Quotes From Tom Holmoe's Media Luncheon

Nov. 7, 2000

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    General comments:'Just really looking forward to the Oregon game. You look at the pac-10 standings and you see them at the very top and our team is excited about the opportunity to play a Top Ten team that has a very exceptional record at home. And see where we're at. I think our team knows that it's an improving team. A team that seems to be having more fun playing each week. And its good to see these kids enjoying the football and even though it was a couple of losses two of the four weeks they're having a lot of fun playing. And they're just excited about this opportunity and they respect Oregon and what they have accomplished. They realize it's a very difficult challenge, but they're up for it. It's fun just to watch them watch film on Sunday and Monday and to have them think about ways we can take advantage of the team. So our guys are excited about it and their mood after the game was they were disappointed because we wanted the opportunity to go to a bowl game. Now that that's past they're looking at these last two games for different reasons. One of them to have a great opportunity to get some national recognition with an upset. And the second one is for the school. To be able to beat Stanford and get back the axe. Do some things that we haven't done for a while against them. We're pretty healthy. I think that's one of the reasons for the relative success the last couple of weeks. We've had four games in a row where after the game we haven't had significant injuries that can cause a guy to miss a game. And that's very good for this late in the season. I thing that and in conjunction with guys improving and I think in the beginning of the season where we said, ` we're pretty young,' right now, its hard to say that. You know a lot of our younger players have played a whole year or 9/11ths of a year. They feel like they have a year of experience under their belts or in some cases maybe two or three. So the teams kind of in a good mental state right now eager for these last two games. Kind of looking forward to where we propel ourselves in the future based on how we play these last two games.

    On this week's opponent, Oregon:'Very well balance offensively. I think that's the same thing I said against Oregon St. and it proved to be exactly the difficult thing to overcome. They have a good running game, a good passing game they spread the ball out amongst a lot of receivers. Effective tight ends, they throw the balls to the backs. They can screen, they draw. They spread you out all over the field. They keep you guessing. Very deceptive offense. On defense, they're solid. A bunch of veterans playing in the secondary. Linebacker Corp. solid and experienced. Couple of younger guys on the deep front, but they've been darn good there. And they are very, very sound, one of the better special team units in the conference. Their home field advantage is tremendous without a shadow of a doubt. The number one home field advantage in the Pac-10. And their crowd, their support is huge and is revved up for their home games. It's a relatively small venue, but it's filled to capacity plus more. They've got a good thing going and everybody's kind of following behind the team and their taking advantage of that momentum that they have, totally.

    On the running game against OSU:'A lot of people look at the statistics and say, `you only had 33 yards,' well Joe Igber had 85 yards, but he only had 17 carries. I think that's one thing that hurt us in the game. Is that we had 44 passes and only 19 carries and that is not what we want to do going into the game, but we got behind early and tried to throw and get back a little beat and then we did attempt to run, but they were pretty good. Their linebackers and their front seven did a good job against the run and we were having more success against the pass so we just kept going.'

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