Ask Coach Toledo!

Oct. 26, 2000

Dale Hermann (Lomita, CA)
The guys should keep their heads up. We've been in every game and we are light years ahead of last year. I knew our starters had great talent and experience before the season started, but I realized we were not very deep with regards to experience in the secondary and lines. (I was really hoping the injuries were all used up last year.) Is there a plan in place to give the redshirt freshman and sophomores more playing time to develop more depth for the future? With the great recruiting classes of the last three years, it seems the depth will be there once they get some experience.

'Well right now we're playing a lot of those types of players. If you look at our football team we have 15 injuries right now and 11 of them are on defense, seven of which are on the defensive line. So we're trying to do that. We play with a lot of nickel and dime people in the secondary so we're playing with five and six DB's a lot of the time. Because of some of the injuries to (Audie) Attar and Jason (Stephens), we've even had to reach deeper in that area too. We're playing a lot of guys and there are a lot of guys getting experience. But we just want to win the football game and we're not too concerned with getting people playing time unless they are going to help us win.'

Rick Jackson (Oxnard, CA)
Since Kenyon Coleman appears to be gone, will you use a medical redshirt like Jason Bell and Brian Poli-Dixon used, or is it even in his plan to return?

'I'd say right now, it's a real possibility that we are going to end up redshirting Kenyon. Again, it's going to be his choice, but I know in talking to him and his parents he wants to get his degree from UCLA and to do that he needs to remain here for another year. So I'd say it's a real possibility and we'll know more about that in the next few weeks.'

Darren Harmon (Chula Vista, CA)
I've noticed that Cory Paus has been playing extremely well as of late. In your eyes, can he make the same type of impact as Cade McNown did? He's still young and it seems like he has a lot of growing still to do.

'You know, there's a lot of reasons why we picked him to be the quarterback originally and I know a lot of people second guessed that decision. But I think people are realizing that he is an outstanding quarterback. He has a really good arm, a quick arm. He's also extremely accurate and he throws the deep ball well. So to answer your question, at this stage in the game, he's a much better passer than Cade McNown. He doesn't have some of the mobility and running threat that Cade had, but he has thrown for over 300 yards in the last few games, has thrown a bunch of touchdowns and has really made some nice plays.'

Patrick Readance (Chesterfield, MO)
With Ryan Nece, Robert Thomas and Tony White, would you consider this the best group of linebackers you've had since you've been here. Which of those three has the best shot at playing at the next level?

'Well, this group has got to be if not the best, certainly one of the best linebacker groups that we've had. I can't think of a better group right now. As far as pro potential, I think a lot of people look at Robert Thomas as the one with the most ability at this point. He's got good size, good speed, great instincts and he makes a lot of plays.'

DeAndre Rivers (Eugene, OR)
First I would like to say that I believe this is a very talented UCLA team. My question is, do you think that because of UCLA's recent struggles on the road, winning outside of the Rose Bowl has become a mental block rather than a physical one?

'No, I think not winning on the road has a lot to do with just executing on the road. When you execute on the road, you get emotion. The thing about home field advantage is that when you do those things at home you get the crowd behind you and you have 100 players on the sideline. When you're on the road, you only have 60 players on the sideline and everybody in the stands is against you.'



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