Andre Carter Chat Wrap

Oct. 31, 2000

AZCats from at 2:02pm ET
You are an awesome player, as a Pac-10 fan it has been fun to watch you play. Any preference on where you want to play in the pros?

Andre Carter at 2:03pm ET
The team I really admire is Tampa Bay, but in the NFL I have no say where I go. All I can do is stay healthy and prepare for the next level.

mattg from at 2:03pm ET
What are some of special things the University of California - Berkeley has to offer student-athletes?

Andre Carter at 2:05pm ET
For one, you are at one of the most prestegious schools in the country. It is no walk in the park because you have to compete in the classroom as well as on the field. It prepares you for the real world. I'm truly honored to have had the chance to attend Cal.

CalBear90 from at 2:05pm ET
Congratulations on all of your success at Cal, you've been a great representative of the University. Can you talk about your decision to stay in school for your senior year and how you feel about that decision now that football season is nearing its end?

Andre Carter at 2:08pm ET
One of my reasons to stay at Cal was to get my degree in American Studies. I didn't want to leave without it because my degree is like gold to me. On the athletic side, I both personal at team goals to achieve. We are still in the hunt to win our last three games and get to a bowl. To get a win like we did last week against SC makes it all worthwhile.

Chris from [] at 2:09pm ET
You've done a great job of getting to the quarterback this year, but how do you stop the one-two punch of Simonton and McCall for Oregon State this week?

Andre Carter at 2:12pm ET
The key is to study every single move they made in the games they played. There is no doubt in my mind OSU is a good team and we need to be prepared. Simonton is very explosive and he makes a lot of good players miss tackles. As far as the passing game, their receivers are agressive and make plays. It will be nice to be playing in front of our home crowd which always gives us a boost.

Capt. Morgan from [] at 2:12pm ET
Are you a Broncos Fan?!

Andre Carter at 2:14pm ET
I was a Bronco fan when my dad played but now I'm 100 percent Buccaneer fan. Next year though I'll have a new allegiance to whichever team drafts me.

Bear fan in Bristol, CT from at 2:15pm ET
Do you think Tom Holmoe will be coaching the Bears next season?

Andre Carter at 2:17pm ET
I sure he'll be back. He's the type of coach that wants to see a team become successful and does things the right way. I think that the team is coming together and there are a lot of young guys making contributions. I like Tom because when you have problems on or off the field, he's a friend as well. I've enjoyed working with him the last 4 years.

DShaw99 from at 2:17pm ET
You are closing in on Cal's all-time sack record. Have you thought about that at all?

Andre Carter at 2:19pm ET
There is no doubt in my mind that I want to break the sack record. It's been one of my goals especially this last year. I'm going to do whatever it takes to break it. All I need is one more to tie Regan Upshaw but I'd like to get more than that.

SSL from at 2:20pm ET
Andre, what adjustments were made in the Second Half during the U.S.C. game last Saturday. You guys shut down the Trojans to 55 yards.

Andre Carter at 2:22pm ET
When you have a defensive coordinator as intense as Lyle Setencich you have no choice but to go out and play hard in the second half. We didn't make any adjustments. He just inspired us to go out and play harder.

Andre Carter at 2:23pm ET
I've only got time for a couple more questions. I have another appointment I need to make.

Cal C. from at 2:24pm ET
Toughest or smartest lineman Andre has faced this year or during his years at Cal?

Andre Carter at 2:27pm ET
Last year, Travis Claridge of USC was really a great player. He moved his feet real well and was very phsyical. Marques Sullivan of Illinois was a preseason All-American but I played pretty well against him.

BerkeleyGrad from at 2:28pm ET
Congrats on a great college career! What were your favorite moments from college and what do look forward to the most?

Andre Carter at 2:33pm ET
One of my favorite moments during my time at Cal was when we beat UCLA a few weeks ago in triple overtime and the fans stormed the field. Another memory was playing in the 100th Big Game down at Stanford. It was great being a part of the tradition. I look forward to making some more memories over the next three weeks. I'm looking forward to this year's Big Game because I'd like to end my Cal career with a win over Stanford.

It's been great spending some time with you, but I've got to get to the weight room!


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