac 10 champ from at 3:19pm ET
how does it feel to win your first ever bowl game and did it help u this year exp..

Joey Harrington at 3:20pm ET
It was really an amazing feeling. Something you dream about when you are growing up. Winning a Bowl Game on New Year's Day was the highlight of my life.

It definitely helped us this year. It gave us the confidence that we can play with anyone in the country. It was a big boost for this team.

Suzanne from at 3:21pm ET
What makes the noise and atmosphere at Autzen different than those at other full stadiums?

Joey Harrington at 3:22pm ET
I think it is the way the stadium is built. SI called it a glorified divot with stands. The fans are right on top of you. It is a tight, enclosed space and the noise just bounces off the wall. We have very intelligent fans.

Bud Costley from at 3:22pm ET
I thought the coaching staff did a great job preparing for USC, are you just as prepared for Arizona?

Joey Harrington at 3:23pm ET
Definitely. we have an extremely good coaching staff. They sacrafice their families and free time during the season to get us prepared. We are totally prepared for Arizona and that gives us a lot of confidence heading into this game.

Joey Harrington at 3:24pm ET
That's all the time I have for now. Thanks for the support and Go Ducks!

Take care.

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