Quotes from Pac-10 Women's Basketball Media Day

Nov. 2, 2000

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    Joan Bonvicini, Arizona Head Coach

    'We lost some very good players, there�s no doubt... I think the goodthing for us is we recruited pretty well. It�s unusual for us in thatwe play 10 to 12 players a game. We�re young, talented and we�re justgoing to have to get the job done.'

    On Reshea Bristol

    'Reshea has had moments of being spectacular. She is capable of goingfor big numbers. She�s an excellent defender and an excellent athlete.'

    'We have some good talent and different faces. We also have a toughnon-conference, so we�ll be challenged early. I like the pressure on usand I feel my team reflects me.'

    Reshea Bristol, Arizona

    'Being the only senior, I have to be more of a vocal leader and I haveto lead the team.'

    'I think I�ve shown glimpses of my talent. However, It hasn�t been asconsistent as I would�ve liked.'

    Kathy Olivier, UCLA Head Coach

    'We will have a different look, we won't have the size we�ve had insidein past years.'

    'We signed three junior college transfers. All three are from Texas...Stacy Roberson will help us from the perimeter and has heart... ShaladaAllen is another person with a big heart. Again, she�s not as big aswe've had, but she's a legit 6'1.

    'I think it's going to be a great year for Michelle... Last year, shehad a lot of injuries, and I think that hurt her a little last year with herconsistency.'

    Michelle Greco, UCLA

    'I know the last two years my game has been centered around our postplayers... This year we have a lot of smaller players, so we will be moreperimeter-oriented.'

    In regards to the love for playing in big games

    'I think a lot of that comes from high school, I loved playing biggames in high school.'

    Caren Horstmeyer, California Head Coach

    'The first thing we tried to do is set a foundation... Developing agood work ethic, which I think was there, but it meant being more consistentin the classroom and on the court.'

    In regards to her athletes at Cal compared to her athletes she coachedat Santa Clara last season

    'We have better athletes (than Santa Clara). Players that are quicker,they jump a little higher and we want to take advantage of that. Wewill run. We will have an up-tempo game, so it will be a fun game towatch.'

    On Courtney Johnson

    'She (Courtney Johnson) has been an incredible leader on and off thecourt. I think I've been very, very encouraged by her work ethic... Ithink she has a great all-around game.'

    Courtney Johnson, California

    In regards to the new coaching staff

    'I think its been really exciting. I personally think they did a goodjob with us... We enjoy it, It was hard at first, but we all get along.

    On goals for the season

    'I think I just need to work harder. My goals are to lead the team inassists... I want to contribute in anyway I can.'

    Jenny Przekwas, Washington State Head Coach

    'Going into last year and coming to Washington State a year and a halfago, I had a lot of respect for the Pac-10... The Pac-10 is just atremendous league, literally every night, January through March, youplay against top teams.'

    On team goals

    'Most importantly, is the program improvement, not this particular team,but how far the program comes, that's the big thing.'

    On the early season schedule

    'We're looking forward to getting more exposure in Spokane... Girlsbasketball is big in that area... Opening the season out east, we'realso excited about that... We're excited about going back east andrepresenting the Pac-10.'

    Victoria Harrod, Washington State

    On last season's inexperienced team

    'It was pretty tough last year... There are seven of us returning...It is a real big advantage to have people coming back.'

    On team goals

    'I think its about building a program. It's been slow as coach said...We need to help each other out with our game... We're really focusingon practices back-to-back, week-to-week.

    Judy Spoelstra, Oregon State Head Coach

    'We realize that our preseason is as important as our conference seasonas far as postseason play.'

    'I felt like last year we were the hardest working team in theconference day in and day out. We're excited about our defense and we take a lotof pride in it, but we know offense is important and we need to get betterat that.'

    On Felicia Ragland

    'She brings intensity to practice all the time, she truly is a rolemodel for our players. She has all of the intangibles to be an All-American.This conference makes players improve. This is truly a conference ofchampions and Felicia is one of them.'

    'We talk about goals as our team and we want to win the Pac-10Championship. That is what we work for. Our conference can go in anydirection, there are great teams. Every game is going to be a hot gamein the Conference.'

    Felicia Ragland, Oregon State

    On trying out for the Jones Cup team

    'I think that was a good experience for me ( trying out for the JonesCup team). There were great coaches there and hopefully I can transfer someof the skills I learned there to our players.'

    'Keeping our focus is the key for us. This season we just need to focuson every game from exhibition to the end in order to be successful.'

    Chris Gobrecht, USC Head Coach

    'Any program has to first and foremost be about the values you stress toyour players. We're just laying the foundation down now.'

    'We need the returning players, we need the new players. It is excitingto have all of that talent on the floor.'

    'We have always had a great institution. I believe that USC is aone-of-a-kind place. We have had some terrific ambassadors, with CherylMiller, Lisa leslie, Cynthia Cooper. It's a thrill to be able to bringthis school back to where it belongs. It's a privilege to be with USC.'

