Post Game Notes and Quotes

Oct. 22, 2000

With the victory, the Huskies extended their winning streak over the Bears to 18 games dating back to 1977 (9-0 mark at home) ... the 18-game winning streak is the sixth longest current active streak in NCAA Division I ... after being down 10-14 at halftime, the Huskies' win was the seventh time in the 18-game win streak over Cal that they have had to rally from a second half deficit to beat the Bears.

At 6-1 overall, the UW also became bowl-eligible ...the win over Cal assured the Huskies of their 24th consecutive season with at least a .500 record ...Washington is 4-0 in 2000 at home and has won 54 of its last 66 games at Husky Stadium.

With the victory, Washington has come from behind to win in five games this season (Idaho, Colorado, Oregon State, Arizona State, California). Washington has come from behind in 10 of its 13 victories under Coach Rick Neuheisel. Of those 10 come-from-behind wins, Washington has trailed in the fourth quarter and won six times.

Senior quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo, who entered the game needing 30 yards to take over the top spot, became Washington's career total offense leader in the first quarter, when he had 73 yards in that period. He finished the game with 250 yards in total offense and now has a career mark of 6,034 yards. Tuiasosopo moved past Damon Huard (1992-95), who finished his career with 5,813 yards. He moved from 32nd up to 27th on the career Pac-10 total offense chart.

Washington's 23 fourth quarter points are its most points scored in a single quarter since Oct. 9, 1999, versus Oregon State in Corvallis. The Huskies scored 24 second quarter points in the 47-21 victory.

Washington's 23 points is its most in the fourth quarter since the Huskies scored 28 points against Stanford on October 15, 1977, in a 45-21 victory at home. More recently, Washington scored 21 fourth quarter points at Arizona State in 1997. ASU won that game, 45-42, in Tempe.

Tuiasosopo also took over sole possession as UW's leader in 200-yard passing games, with 15-career games in which he has thrown for over 200 yards. He finished the day with 225 yards passing. Tuiasosopo entered the game tied for the lead with Brock Huard, at 14 200-yard-plus games apiece.

With Washington's touchdown early in the second quarter, it marked the 223rd consecutive time the Huskies have not been shutout.

Sophomore tight end Jerramy Stevens finished the day with 4 receptions for 53 yards. He is now tied for sixth on UW's top 10 career receptions by a tight end list, with a total of 50. He is tied Cameron Cleeland (1994-97).

Freshman receiver Justin Robbins had career-high marks for receptions and yards by the end of the first half, with 6-for-69 yards at that point. He finished the game with 6 receptions for 69 yards. His previous best was 3-for-30 versus Miami, Sept. 9

Sophomore John Anderson's 42-yard field goal in the second quarter is his longest this season. His previous best was from 38 yards at Oregon, Sept. 30.

Derrick's Johnson 56-yard kickoff return in the third quarter is the Huskies' longest this season. The previous high was 39 yards, also by Johnson, against Oregon State, Oct. 7. He finished the day with 119 return yards, just shy of his season best of 121 versus Oregon State.

The UW starting lineup featured three true freshmen in split end Justin Robbins, tailback Rich Alexis and cornerback Derrick Johnson. The only other time, dating back to 1972 when freshmen became eligible to play, Washington had three true freshmen in the starting lineup was in the 1998 Apple Cup vs. Washington State when split end Chris Juergens, tailback Willie Hurst and safety Hakim Akbar all started the game. During the 1998 season, four different freshmen earned starts - - the previously noted three players along with Todd Elstrom, but in no other instance did more than two of them start the same game. In 1997, three true freshmen earned starts at one point or another in the season: quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo, receiver Ja'Warren Hooker and guard Chad Ward, but never did more than two of them start in any one game.

Washington had 13 penalties for 125 yards tonight, season highs for number of penalties and yardages. The previous marks were 10 penalties at Colorado and 95 yards at Arizona State. California's 11 penalties for 103 yards were UW opponent highs, both for number and yardage.

Junior slotback Patrick Reddick's reception in the fourth quarter was his first since the 1997 season, when he was a true freshman. He redshirted the 1998 season and did not play in 1999, while continuing rehab on his knee.

Washington is now 12-0 under coach Rick Neuheisel when it wins the time of possession battle. The Huskies time of possession was 35:16, while California's was 24:44.

Cal running back Joe Igber recorded his second straight game against the Huskies with 100 yards or more rushing. Igber had 106 yards on 15 carries in 2000 and 182 yards on 35 carries in 1999.

Postgame Quotes

Washington Head Coach Rick Neuheisel

GENERAL REMARKS: 'I'm really proud of my team. The way they battled, the way the refused to say die. I think there are a lot of teams in the United States that would have thrown in the towel or at least psychologically felt like things were going to be really tuff. But on our sideline it wasn't like that at all. They turned it up a notch. Our defense went out there got the ball back for us. Our offense got the field goal that we needed. Then our defense went out there again and got the ball back for us, etc. It really was a remarkable turn of events. I was impressed with California, I thought they played very well. They would have been very difficult to beat had they not made some mistakes at the end. We got the job done. I'm excited to be 3-1 in the conference. I think we're in good position with four games left to go.'

