Ask Luke Powell

Nov. 9, 2000

Tom Wong (Los Angeles, CA)
I recall that four years ago Troy Walters had a break out game versus UCLA at the Rose Bowl. You seemed to have had one last Saturday. Are you on the verge of stepping up to Walters' level of play? Go Cardinal!!

I did not realize Troy's history of success in the Rose Bowl until Brian Allen mentioned it to me after the game. It's ironic that the biggest game I've had so far just happens to be in the same place as Troy's breakout game. I hope to improve on last week's performance and begin to play up to my own expectations. As for putting up stats like his, that might take some time. This is DeRonnie's (wide receiver DeRonnie Pitts) year. My role is not to make 10-12 catches a game. However, when it is my time, I'll be ready. Coach Rison (Wide Receivers Coach Mose Rison) will make sure of that.

John T. Taylor (Central City, KY)
What's up, good game Saturday. Sorry I couldn't attend, believe me when I say, I was there in spirit. I've followed college football ever since I was a freshman. I can honestly say you've been blessed in so many ways. I'm not just saying that because I'm your cousin. Well, I guess I'll ask my question, starting next year will consider yourself one of the leaders on this Stanford football team?

I'm not that vocal in the locker room. I leave the pep talks up to others. Leading by example is something the coaches would like everyone to do. That, I can and hope to do. Leadership comes from the respect of your teammates. And that respect comes from your play, in practice and games. The leaders this year are the fifth year seniors, like DeRonnie Pitts, Willie Howard, Riall Johnson, and Sam Benner. They have been in the program the longest and have the respect of everyone on the team. Eventually, I will get to that stage.

Andrew Young (Gig Harbor, WA)
What does it feel like when you score a touchdown to win the game?

I haven't scored a touchdown to actually win a game since high school. I imagine that catching a touchdown pass to win the game would be ten times better than a regular touchdown. I've only had two so far this year. Even though we lost, the touchdown in the UCLA game felt great. It was the first time my mom was present at a game in which I played significantly since high school.

Donna Taylor (Stockbridge, GA)
Luke, I've seen you play in high school and you were a very exciting player. You seemed to have carried that over into your collegiate playing time. What motivates you to drive such excitement, is it just your personality?

I don't play to be exciting. Many spectators like to see speed and quickness on the field and those are just some of the abilities I've been blessed with. I don't celebrate much on the field after good plays. You'll probably never see me dancing in the end zone. I believe a good play is the product of great team effort, not individual effort.

Nick Malone (Foster City, CA)
In light of the recent injury to Washington's Curtis Williams, does that change your approach to the game and just how important it is or isn't?

Curtis Willams' injury opened everyone's eyes to the consequences of playing football. I've seen on television when people get spinal cord injuries but never witnessed it in the 11 years I've been playing football. It was tough to watch, to see his body lay there limp and to see the reaction of his teammates. People who have never played sports in college may never realize how close we are as teammates. I'm 2500 miles from home. This team is my family. I spend the majority of my time with these guys. I can't imagine how I would feel if one of my teammates were in his situation. It's tragic. All of a sudden, something that seems so important has no importance at all. We can't take anything for granted, because it can be gone tomorrow.

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