Nick Harris Chat Wrap

Nov. 14, 2000

Nick Harris at 1:52pm ET
I just arrived at the Media Relations office and we'll get started in just a few minutes.

Mark raney, a huge cal fan for from at 1:54pm ET
Hey nick, what NFL team would you like to go to and why? Would you want to stay California?

Nick Harris at 1:55pm ET
I would love to play for the 49ers, but playing for any NFL team would fulfill all my childhood dreams.

Nick Harris at 1:56pm ET
Just a thanks to all the family that is sending greetings to me.

fballfan2k from [] at 1:57pm ET
How do you approach a punting situation when you are trying to pin the opposition deep as opposed when you are punting out of your own endzone.

Nick Harris at 1:59pm ET
Punting is a lot like golf. Sometimes you use a driver and kick it deep and sometimes you pull out your wedge, put it high, and hope it bites the turf and stays out of the endzone.

bearCrazy from at 2:00pm ET
How do you think Cal will fare against Stanford this week at the big game?

Nick Harris at 2:02pm ET
Ever since the UCLA victory, there has been a new found fervor around the Cal football team. In the last few weeks I don't think we have lost any of it. The Big Game produces even more excitement and energy and I know it will culminate into a great performance Saturday.

Cal Fan from [] at 2:03pm ET
Nick, at what point in your career did you know that you would be a punter? Hey, you almost singlehandedly beat Illinois - great season!!

Nick Harris at 2:05pm ET
I didn't know that I was going to be a punter in college until Cal called and offered me a scholarship. I thought I was going to be playing linebacker at a smaller school somewhere. Thank God for Cal coming through!

Superfan from at 2:05pm ET
We were the ones above the tunnel at the UCLA game with the 'Nick Harris for Heisman' sign. Do you remember seeing that sign? How do you feel about all the 'Nick Harris for Heisman' T-shirts on campus?

Nick Harris at 2:07pm ET
Yes I remember seeing the sign going into the locker room for halftime. The T-Shirts are awesome and I have my roommate, Gus, to thank for making them.

Scott Gerlach from [] at 2:08pm ET
Hey Nick. I've watched you punt all year and your amazing. I am the punter for my high school football team and I was wondering if you had any key tips to punting. I could really use them. GO BEARS!

Nick Harris at 2:12pm ET
THe most important aspect of punting a football is the drop of the ball. The ball should be away from your body and should fall parallel to the ground. Check out Ray Guy's website at for a complete 'How To' explanation. Keep working hard and you'll be great.

CALbear75 from [] at 2:13pm ET
Nick, What do you think of CAL'S chances next year? The team is young and has improved greatly this past month. Also, where do you think Andre Carter will be drafted? We hope to see you guys on Sundays in the near future!

Nick Harris at 2:15pm ET
Cal has a great foundation for future success. Tom Holmoe has done it the right way and I know that the Bears will be very successful next year.

Oski from at 2:16pm ET

Cal has produced a decent line of kickers and punters in recent years: Robbie Keen, Doug Brien, Ryan Longwell to name a few. Is there much of a kicking fraternity with these guys? Do they ever talk to you or encourage you?

Nick Harris at 2:18pm ET
There is a great kicking tradition at Cal. I keep in contact with Doug and Ryan throughout the year. They always have some insight into the things I can do to prepare for the future. They are both great NFL kickers and are representing the Cal kicking fraternity well.

Nick Harris at 2:19pm ET
I only have time for one more question. Thanks for hanging out.

goldendomer from at 2:20pm ET
How do you feel when some people say punters and kickers are not as 'athletic' as other position players?

Nick Harris at 2:24pm ET
I don't say anything to them. I just continue to play this wonderful game and try to make as much of an impact as a 'football player' as I can. Hopefully those people that think all kickers are a bunch of flakes realize that some are athletic enough to play other positions.

Nick Harris at 2:26pm ET
I just want to give a shout out to everyone that participated in this chat. Lenny, Joey, Maryann, Kevin and Heather--you guys are awesome.

Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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