ON THE FOURTH QUARTER: 'When I first arrived here we emphasized that we were going to do everything we could to change the poor fourth quarter performance in 1998.We did a nice job of changing that last year. The kids seem to pick it up a notch now in the fourth quarter.'

ON THE OFFENSE: 'I'm very proud of our offensive line. I think they're wonderful kids and I appreciate the effort that they give. I think my offensive line are blood and guts warriors. I'm very thankful that I've got the opportunity to coach them.'

ON MARQUES TUIASOSOPO: 'Marques is a great competitor. He never points the finger outward. He is certainly a rallier. He wants to do a great job in leading this team and encouraging this team. But he never points the finger towards anybody. He accepts more than his share of responsibility. But he is a winner and we're very fortunate that he is our quarterback.'

ON THE COACHING STAFF: 'I'm very thankful for my coaching staff. They don't sit there and say nothing works, they just keep at it until something works. That's a credit to everybody that is involved in this program.'

ON THE PENALITIES: 'I don't like sloppy games. There were a lot of holding calls, but we'll just have to analyze the tape to see how to improve.'

ON THE RECEIVERS: 'We had some balls in our hands we just didn't catch them. We've got some inexperience at wide receiver and we're going to have to keep working at it. But we were able to get that touchdown to Todd Elstrom at the end of the game. We're finding ways to win. We're not blessed right now with a game-breaking guy. But we have a lot of kids who are fighting to be that guy. We've just got to have a couple more guys rise up and become more constant performers.'

ON THE TEAM'S CHARACTER: 'I don't think you could ever question the character of the team. Since I've arrived here I've been amazed at the character of the University of Washington football players. It just matters a great deal to the Washington Husky football player. Across the board this program personifies competitiveness. It's just something that exist when you put on that gold helmet.'

Washington Player Quotes

'We don't like to make it this dramatic but you can't control that. We were fortunate to make some plays in the fourth quarter. Cal's defense played well and we had to be patient and wait for something to turn our way. We finally got a turnover and the momentum started to go our way and we were able to take advantage of that.'

ON THE TEAM'S REACTION TO BEING DOWN: 'You cant feel sorry for yourself. We could've tanked it or felt sorry for ourselves and got frustrated after the missed field goal but we don't give up. Our defense found a way to get the turnovers and that rejuvenated the offense and we were able to put some plays together after that'

ON GETTING FRUSTRATED: 'It's just a result of being competitive You want to make plays and when things go wrong you get frustrated. I don't think getting frustrated is a bad thing. It shows you are a competitor and that is a good thing. We had to control that frustration though and not get down on ourselves and keep reiterating that those plays are over and we have to move on.'

'I felt that I had to get something back for my team after the fumble. It was my first of the year but you never want to fumble. Once I got the ball back all I wanted to do was something positive and my touchdown was for the whole team. I put us in a hole and I wanted to get it back for everyone.'

'I felt like we came out flat both offensively and defensively. When the fourth quarter rolled around we felt we needed to turn things around and do whatever it took, whether it was a fumble, an interception or whatever. We had to get it jump started.'

ON THE FOURTH QUARTER: 'The fourth quarter is a time to put it on the line. You give whatever you have left. Whatever gas is left in the tank you put it on the line.'

'We came out very aggressive. The coaches started calling a lot more plays that called for us being more aggressive. When you have the coaching staff and everyone challenging you to go out and do it then you just have to get it done. We fight hard every game and we play together. We had to get it done in the fourth quarter and we did.'

ON BEING FLAT IN THE FIRST HALF: 'A lot of people said we were flat but I didn't feel like we were. We may have played at a higher level in the third quarter but we can have that. We can't have fourth quarters that are as close as they were. We were just getting out of our gaps a little in the first half but I just told the guys to keep playing our game and we'd be okay. We just have to learn from this game.'

'I don't know if it was having a team's number as much as it is the team coming together and being in a hole and saying we have to pull together . We have to pull together, lock arms and get it done. That's the thing about Husky football. This team is such a family. There is never any finger pointing. Things didn't go our way at the beginning but once things went our way it was like a snowball effect. The fourth quarter wins football games.'

California Head Coach Tom Holmoe

GENERAL REMARKS: 'We are very disappointed. We played a very good game for a very long time and just couldn't put it all together. There was no panic after (quarterback Kyle) Boller's fumble. I really couldn't call it his fumble. There was a breakdown somewhere else. He got hit in the back. Hard one to hold onto when you get hit in the back.'

ON CALIFORNIA DEFENSIVE PLAY: 'Our defensive line played extremely well. They always play their hearts out. It just wasn't complete all the way around.'

