Marty Maurer Chat Wrap

Marty Maurer Chat WrapIf you missed the live chat on, here's what the Beaver tight end had to say!

Walt from at 3:35pm ET
How well will you be able to run against the Ducks?

Marty Maurer at 3:36pm ET
We are a running team and have been all year run. Kenny is our man and we relie a lot on him. But we will run and it is just a matter of how much their defense gives us.

Tony Harwood from at 3:36pm ET
Hi I'm from Philomath,OR right outside of Corvallis. I was in attendance at the home opener. How much do you think the team overall has improved?

Marty Maurer at 3:37pm ET
By far since the home opener. We have a jelled offensively and are putting up about 100 more yards a game. We are playing much better offensively and defensively. If you come to this game, you will see a totally different team.

Brett Kemp from at 3:37pm ET
Lets talk about the Game this Saturday. Oregon has a tough defensive line with Patu on the outside and Boice in the middle. What, if anything, are you going to do differently to block these guys?

Marty Maurer at 3:38pm ET
We are going to line up and play smashmouth football and see who is better, our offensive line or their defensive line. We'll see on Saturday.

Fan from [] at 3:38pm ET
Why did you chose OSU over Oregon. How did your family feel about that?

Marty Maurer at 3:39pm ET
When you get recruited, it is a business. Oregon decided on another TE and I took one of my other options. But I knew I wasn't going to leave the state.

stokecat from at 3:39pm ET
Haven't seen #87 rumbling down the field in awhile, looking forward to getting lose in the Duck secondary?

Marty Maurer at 3:40pm ET
I would love to see some yards to run down the field. I have been catch seven or eight yarders with a lot of guys hanging on me. I would love to get down the field.

OSU Fan from [] at 3:40pm ET
Could you ever have dreamed you would have such a season as you are having when you first joined the team?

Marty Maurer at 3:41pm ET
When we first got here, this program was in disarray. I was optimistic we would win and get to a bowl game. But it is out of my dreams to think we are on the verge of a Pac-10 championship.

Craig from [] at 3:41pm ET
My main concern for the game is that the Beaver defense gets far too many personal foul penalties, has Dennis addressed this issue in practice this week?

Marty Maurer at 3:42pm ET
He addressed that in a team meeting. He told us we could cost our team a game if we don't play smarter and keep our mouths shut.

Brett Kemp from at 3:42pm ET
I know some of the guys on the Oregon team, and a few of them are pissed off from the Civil War two years ago in Corvallis when the crowd rushed the field. They are using this as a source of motivation. What sort of things is coach Erickson doing this week to get you guys ready?

Marty Maurer at 3:43pm ET
One of the things about getting ready for this game is that not much needs to be done to get up for the Civil War. Two 9-1 teams going at it -- if you can't get up for this game, you shouldn't be playing.

Beat the Ducks! from [] at 3:43pm ET
Does that Washington game still eat at you, knowing how close you are to a perfect season? Great job this year no matter what happens from here on out, you guys have done spectacular.

Marty Maurer at 3:44pm ET
You think about being 3 points away and winning the game and you tend to second guess yourself. But that is the nature of the game and some weeks it just doesn't work out.

beavaholic from at 3:44pm ET
how does all the trash talking by the ducks (especially Jason Nikalou) effect your team.

Marty Maurer at 3:45pm ET
We have heard some of it, but if they want to put something in the paper to aggravate this team, that's not smart. They have to come here for the game, so if I was them, I wouldn't say anything else.

Brett Kemp from at 3:45pm ET
Do you think Washington State can pull the upset over Washington in the Apple Cup?

Marty Maurer at 3:47pm ET
Washington State has competed all season and has played all the teams Washington beat very close. So I wouldn't be a true Beaver if I didn't say I think the Cougars will win.

Marty Maurer at 3:48pm ET
That's all the time I have, I have some people waiting for me. Thanks for all the questions and the
support. It should be a great game this weekend. Go Beavers and go Cougars!

Take care.



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