    Tashara Carter, USC

    'Seeing where we are now with the hard work we've put in, it's paid offfor where we are now. I'm reserved, not really quiet, but kind of laidback. But if I have to step up, I will step up. Leaders just have toshow by example.'

    'I think our team can be awesome. It just depends on how fast we'llcome off the blocks. How quickly we learn to play with the Pac-10 (teams).'

    Charli Turner-Thorne, Arizona State Head Coach

    'I'm very proud of our team last year. We battled back from a number ofinjuries and a lot of other things we had to deal with. But I'm also arealist and squeaking into the NIT did not leave us fulfilled lastyear.'

    On the Hoops for the Cure Tournament held at Bank One Ballpark

    'This idea started about 2 to 3 years ago because we wanted to create avehicle to showcase our team. Playing in a baseball stadium under thestars will do just that. Honestly, selfishly, the number one purposefor this thing was to promote our team, but now we have been able to raisemoney for breast cancer research in the Phoenix area. That is reallyexciting.'

    'We play in such a tremendous conference it is difficult to say how wewill fare. this is by far the most talented, committed, hardest workingteam I've had since I've been in Arizona. I think the bottom line isthat we're going to continue to improve throughout the season. I feelwe'll have the depth to finish strong.'

    Leah Combs, Arizona State

    'I've gotten my confidence back. It is going to be nice to be on thefloor. We've got some incredible players.'

    'We've got to finish strong in our away games. I think our returningplayers and our freshman are working really hard. This team has acommon killer instinct right now, and eventually we will play on the road howwe play at home.'

    Jody Runge, Oregon Head Coach

    'I think everyone knows how difficult it is to three-peat and have thePlayer of the Year be injured on your squad. But I think we've had atremendous offseason.'

    'We had a great run last year and I think sometimes things happen for areason. Now our players have come back in great shape and the fact thatwe have a lot of experience back will factor in that.'

    On Shaquala Williams missing the season

    'I think it hurts us from a leadership standpoint. Our team is verycomfortable with having the ball in Shaq's hands. I think we miss herconfidence.'

    'We feel good about things and things are going very well in practice.Our agenda is to work hard everyday to try and get better. We'relooking forward to playing tomorrow and seeing where we stand.'

    'We feel that it is a tremendous honor to be able to host the inauguraltournament. We've hoping to do a great job of hosting it and making ita good experience.

    Shaquala Williams, Oregon

    'We were playing pick up one day and I was going at a straight angle ona fast break and I jumped and felt like I strained my knee, but then Iheard it pop. I have pretty full extension right now. Rehab is reallyboring, but I realize that I can't slack at it because if I do that itcould really hurt me in the future.'

    'Basketball is usually five or six hours of my day. So I'm kind ofgoing crazy trying to find things to do.'

    'I think some days they look really solid, but other days we struggle.We have a lot of young players that will have to step up into some bigroles.'

    Tara VanDerveer, Stanford Head Coach

    'It's really early, but I think people have made a commitment in theoffseason. So much of things for me are dictated by being healthy andhaving a positive attitude. It's early, but I see some good things outthere. I don't like making predictions, but I like coaching our team.'

    'I think our freshman class is very fortunate to play with eightreturning players. All of our freshmen will contribute, all will play.I expect they'll all do very well.'

    'Our team is going with less of a true point-guard, but with everyonecontributing. I like our three-point shots. I think we have to do abetter job with a go-to kind of post. Our three-point shooting isexceptional, but I think in some ways we got a little bit carried awayin that we had to use it too much. I think we need a more balancedoffense.'

    Jamie Carey, Stanford

    'My goals are really just for the team this year, they were last yearas well. You have to put the pieces together and just go out against everyteam, every game.'

    'I had off season surgery, it was a long recovery, but I've come backfrom it successfully.'

    'It's been an outstanding preseason. Everyone has been working reallyhard. the sky is the limit with this team and I truly believe that.'

    June Daugherty, Washington Head Coach

    'The new Bank of America arena is a dream come true. It's somethingthat when you walk in there you just say, OEwow'. It's very similar tosort of a miniature Key Arena. We're really excited about it. It iseverything that you'd want for your student-athletes.'

    'We have some high expectations. Obviously we're not satisfied with theseason we had last year. Now we are healthy. I think for the firsttime we are three deep at every position. I like their work ethic.'

    'We realize it is a great opportunity to play the defending nationalchampions. And that it will be great to break open the season at ournew arena with that team.'

    'We've got to do a better job with defense. Everyday we're seeing goodimprovements, we're not where we need to be.'

    Megan Franza, Washington

    'Last year with the scoring going the way we did was a completesurprise. This year will be even better with the kind of spread out scoring weare able to have.'

    'I think with the depth we have at every position will make each playerplay their hardest.'

    'To play against a team like that (Connecticut), they bring back allfive starters, is an awesome opportunity. It is lucky for us to be able togo out there and play against the best and see what we need to work on.'

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