DeRonnie Pitts Chat Wrap

Nov. 17, 2000

DeRonnie Pitts at 3:59pm ET
Hey this is DeRonnie. I am here to answer all of your questions.

jake from at 3:59pm ET
congrats on a fabulous career for all of us back in saginaw. does any one game standout in your mind as the best of your years at stanford?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:01pm ET
I can remember my junior year when we played Arizona State on a Thursday night. I had 2 tds, 189 yards and Troy Walters had over 100 yards also. Everything was great except we lost the game in overtime.

Beat Cal from [] at 4:02pm ET
Who has been the toughest DB you've faced?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:03pm ET
I would have to say that Chris McAllister from Arizona was the best one I have ever faced. He is strong, big and fast. He is doing well with the Baltimore Ravens now.

John Moore from [] at 4:04pm ET
Who do you think the top 3 receivers in the Pac 10? And who should be the 3 finalist for the Biletnikoff Award?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:04pm ET
I think that Oregon St. has a great group of wide receivers. They make big plays and are really physical. Freddie Mitchell also make some big plays for UCLA.

Mike from at 4:05pm ET
Why did you choose Stanford out of high school? Looking back on your time there, was it a good choice?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:06pm ET
I think I chose Stanford because I really liked the coaching staff and the opportunity to get a great education. Where else can you go to school with so many Olympic gold medalist???

Stanford Fan from [] at 4:07pm ET
DeRonnie - what has been your most memorable moment in a Cardinal uniform and has it hit you yet that this will be your final collegiate game? You've been great and I wish you the best of luck in whatever follows your Stanford career.

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:08pm ET
I would have to say playing in the 100th Big Game. The rivalry is so intense with Cal. I actually played in the 100th Big Game of my high school rivalry when I was a junior. We beat our rival for the first time in 24 years.

Beat Cal from [] at 4:08pm ET
Do you keep in touch with Troy Walters and if so, how is he doing?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:09pm ET
Troy seems to be doing well. I hope that I can get up there with him and finally get paid to run some routes and catch some balls.

Go Stanford from [] at 4:09pm ET
What are your thoughts on Chris Lewis and the potential of the program over the next couple of years?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:10pm ET
Chris Lewis is going to be a great quarterback at Stanford. He has a really strong arm and confidence in his receivers to go up an make plays. He is still learning, but I expect big things from him in the future.

83 Alum from at 4:12pm ET
Hey Deronnie - Congrats on a GREAT career. It must be somewhat of a downer not going to a bowl after last year's Rose appearance. But will the team be up for the only game that really counts: the Big Game tomorrow? BEAT CAL!!

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:13pm ET
It is pretty easy to get up for the big game. The thing you have to worry about is getting caught up in all of the hype. Sure, we aren't going to a bowl this year, but we have to make the big game like our bowl game.

deronnie rulez from at 4:13pm ET
deronnie, what do you think is the difference in last year's great year team-wise and this year team-wise/

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:15pm ET
The teams are very different in terms of personnel. As far as our goals are concerned, the team is no different. This year we just didn't win all the close games that we did last year. We needed a couple more breaks.

86 stanford alum!! from at 4:15pm ET
Great Job DeRonnie you're awesome and make us alum proud!! What # do you want to wear #2? Also what team?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:16pm ET
I hope I can wear 82 if I get a chance to play in the NFL. I think Troy Walters is wearing it now, and he is my favorite NFL player.

Stanford Rules from at 4:16pm ET
What do you do to prepare for your games?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:17pm ET
Before games I throw on some music, close my eyes, and visualize myself making plays. I go over all of my adjustments and different scenarios in the game that I need to be able to get through

1T from at 4:18pm ET
How good do you think next year's team will be? Who do you think will step up into your place as a playmaker among the WRs?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:20pm ET
I think next years team will do better than we did this year. They will be very experienced on both sides of the ball. In the WR group I am looking for big things out of all of the guys. Watch out for Evan Combs next year. He knows the system and I think he'll do a good job once he gets in the games.

Stanford Rules from at 4:21pm ET
How good is your relationship with your coach?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:21pm ET
My relationship with Coach Rison is great. He is one of the main reasons I came to Stanford. He is from Michigan also, so he knows a lot about me just from where I was brought up.

83 stanford alum!! from at 4:22pm ET
This may surprise you but it's me John Elway. Want ot play for the Broncos RIGHT!! Good Luck and Stanford Rules question had me thinking what type of music gets you going for me it was Ram Jams 'BLACK BETTY'

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:23pm ET
I listen to a lot of music from home to get me excited. When I am trying to get pumped up I listen to Esham and Natas (two detroit groups) and some DJ Assault (detroit mixtape dj). I also like Mobb Deep and Jay Z

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:25pm ET
Tank is a great player. For some reason he always seems to make plays in those night games.

John from [], at 4:25pm ET
Which NFL team, if you could choose, would you like to play for?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:26pm ET
I will play for anyone who believes that I can help their team. I just want to get to the NFL. Maybe I can start being picky after a few season are under my belt

John from [] at 4:27pm ET
What do you most admire about Coach Willingham?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:28pm ET
Coach W. is the most straight forward person I have ever met. I have never once in my time knowing him ever felt like I had to question his character. He is a great model for how a man should live his life.

jangle leg from at 4:29pm ET
How is it playing with Tank Williams? I played against him in high school and he was a very aggressive player.

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:31pm ET
Tank is a hard hitting safety who has a great career ahead of him. He'll be a first round draft pick if we schedule all night games next year. :-)

MoonMan from at 4:31pm ET
Would you think it fair to say that Jamaar Fletcher is a better corner than McAllister?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:33pm ET
I don' t think you can say that. They are both really good, and McAllister has already proven that he can play on Sundays. It will be interesting to see how Fletcher does in the next level.

bert from [] at 4:33pm ET
What do you think it would take for Stanford to have a perennial top 10 team?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:34pm ET
I think the correct plan is in place. With a coach like Willingham heading the charge, Stanford will certainly continue to have good recruiting classes. The program is heading in the right direction with him leading the way.

Stanford Rules from at 4:35pm ET
Who was your role model when you were a kid?

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:36pm ET
I always wanted to be just like my dad when I was little. Once I got to high school I really took a liking to my basketball coach, Marshall Thomas. He and coach Willingham are the same kind of coach. I wouldn't want to play for anyone who wasn't like those two.

DeRonnie Pitts at 4:38pm ET
Thanks a lot of all of the questions. My hands are tired and I have to save them for the game tomorrow. Keep rooting for the Cardinal. dp2

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