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    Any update on Randy (Fasani with his injury status)?

    So far, he seems to be doing fine. We'll get more information as we start our practices today as exactly what his status will be. I believe that it will be no change (from last week).

    When you saw him go down, did you first think, here we go again?


    You thought there was a chance it was just a minor (injury)?

    No. I just wait to see what information comes forward and then whatever decisions I have to make from there.

    What do you remember most about that game last year (versus Washington) at Seattle beyond the numbers?

    What I remember most about the ballgame is probably a few opportunities that we let slip away that could have made it a much different story for the ballgame. We had a play, I think, where we missed some points on one of our runs down the sideline. We had some other plays that we could have made to prevent them from getting ... we had them backed up and could not allow them to come out. We could have changed the ballgame there. So, those are the things that I remember. As far as Marques' (Washington quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo) play, he had a great day. It was a great day and again (we) can obviously go back and look at it in detail, there are probably some things that we could have done in his performance that might have allowed us to be in a little better position.

    What type of carry over if any do you get from the type of game you had against USC?

    Well, I would believe that what the USC ballgame showed was some character, and I think anytime that you can display character it provides you an opportunity to take it forward. That's something a little deeper than a catch, or a little deeper than a throw. That's a personality, in my opinion, so therefore you have an opportunity to demonstrate that time and time again. The resiliency of our football team so far this season ... it's faced some down times, but it has refused to give up, and it's kept working and kept coming back to where it put itself in a position to win Saturday against USC. So, I hope we'll be able to take that type of personality forward.

    There have been examples of quarterbacks, especially early in their career, who have done better coming off the bench than starting? Small sample here, obviously, but might that be the case with Chris (Lewis)?

    Well, to deal with the example that you've posed, I would say yes early in the career, because I think there's still a lot of growth and still a lot of learning and development that guys might be able to step in early in their careers and show that type of brilliance on just a couple of plays, or a series here or a series there. But, I would think in Chris' case there's all the confidence in the world that he will develop into a quarterback that has the ability to be a big time player.

    Randy (Fasani), when he was down (with his injury late in the USC game), he was conscious of giving Chris (Lewis) time to warm-up, I would think I would be worrying about my knee. (He's) thinking about Chris having time to warm-up.

    Randy (Fasani), and I've said this I think time and time again, has proven himself to be a true team player. That I respect and that's something that you admire in a young man that he places the team at such a high level.

    Has Teyo's (freshman quarterback Teyo Johnson) status changed at all from late last week?

    No, he is with basketball.

    And Monty's (Stanford head men's basketball coach Mike Montgomery) starting to like him.

    It'll be interesting to see, because I think he's a very talented young man.

    He's (Teyo Johnson) not going to be at football practice?

    No, he will not be at football practice this week.

    He'll still, at least when you guys are home, dress for games and go to some meetings?

    We'll keep him within arms reach, yes

    Not road games though, is that right?

    Correct. Unless (there is a need for him) ...

    I didn't even want to pose that possibility.

    Well, you never know. You have to be prepared for it.

    What are your impressions of this Washington team and how is it different from last year?

    Well, it's probably different in that it's making a few more mistakes than it made a year ago. It's put itself in position where it's played probably (a few more close games) and not looking or knowing all the scores from last year in a comparative basis. That seems to be what's going on with them more than anything else. I think they're still as talented in terms of the quarterback. He is one of the best players. They've probably strengthened themselves with their halfbacks. I think the two kids, Rich Alexis and Paul Arnold, are playing extremely well and are a very difficult duo to deal with. They've always been an outstanding defense, so I don't think any of that has changed. It's a team that has the potential to be extremely explosive and extremely good. I think that was noted earlier in the season with their win over Miami. They're still having one heck of a season, but they're probably having a few more errors than probably they would like to.

    Their offensive line is the biggest in the Pac-10 ... averages about 314 (pounds). What impact does that have on your defensive team or approach?

    Number one, I think we've got to put just a few more sacks of flour in our guys' uniforms to see if we can give them a little more weight, so they'll be able to hold up (laugh).

    That could be very messy.

    Could be, could make it more interesting.

