USC Swim Invitational - Day Two

Oct. 22, 2000

LOS ANGELES - USC men's swimmer Thomas Kerekjarto won four events and posted a pool record on the second day of the USC Invitational on Saturday (Oct. 21) at USC's McDonald's Swim Stadium.Kerekjarto posted a 3:51.52 to win the 400-yard IM, breaking a record that stood for more than 10 years. He also won the 200-yard free with a time of 1:39.26, the 100-yard free with a 46.43, and the 200-yard fly with a 1:50.83.

Trojans Jeff Lee, Michala Kwasny and Kristin MacGregor each won two events. Lee won the 100-yard fly with a time of 49.97 and the 100-yard back with a 51.81. Kwasny won the 100-yard fly with a time of :56.81 and the 200-yard fly with a 2:00.72. MacGregor won the 200-yard free with a 1:52.26 and the 100-yard breast with a 1:03.63.Others USC winners include Jenny Parmenter, who won the women's 100-yard free with a time of 52.45 and Asa Sandlund, who won the women's 1650-yard free with a 16:38.46.Women's 200-Yard Medley Relay

1.USC A 1:47.09

2.UCSB A 1:49.48

3.UCSB B 1:50.39

4.UCSD B 1:51.50

5.AZOT A 1:51.66

Men's 200-Yard Medley Relay

1.CAL A 1:33.38

2.USC A 1:33.54

3.UCSB A 1:33.73

4.USC B 1:36.05

5.UCSB B 1:37.77

Women's 400-Yard IM

1.Nicole MacKey (AZOT) 4:22.77

2.Corrie Murphy (USC) 4:26.32

3.Jenny Parmenter (USC) 4:30.99

4.Katie Meyer (USC) 4:33.64

5.Jen Watanable (UCSD) 4:36.41

Men's 400-Yard IM1.Tomas Kerekjarto (USC) 3:51.52

2.Mark Warkentin (USC) 3:55.92

3.Diego Urreta (MVN) 4:06.25

4.Matt Peterson (USC) 4:07.20

5.Ethan Hall (UCSB) 4:08.89

Women's 100-Yard Fly

1.Michala Kwansy (USC) 56.81

2.Karlyn Pipes-Nielson(UCSUB) 57.83

3.Anissa Hilyard (IHAC) 58.76

4.Danielle Steadman (UCSB) 59.01

5.Tawne Fishback (PASA) 59.47

Men's 100-Yard Fly

1.Jeff Lee (USC) 49.97

2.Fabian Fredrich (CAL) 50.05

3.Ryo Imai (UNUSC) 50.89

4.Slawek Richter (USC) 51.74

5.Scott Greenwood (CAL) 51.98

Women's 200-Yard Free

1.Kristin MacGregor (USC) 1:52.26

2.Jenny Parmenter (USC) 1:53.15

3.Romina Mosquera (UCSB)1:53.27

4.Asa Sandlund (USC) 1:53.33

5.Jen Watanable (UCSD) 1:55.22

Men's 200-Yard Free

1.Tomas Kerekjarto (USC) 1:39.26

2.Mark Warkentin (USC) 1:41.37

3.Matt Burny (CAL) 1:42.00

4.Brad Morris (CSUB) 1:42.06

5.Armin Hummel (CSUB) 1:42.40

Women's 100-Yard Breast

1.Kristin MacGregor (USC) 1:03.63

2.Michala Kwasny (USC) 1:05.54

3.Lisa Andrade (CSUN) 1:06.00

4.Sandra Lopez (UCSD) 1:06.63

5.Erin Calder (IHAC) 1:06.87

Men's 100-Yard Brest1.Ryo Imai (UNUSC) 56.83

2.Luciano Galindo (PASA) 57.75

