NCAA Soccer Diary

Nov. 6, 2000


Front Page!! The buzz is on. Our fans are as pumped as we are! I love it.

To be a Coug has to be the greatest feeling. There is so much support--onebig family.

Every time I think about last Friday, last night, and this comingWednesday, my heart races. I can't wait until the whistle blows and we stepout on that field, our field, to play our best soccer yet. We aregrowing--building--and playing better every day. The more we work together,the better--it is a total team effort. We showed that on Friday. Seeing myteammates beaming makes me smile. We are all so excited. Each and everyone of us are pumped up--ready to explode. We want to continue to improveand work together.

As I think about the season thus far, I just smile. It has been amazing tosee the growth and improvement we've experienced. Every player has gottenbetter. We have all made an impact on this team. All 21 of our playershave been vital to our success. There may not be headlines for everything,but that is part of the reason things are so special. Since day one ofpreseason until now, day one of post season, there have been differentleaders on this team. I will always draw on my teammates for inspirationand leadership...that is why we are such an amazing and dynamic team. Lookingback, I remember Stacey Dunn working hard in preseason to overcome injuryand be fit to go as soon as she was cleared. I still draw on her strengthand hard work. I look at all the knowledge Deka has about the game...heramazing skill that can carry us. There is the entire freshmen class,working hard and making a dramatic impact. Kat and her amazing over timegoals to help us defeat our opponents. There is Beth working her butt offeveryday and directing on the field. There are players who work hard allweek to prepare not only themselves, but their teammates. They are trulydeserving of praise. Also, those leaders like Erin Cook and Nat Kehl whoare injured now, but got us to where we are. They are still keeping usgoing and pushing us with their desire to be out on that field. We are allin this together--all 21 of us have made an amazing impact. Those things arewhat make the season great!

It's been special, and it will only be a matter of time before we see whoelse will lead. This team is amazing. We are going for it!! For Deka eachgame could be her last. We have to play for her. I can't wait forWednesday and I know the rest of the team is feeling the same way.



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