ON CALIFORNIA QUARTERBACK KYLE BOLLER: 'He played very well. When he gets hit, there is nothing he can do. He threw the ball before the break and the wide receiver fell down. It's just like a 'give me.' We had the corner beat, the guy was turned, it would have been a completed pass, but our guy fell down. Those are plays that are tough for him. He gets out of a lot of jams, runs valiantly, scores a touchdown. He played extremely well.'

ON THE LOCKERROOM AT HALFTIME: 'We told them that this is going to be a game that will go down to the wire. We've got them on the run, let's just keep them going. Keep the pressure on the offense, keep the pressure on the defense. We told them to play a good, fine game on special teams. They have a three-prong attack and we just broke down.'

ON FOURTH QUARTER TURNOVERS: 'When you play on the road and that starts happening, getting bizarre turnovers like that, it is hard to overcome.'

ON THE END OF THE GAME: 'We weren't worn down, not at all. When Kyle (Boller) got hit in the back, that was a mental breakdown by one player. On the punt team a guy broke down where we had worked at something all week long. Joe's (Igber) fumble, that's unfortunate. For all the things he does in games, he's got to hang onto the ball, but he is the last guy that I am going to point a finger at.'

ON COMING INTO THE SECOND HALF WITH THE LEAD: 'I wanted to be aggressive. The opposing thought to that is to pull your stinger in and just be stagnant. We didn't want to do that. We had them reeling.'

ON WASHINGTON'S MOMENTUM: 'I don't think we panicked. Those three turnovers were not panic turnovers. They started gaining huge momentum and we lost it. Our offense tried. Somebody broke down. We'll find out why.'

ON WASHINGTON OFFENSE: 'They played very well. The last touchdown was a very nice catch. Their touchdowns came on short fields, aside from their first touchdown, which was a large drive. We just gave them short fields. I don't care who it was, when you play on the road and give them short fields, you can't win.'

ON WASHINGTON'S 18-GAME WINNING STREAK: 'Every loss hurts. Next year, we'll bring them down to Berkeley and sooner or later we're going to get them. We played hard against them. We'll worry about them next year. Now we've got to think about USC, another road game and we've got to win on the road.'

ON WASHINGTON'S RECORD: 'They know how to win games, they really do. They came up with some plays when it counted.'

ON CALIFORNIA OFFENSIVE PLAY: 'They did a good job. We got first downs, points on the board. It was good, but not well enough to win.'

ON MARQUES TUIASOSOPO: 'We tried to not give up big plays, not let Tuiasosopo get on track and start scrambling around. Our defensive front contained him pretty much. He's a very creative player and made some nice throws. I am proud of how we kept him intact, it just wasn't enough.'

California Player Quotes

On 4th quarter turnovers: 'Can't turnover the ball so much in one quarter. They're (the Huskies) are a good football team. We made mistakes as a team. We gave them the game.'

'We moved the ball the whole rest of the game. I don't blame Joe (Igber). It would be stupid to. He's a baller, he shouldn't feel bad at all.'

On the crowd: 'Bad stuff is going to happen with a crowd of 75,000. No matter how loud my voice is, when the crowd gets going nothing is going to stop them.'

On his own confidence as a player: 'Each game I feel I can do more. I have the attitude that as a team we know we can beat any body. I am not coming undone as a player. We just need to finish the deal. We can't finish a football game unless we play all four quarters.'

On his 3rd quarter touchdown: 'After I scored my touchdown, I had a different attitude. I never thought we wouldn't win the game after that point.'

General comments on the game:
'It gives me a stomachache knowing that we were so close. We played three quarters of football.'

On the 4th quarter: 'It's just that we gotta believe we are in the same class as the team we are playing. We belong there with their type of team. We gotta know we can compete.'

On the crowd: 'Anytime there is a home crowd, it going to work to their advantage. The momentum towards the end of the game snowballed the noise in the crowd to their advantage.'

General comments on the game:
'We wanted to beat the #9 team. The first three quarters, we played better than then them. Our offense was rolling, our defense was strong. It's all about finishing someone off.'

'Bad stuff just kept happening. We were not in a panic. The whole state of Washington is kind of a curse on us. We haven't won at WSU in a long time either.'

On the punt yardage record: 'I don't give a crap about the record. It just shows I've gotten a lot of opportunities to punt. I enjoyed watching the offense roll down the field more.'

General comments on the game:
'I'm not a guy who looks at the negative things. Personally, there are tons of positive things that came out of this. We didn't have three and out until the fourth quarter. We gave the game away in the fourth quarter. We can't put the defense in three turnovers inside the 25 yard line.'

'We had no mental errors until the fourth quarter. I guarantee you they were all mental errors. This is a great group of guys. The fourth quarter was a not a conditioning factor. We were running the ball really well.'

'We feel coming out of this game that we can drive on anyone. We don't feel this was a missed opportunity. The pieces have to fit properly and they don't come together in a one season. We've had just two years with this offensive line scheme.'

On quarterback Kyle Boller: 'Running the ball is helping him as a player and his confidence. Our receivers and quarterback are really connecting and dropping the ball less. The o-line was giving him time.'

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