3.Ethan Hall (UCSB) 58.31

4.Slawek Richter (USC) 58.38

5.Nick Kaschik (USC) 58.54

Women's 200-Yard Fly

1.Michala Kwasny (USC) 2:00.72

2.Katie Meyer (USC) 2:05.66

3.Anissa Hilyard (IHAC) 2:06.16

4.Karlyn Pipes-Nielsen (UN) 2:07.19

5.Karen Snyder (UCSB) 2:09.33

Men's 200-Yard Fly1.Tomas Kerekljarto(USC) 1:50.83

2.Ryan Koch (UCSB) 1:51.73

3.Jeff Lee (USC) 1:51.73

4.Bomb Pattanasinth (AZOT) 1:54.06

5.Jacob Fraire (UCSUB) 1:54.87

Women's 100-Yard Back

1.Nicole MacKey (AZOT) 56.78

2.Katie Meyer (USC) 57.48

3.Shelby Chanceller (UCSB) 58.90

4.Julia King (UCSB) 59.03

5.Mary Bressler (AZOT) 59.32

Men's 100-Yard Back1.Jeff Lee (USC) 51.81

2.Jeff Natalizio (CAL) 51.86

3.Diego Urreta (MVN) 52.13

4.Matt Wheeler (UCSB) 52.98

5.Andrew Cole (UN) 53.40

Women's 400-Yard Free

1.USC A 3:31.08

2.AZOT A 3:34.50

3.UCSB A 3:35.36

4.USC B 3:35.65

5.CSUB A 3:41.02

Men's 400-Yard Free Relay

1.CAL A 3:01.94

2.USC A 3:04.00

3.USC B 3:10.07

4.UCSB A 3:10.16

5.CSUB A 3:10.78

Women's 800-Yard Free Relay

1.USC A 7:32.77

2.USC B 7:39.47

3.UCSB A 7:48.15

4.IHAC A 7:54.01

5.UCSB B 7:57.99

Women's 1650-Yard Free

1.Asa Sandlund (USC) 16:38.46

2.Dawn Heckman (UN) 16:44.15

3.Michala Kwasny (USC) 16:49.41

4.Romina Mosquera (UCSB) 17:09.51

5.Erin Ketchum (MVN) 17:14.32

Men's 800-Yard Free Relay

1.USC A 6:44.78

2.CAL A 6:47.833.CSUB A 6:58.13

4.USC B 6:59.70

5.UCSB A 6:59.99

Men's 1650-Yard Free1.Ryan Koch (UCSB) 16:01.33

2.Joel Everman (USC) 16:04.56

3.Matt Schubert (UCSB) 16:07.23

4.Matt Peterson (USC) 16:09.01

5.Eric Koch (UCSB) 16:15.14

Women's 200-Yard Back

1.Kristen Carvely (AZOT) 1:59.96

2.Nicole MacKey (AZOT) 2:03.79

3.Katie Meyer (USC) 2:04.61

4.Karlyn Pipes-Nielsen (UN) 2:07.17

5.Jen Watanable (UCSD) 2:07.34

Men's 200-Yard Back

1.Diego Urreta (MVN) 1:51.84

2.Nick Kaschik (USC) 1:52.75

3.Matt Wheeler (UCSB) 1:53.27

4.Jeff Lee (USC) 1:54.49

5.Jeff Natalizio (CAL) 1:55.21

Women's 100-Yard Free

1.Jenny Parmenter (USC) 52.45

2.Danielle Steadman (UCSB) 52.49

3.Kristin MacGregor (USC) 52.71

4.Suzy Bagg (UCSB) 53.77

5.Karin Finger (UCSB) 54.33

Men's 100-Yard Free

1.Tomas Kerekjarto(USC) 46.43

2.Gabe Woodward (USC) 46.52

3.Brad Morris (CSUB) 46.74

4.Mark Warkentin (USC) 47.01

5.Matt Burny (CAL) 47.05

Women's 200-Yard Breast

1.Kristen Carvely (AZOT) 2:16.59

2.Sandra Lopez (UCSD) 2:21.59

3.Lisa Andrade (CSUN) 2:22.06

4.Nicole MacKey (AZOT) 2:23.75

5.Erin Calder (IHAC) 2:23.94

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