Bruce Snyder Press Conference Quotes

Nov. 6, 2000

'We had another really interesting game, obviously, Saturday night. It was the first game this year that I can recall the team starting as slow as we did. It was a real slow beginning and that was a concern. But the part of it that I was really proud of is the fact that we came in at halftime and made a very quick decision that regardless of what x and o's adjustments that we made, that wasn't going to do any good unless we started playing better.

'So the halftime was really good. We had a lot of discussion about how we need to go out and play the second half. I thought the leaders did a great job of stepping up, Adam Archeleta and Victor Leyva, the seniors. So obviously it was a lot better for us (in the second half). That was a huge comeback, I think a very courageous comeback by the team and I'm proud of that portion of them.

'We did become injured again, more than we were going in. Solomon Bates did not play very much in the game because of his shoulder, that hurt us. It does not look like Tom Pace will play against Stanford, that would be my guess right now. Jeff Krohn did not finish the game. I don't believe Justin Taplin will be back. I believe Mactier Clay will be back. So the three games of overtime, along with the physical play has hurt our depth certainly. The play of Shaun McDonald was really a positive, particularly in returning punts, plus he ran really good routes. I thought he did a nice job stepping in for Taplin. Also, I was really pleased about Griff Goodman. Griff, with very little practice, came in and was deeply involved in the comeback to tie it in regulation. It would have been a great story, I think, to tell about Griff if he would have been able to get a touchdown in that second overtime and then kick the extra point to win it, because he had done so well, I think, leading up to that series.

'So we're going to get Michael Williams and Devaren Hightower ready to go to be our tailbacks. I don't believe Todd Heap will practice all week, nor will Willie Daniel because they're just big walking bruises, if you will. I think they'll be ready to play by next Saturday. So great second-half effort. Could have been real storybook with a come-from-behind victory if we would have pulled it off. I'm very proud of the team. We met yesterday for a long time and it was really productive and positive. Again, I think the leadership on the squad is very involved in the team chemistry. Our focus is to have a really strong week of preparation, particularly Tuesday get started real fast for Stanford. Stanford is a team not totally unlike us in that they've had some really close games that they easily could have won. They did beat Texas, Washington had come from behind to beat them, so I think that it's going to be a very tough game for us, two teams looking for another win. But I think we'll have a good week of practice and get ready to play.'

On this week's preparation:'We are going to change our routine this week and I think our routine has a chance to maybe head that off better than we did last week. Although, this team has showed no sign of being moody, up and down. We have played a lot of plays in the last three weeks and a lot of guys getting through things. So I think it was the right decision last week to go without pads. Because if we had gone in pads and banged them we wouldn't have had any chance of having a good game against SC. So we made that choice, I still think that was a good one. The problem with not having pads, it's hard to tell how competitive they are, how much energy they have. Just based on the meeting yesterday, I think it was positive, it was a good attitude on continuing to work, had this thing fall into place.'

On Jeff Krohn's status:'We did not throw yesterday. Normally we would go out and do something and yesterday we didn't do that. So Krohn, I just can't believe he would throw much this week, if any at all. There is at least a word out from the training room that he could be ready for Saturday. I don't think it would be with much practice time.'

On Solomon Bates:'Solomon, I am a little more doubtful. He could not tackle in that game. He tried to play early, wanted to play. He's our run stopper, he's the guy that's got to go in there and bang the fullback and stone the tailback. He couldn't do it, so if we take him, and if he plays, it will be without any practice. I'm assuming without any hitting.'

On who would play in Solomon Bates' place:'That's a good question because he's gotten almost every rep. It would probably be Adam Tanke and we slash him with Jamal Anderson. We could take Josh Amobi and get him ready or Mason Unck, but neither want to play the position at all this fall. But those are some things we are considering.'

On starting tailback for the next game:'We played Davaren Hightower this game a little more than we did Michael Williams. We have not set down a step but my thinking is that we would start Davaren and play Micheal a lot.'

On second string players stepping up:'No. But you know the Rose Bowl year or even a year ago, we had four tailbacks and we used all four of them. JR Redmond had his health and off the field issues. We played Delvon Flowers, Hightower and Joe Green last year. We played four. But I have never played this many inexperienced guys, both fullbacks are first year players.'

'We're actually moving the ball pretty well. We didn't the first half, we played lousy that way. We're moving the ball pretty well considering all of that. It is really a key issue to play the same guys. I was watching Stanford, Oregon State this morning. Oregon State has played, I don't know their depth, we don't play them but, it looked to me that they played the same players all year. And it just shows. So I got to believe that that has hurt us some. But, also guys have stepped up and played. Griffin Goodman has stepped up and played. Tom Pace wasn't playing earlier and he has stepped up and played. I think that is part of most seasons where you have guys go down and somebody has to step up and play. I think we're getting, for the most part, some of that done.'

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