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    Let's talk about the Stanford game real quick. One of the themes of the week and the game is that playmakers prevail. There's no question we had a lot of playmakers Saturday night. One of the things I told the team is that you have to win in November if you want to play in December. Now we're bowl eligible whatever that means. We may be going somewhere, we're just not sure where. It was a very good win. Anytime you win it's good. I laughed at the people that say it was an ugly win. I haven't seen too many ugly wins - they're all beautiful. But we made a lot of mistakes and that's one of the things we have to continue to try and correct. We had 11 penalties for example and Stanford only had five. And going into the game they we're one in the conference as far as being the least penalized. We were No. 2 in the conference. So we had the two most disciplined teams if you want to call it that, but we ended up on the short end of the stick on that one with 11 penalties. We had three turnovers, two interceptions and a fumble that we can't keep doing. We had four sacks against us, and again not totally the offensive line's fault. We missed some tackles on defense, but on the other had four turnovers ourselves. We had a sack. We had really good pressure on the quarterback. We had 21 hits on the quarterback which means we're getting there, we're just getting there a little late. But if he had to hold the ball at all we'd have more sacks so we're getting good pressure. But the thing is we did play hard and we found a way to win. There's something about having a will to win and that's something that happened in Arizona for example. We had a will to win and we won that football game. We had a will to win Saturday night as well.

    You look at all the games and they're all close in the Pac-10. The margin of victory this last week I believe was six points or less. If you look at the five games total, the point spread was 20 total points that separated the teams. The conference has just gone crazy this year and there's a reason why we had the highest winning percentage of any team in the country during the preseason. We've all got some good football teams. You look at Arizona and they have three losses now by a total of 10 points in the last three weeks. Oregon has been in two overtimes in two weeks. Arizona State has been in three overtimes in three weeks. Washington State has had three overtimes. The Oregon State/Cal game was right down to the wire. So every game is one where you have to play hard to the end just to have a chance to win.

    As far as the Washington game, they're ranked No. 6 in the nation and they beat the No. 2 team in the nation Miami. A very impressive win. We have to play at their place and we know it can be extremely noisy and that there will probably be bad weather. We have to show up and we will. I think it will be between them and us for the best average in attendance for the year. Two years ago we broke the school record in attendance and this year we can probably match that as well. Washington has really been a good fourth quarter team. They've scored 130 points to 61 points for the opponent. They've been behind in six of their last seven games and have come back to win. I think you have to look at their quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo and say, this is their guy, this is their leader. This is the guy that continually brings them back from being behind and then winning the game. They're very similar to us when we had McNown and we were winning games at the end. We played Oregon State and we threw the long pass with seconds to go to Melsby to win the game. Stanford completes a pass, the guy is going to run for a touchdown, Marques Anderson strips it and Larry Atkins recovers it. It's that kind of a deal. They have that going for them this year like we had a couple years ago. You can call it luck, you can call it whatever you want, but it happens. They're making plays down the stretch that they need to, to win football games and that's why they're 8-1.

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