    I think it's supposed to rain.

    Then, we'll have baked something. I don't know what it will be (laugh). But, no, it does pose a problem on a serious note. That means they are, and traditionally they have been, a big physical football team. That means our guys have to prepare for one of the more physical contests that we'll have during the season.

    They couldn't be bigger than that offensive line of Texas.

    I tell you what, they will be pretty close.

    Bigger than San Jose State?

    I'd have to go back and just look at numbers, but these are big guys. It's going to be close. They've got all 300 pounders and maybe a couple of guys that are up in that 30-40ish (330-340 pounds) range if I'm correct. It's a big group.

    There's a lot of tailbacks with different styles. Does (Rich) Alexis resemble anybody you've seen so far?

    No, because I think he's a little bigger than some of the tailbacks that we've faced ... the ones that have really had great games against us. (San Jose State's Deonce) Whitaker and (Oregon State's Ken) Simonton, those guys are of a smaller variety, and I think the guy at Texas (Hodges Mitchell), for the most part, was a smaller guy. So, we've seen those kind of guys. This one will be just a little bigger combination.

    Farmer (Arizona running back Clarence Farmer)?

    Probably size-wise we'd be closer. I think styles are still different, so I don't know if I could put him in the category of any of those guys. Farmer seems to maybe kind of glide a lot. This guy (Rich Alexis) seems to be powerful and (have) great speed.

    Given Chris' (Lewis) ability to come in off the bench, don't you think he's something (that) even if Randy's (Fasani) playing fine but the offense is not doing so good ... might that be a situation just to change (by putting Chris Lewis in)?

    It probably has potential to bear thought - to think about it, consider it. But, I would think right now if Randy's playing the way that he's capable of playing, he has proven that he gives us our best shot to be successful. I think there was no doubt in anyone's mind that his presence in the football game (versus USC) made a difference. Someone noted it ... that we're scoring maybe seven or eight points in the games that Randy was away and yet at the games that he was available to us and played the majority, we're 20-plus points or something along those lines. It bears some thought. I can't tell you how long that thought should be.

    Can you talk a little bit more about (DeRonnie) Pitts? From upstairs (in the press box), you can just track that double coverage and that extra guy, that safety, trying to cover him forward and backward ... just incredible to catch 13 balls (versus USC), isn't it?

    It was, but it was really the double team and really the extra coverage, really became visible toward the end of the ballgame where it came crunch time. I think they made an extremely conscious effort to eliminate him from the game at that point. Coach Diedrick (offensive coordinator Bill Diedrick) and coach Rison (wide receivers coach Mose Rison) did a great job of spotting that and came up with the right call for us at the end of the ballgame. But, DeRonnie is ... what do you say about a guy that just silently and quietly goes out and performs at the level that he performs every weekend. To DeRonnie you say, 'What's new'. Because he just goes out and gets the job done. He has been just a pleasure - his drive and his desire and his leadership. I can almost see his face right now when we had everybody on the sideline. We knew what the call was going to be and talking about what we wanted to do, and he turned around to the football team and told them in his manner of speaking with them, 'We have to get this done and this is what you need to do. It was fantastic. That's what you expect out of your seniors.

    How has he (DeRonnie Pitts) been able to continue to be so successful when he's got to be a marked man to opposing defenses?

    I still don't think other teams look at him as I do or with the respect that I have for him. I think other teams look at him and say 'He's just an okay guy'. But he goes out and performs at a level much greater than that, and again he does it week after week after week, and now is probably about three years running or so. Maybe even four years running. You're probably working your way toward 48 weeks that he's done it consistently.

    Injuries? Guys that didn't play last week? (Anthony) Gabriel?

    Gabriel, most likely will be back.

    (Russell) Stewart?

    Stewart, most likely will be back. (Darin) Naatjes was a gameday situation (last Saturday versus USC). His will be day-to-day. (Craig) Albrecht is out. (Travis) Pfeifer, questionable. (Zack) Quaccia (is) out. (Colin) Branch is probably questionable.

    Anything new show up injury-wise?

    From the (USC) ballgame, nothing major.

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