The Perfect Fit

Nov. 11, 2000

by Wendy Broker

Life is all about fitting in. When you are 6-7 and weigh 310 pounds, however, there are not many conventional things into which you fit. However, Washington senior offensive lineman Wes Call does not have any problems finding what -- or where -- he fits in.

'It is really hard to buy things,' says Call, who hails from Petaluma, Calif. 'You mostly order clothes from catalogs and go to big and tall shops. As far as cars, you just have to find the one that fits you. My car is an old '69 Cadillac convertible. I fit comfortably in that thing. It is my dream car because of the look and everything else about it. The way I fit in there is perfect.'

In Call's position on the Husky football team, perfect is the way things have to be. One missed block by the offensive line and quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo could find himself face to face with an opposing team's defensive ends or linebackers, trying to avoid a sack.

'There is a mutual respect (between the offensive line and myself),' Tuiasosopo says. 'We all know they are working their butts off. We know we have the best pass protection and run blocking we can, and they know I am doing my best too. Even if I do get sacked or someone misses a block, I know that they are trying their hardest.

'They don't mean for that (defensive) guy to be back there with me,' Tuiasosopo continued. 'They screw up the same as I do. There is no time for animosity during the game. You just go on. There are plenty more snaps in the game.'

Call feels no pressure shouldering all of that responsibility along with four close friends. It is what he was born to do.

'Ever since I can remember I have been an offensive lineman,' he recalls. 'That is where I fit in the puzzle. Everyone is meant to do something, and this is what I was meant to do, play o-line, to work closely with four other guys to protect the quarterback.'

Offensive line coach Brent Myers says, as the starting strong tackle, Call is a key part of the offensive line.

'He is really in his first year as a starter and he has shown a great deal of improvement as all the games have come off,' Myers said. 'He is doing a nice job and he is improving. That is what we want, for them to improve every week. Wes is a pretty good pass protector. We try to play the top five players, and he has fit himself into one of those top-five positions.'

The men who make up the offensive line mesh well together on and off the field.

Fellow lineman Chad Ward, who lines up next to Call each game, says the offensive line is a tight-knit group of friends, of which Call is a major part.

'Wes is a great guy to hang out with and is a good friend,' Ward says. 'He's always there. If you want to go do something, no matter what he's doing he will drop it and go hang out with you. Every time the (offensive line) hangs out together, it is a laugh-fest and everybody makes fun of each other. Wes is no stranger to that, he gets his fair share of barbs in there.

'We are a pretty cohesive bunch of guys,' Ward continued. 'We still have things to work on, but we work together pretty well. Hanging out together off of the field, there is another level of accountability, because if you mess up it is not like you aren't going to have to see the guys after the game. Because we hang out, you can't get away from it.'

Call is only in his second year on the Husky squad. A transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College, he spent most of last season trying to -- of course -- see where he fit.

'Last year, I was a new guy coming in so it was more of a feeling-out process of who [fit where] and getting a feel for everyone's personality,' Call remembers. 'This year, it seems like we are a really tight group. We each know what everyone is doing. We all have worked hard all year and all summer together.

'Everyone wants to do well for each other. It helps a lot on the field, because I can look down the line and know that he is going to do his job the best he can and he knows he can count on me to do the same, no questions about it.'

Looks like Call has finally found a place where he fits.

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