Matt Smith Chat Wrap

Matt Smith Chat WrapIf you missed Thursday's live chat on, here's what the Duck linebacker had to say!

Matt Smith at 4:02pm ET
I am here and ready to take your questions. Let's get started!

Curtis from at 4:02pm ET
Matt, do you think that coming off of four straight hard-fought victories is a help or a hindrance in preparing for the Civil War game on Saturday? Good luck!

Matt Smith at 4:03pm ET
I think it is a help. We would have liked to win by a wider margin but if it comes down to the end, we know what we have to do to win the close games.

Rich Mcpherson from [], at 4:03pm ET
Being a Duck myself, let me congratulate you personally on an All-League season! But how about the rest of the D? They have been a bit shakey the last few weeks. Is the end of the season taking it's toll on the rest of the guys?

Matt Smith at 4:04pm ET
I wouldn't say we've been shaky but we have had some bad outings. At Cal we had a great game. Midseason we went through a lull but we are healthy now and excited to go into this game with a lot of confidence.

Vance from at 4:04pm ET

Do you feel a focus on the running game rather than Oregon's proven passing attack has contributed to the close games the past few weeks?

Matt Smith at 4:05pm ET
Maybe. They have done some things to slow down our running game and make us a one-dimensional team. We have to establish the run this weekend. Anytime a defense can make you one-dimensional that is a huge advantage.

Beaver fan from at 4:05pm ET
Rumor has it here in Corvallis that Coach Bellotti will shave his head if you guys win, is this true?

Matt Smith at 4:06pm ET
No, I'm pretty sure that is not true! All that I can say is no, I don't think that is true.

Duck Fan from [], at 4:06pm ET
Matt - what was the biggest transition from high school to college ball for you?

Matt Smith at 4:07pm ET
For me, took some time off and played baseball, so it was just getting used to football again. The guys are bigger and stronger. You have to have a work ethic to get stronger and faster.

jimmy from at 4:07pm ET
Matt, Has the team taken a different approach in preparing for the game than they have for other games this season?

Matt Smith at 4:08pm ET
Not really. We understand the importance so our focus has been great. But we are doing the same thing as against other teams. We respect Oregon St. but we just have to keep up our preparation and intensity.

Quack Daddy from at 4:08pm ET
I predict you make at least one interception on Saturday. What are your thoughts on slots, seams, and the OSU offense in general?

Matt Smith at 4:09pm ET
I think they are a great offensive team. They have great balance which is scary for a defense. We just have to stop the run. They don't do a lot of things on offense but what they do, they do well. I have a lot of confidence in our DB's.

I hope I can get an interception. That would be a huge help.

Go Ducks from [] at 4:10pm ET
Do you still think about what it would have been like to play pro baseball or have you just chalked it up as a great experience and have put it behind you?

Matt Smith at 4:10pm ET
I don't think about it that much. It has crossed my mind. If I had made it to the bigs I would have been ecstatic. But I have been extremely happy to be here. Everything we have accomplished, it has taken me away from thinking about that.

O.C. Duck Alum from at 4:11pm ET

How much of a factor do you feel the OSU fans will play in the way that the Beavers perform.

Matt Smith at 4:12pm ET
I know when we are at home the fans are a great asset. I'm sure they feel the same way. We will both be up so the fans will have a part in it but there is so much intensity already, they won't have a huge impact. It will all even out. There is way to much enthusiasm to be offset in this game.

Jason Fields from at 4:12pm ET
What's the hardest hit you've ever given someone?

Matt Smith at 4:13pm ET
I don't know. I think my first year against SC I had a couple good hits on the RB. I remember because it was my first big game. It made me realize I could play at this level. You just get a feeling like you are going right through the guy and you don't even feel the hit.

Angie from at 4:13pm ET
Assuming you make it, who would you like to play in the Rose Bowl?

Matt Smith at 4:14pm ET
That's tough. THere are so many teams that would be fun to play. I'm not even sure who is in the running over there. It would be fun to play a team like Northwestern that is having such a good season. You know you aren't going to play a bad team, they would all have a lot to offer.

Ruslan Tkebuchava from at 4:14pm ET
Most people consider you as Oregon's '2000 Defensive MVP.' You posess great skill and determination. Are you going to enter the NFL draft? Have any professional teams showed early interest in you? Which team would you want to play for most?

Matt Smith at 4:15pm ET
That would be a dream come true if it were to work out. I will put my name in there and hope to get drafted. I have heard good things and I'm hoping there is a spot for me at the next level.

The Niners were always my favorite team. I lived between Seattle and San Fran so all my friends were either Seattle or San Fran fans. I was San Fran.

GO DUCKS from at 4:16pm ET
Hi Matt..Congratulations on a great year so far...What is an average day like for you?

Matt Smith at 4:16pm ET
During football season it is pretty busy. From 8-noon class, then lunch, then workout and watch film and get ready for practice. Practice lets up about 7 so I study, watch TV and go to bed.

Jon Panush from at 4:17pm ET
What do you think of the BCS system. Do you want them to change to a playoff system.

Matt Smith at 4:17pm ET
I wouldn't rather have a playoff. It is too physical at this level to extend it out to more games. The BCS is pretty good. It obviously has flaws but it does a pretty good job. I don't think a playoff would work. The BCS is the best ranking overall.

Mike from [] at 4:18pm ET
How does it feel to wear the ugliest uniforms in football history?

Matt Smith at 4:18pm ET
It's funny, some people love them and some hate them. Since we have had them we have done great so I love them. It doesn't matter if you love 'em or hate 'em, we're winning in them so we will keep wearing them.

beaver believer from at 4:18pm ET
Who do you consider a bigger rival UW or OSU?

Matt Smith at 4:21pm ET
That is a good question. Five years ago probably UW because they were considered to have a better program. But now at this point, with OSU's program as good as it is, I would say OSU. OSU has historically been the bigger rivalry.

Thanks for the questions. To all the Duck fans out there, it will be a fun week! Talk to you soon!
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