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    Let me recap the Washington game real quick and then we'll move on. You know as well as I do, Washington had the ball for 38 and a half minutes, 83 snaps, 26 first downs and they had 372 rushing yards. Of course they were 8-for-15 on third downs. Our defense had all six of our penalties. We didn't have a penalty offensively. They scored 21 points in the third quarter and that was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back I think. They had five scoring drives for touchdowns. The first two possessions they went 10 plays for 80 yards and then nine plays for 79 yards. So they jumped up 14-0. We came back and made it 21-14 and then we went to the third quarter. That was probably the most disappointing thing is when we took the field, in three plays they scored a touchdown. They go 71 yards. Then they go 11 plays for 95 yards, then nine plays and 53 yards. One of the things they did is they kept our offense off the field. We only had the ball for 21 and a half minutes and 62 plays. We had 19 first downs and we had 298 yards passing and 97 rushing. We only made 4-of-13 third downs, which means we didn't do enough to stay on the field as well. So far we've lost the last three games by a total of 21 points (8, 6 and 7). So we're right there. We could very easily be 9-1 as well, but we just haven't capitalized on the opportunities.

    As far as the USC game is concerned, it's the last home game for 14 of our seniors. In reality, this is my first recruiting class so this is a special group for me. I had a month to recruit when I first took over the job and these guys trusted me enough and loved UCLA enough that they wanted to be a part of this program. I have a real soft spot in my heart for these 14 seniors. The game itself, it's a great inner-city rivalry. I've been involved in some great ones. The Civil War when I was at Oregon and the Hatfield & McCoy game between Texas and Texas A&M. But there is none better than the UCLA vs. USC rivalry. It's the city of Los Angeles and the city championship. People are always involved with each other. People work with each other that are Bruins and Trojans, people are married to each other that are Bruins and Trojans. We've had players live with the other team. We've had coaches on both sides of the ball. Coaches from USC that have been at UCLA and vice versa. I don't think there's many, probably a handful, but it's amazing what a great inner-city rivalry it is. And of course we were very fortunate to go 8-0 and then last year we lost that game at the Coliseum.

    As far as injuries, (Ryan) McCann had his shoulder operated on last week and he's doing very well. The surgery went well and he'll be back for spring ball. (Kenyon) Coleman is out. He's going to redshirt. We have some injured players and some hurt players, but in talking with our trainer Geoff Schaadt this morning, they're all probable at this point. So all the ones that have been hurt, with the exception of those two guys that I just mentioned, there's a real possibility that they'll be back for the Trojans.

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