Ask Jim Seki

Nov. 2, 2000

George Downing ... Jim Seki's favorite teammate (Palo Alto, CA)
Hi Jim, people say that golfers are very superstitious. Does this apply to you? If so, what are your superstitions and if not, why don't you have any? And by the way, who is your favorite teammate?

I am very superstitious when it comes to golf. Whenever I play, I always have five white tees in my pocket for each round. Also, I take three practice swings on shots around the green and two swings when putting. I never step over the pin because I believe that it is bad luck. I always fold my glove once over and put it in my left pocket. Most of all, I never take someone's honor on the tee. If they are using the bathroom, I always wait. I have plenty more but that's enough for now. By the way, George Downing is my favorite teammate.

Ken Allen (Fallon, NV)
Jim, I moved from Florida to Nevada and wondered if there are any events close to me near Reno for your team this year. My son, Andy Allen, plays at Jacksonville University in Florida and his best friend is John Limanti who played for the University of North Florida last week at your event. I love college golf. The Best to you and Stanford. I coach High School Golf in Fallon, Nevada.

Unfortunately, we have no tournaments in Reno this year. I recognize John Limanti's name but don't know him personally. Good luck in the upcoming high school golf season! I'll suggest to our coach playing a tournament around there.

Jeff Glenn (Stanford, CA)
Aloha Jim, it is quite obvious that you are doing much better this year than last year. To what do you attribute this improvement? I know that you practiced hard this summer so maybe that's the reason for the better scores. Good luck in future tournaments and see you around!

A lot of it has to do with experience. Truthfully, I was only hoping to play about three tournaments last year. Amazingly, I played in nine of them and got a lot of exposure. Also, it's always hard to show up at a course you've never seen before and shoot well. Our coach says it's all about adjusting to different courses that we play (conditions, grass, wind, rain, etc.). Lastly, I have practiced a lot more on my short game and putting, and it has paid off. I have noticed surprising results in the tournaments that we have played in this year. Thanks a lot Jeff!

Emma Brian (St. Ives, Cornwall, England)
Which team member are you closest to? Will you say hello to Phil Rowe for me! Greetings from St. Ives, England!!! I follow you guys by checking out this website every now and then so good luck for future comps. When will Phil be on this thing?

I get along well with all of the guys on the team. I would have to say George Downing, because I've known him for seven years now. I still remember my first run-in with him - he beat me in a playoff on the third hole in a junior tournament. In turn, he got to go to Japan and I didn't. After that, we got to know each other, especially last year. I will tell Phil hello for you. What a small world isn't it?

Aaron McGowan (Seattle, WA)
At what age did you start playing golf and does Tiger Woods still come around the campus when he has free time?

I started playing golf when I was 6 years old. I can't remember when my first golfing encounter was. I think I went with my dad to the range and started whacking away at the balls. Tiger doesn't come back very often. I saw him once last year when he had lunch at the Stanford clubhouse and this year at the Texas-Stanford football game. We got to go down on the field and talk to him for a few minutes, which was the highlight of the day.

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