Scott Leber Chat Wrap

Nov. 30, 2000

Scott Leber at 3:31pm ET
Hi, this is Scott Leber ready to field any questions that you may have.

Eric Crawford from [], at 3:40pm ET
Do you feel that the best soccer college is played on the East Coast with teams in the ACC and North East, or do the schools in the West Coast from California and the Mid West play just as strong schedules?

Scott Leber at 3:41pm ET
I think there are very different styles of play on the west and east coast. East coast is usually a more short passing through midfield, whereas the west coast is a little more direct.

Bundy from at 3:42pm ET
I didn't know you were even starting this year. I guess I should keep in closer touch. I hope all is well my friend. Sounds like your senior year will definitely be one to remember. Good luck this weekend. What concerns you most about this SMU team, besides the fact that they are from Texas?

Scott Leber at 3:43pm ET
thanks for the good wishes Bundy!
SMU is a very athletic team with great team speed. Their ability to counterattack is going to be their most dangerous aspect.

Ricky from [] at 3:44pm ET
Scott, what do you think of your prospects of over-taking 'Big Chocolate' in the all-time Stanford points standings?

Scott Leber at 3:45pm ET
Jorge was a great player for Stanford a couple years back and just being on the same level as him is fine with me.

Juan from at 3:45pm ET
Dear Scott, I have a question about your offensive technique. When you get in the box do you shoot it right away or do you try to work it around first to get a better shot?

Scott Leber at 3:46pm ET
The first moment I get the ball in the box I look to shoot and score as soon as possible.

Juan from at 3:47pm ET
Scott what is it like having your younger brother Todd on the same team?

Scott Leber at 3:48pm ET
It has been an absolutely an amazing experience to be able to share this season with the little bro.

Channy from [], at 3:50pm ET
What up buddy, glad to see you and the rest of the boys lighting it up in the postseason. As one who has had the opportunity to train with you guys and watch you play at Stanford, I see how dedicated and prepared you guys are for games. What's your opinion of Coach Clark's training sessions in terms of getting you guys prepared for games? Also what are your future plans with the sport after college? thanks and good luck bro!

Scott Leber at 3:52pm ET
hey Channy,
Coach Clark's training sessions are all very focused on what he thinks will be important to the upcoming game. All the training sessions are short and sharp, with a lot of one and two touch.
Right now I am focused on Stanford Soccer, and afterwards, only time will tell.

UCLA Fan from [] at 3:53pm ET
While I am a UCLA fan, I am also a conference fan and want to wish you guys luck on Saturday. What are your thoughts on the new conference and what was it like this year playing such a tougher schedule now that you play UCLA twice, Cal twice and UW twice?

Scott Leber at 3:55pm ET
Thanks for the wishes UCLA fan!
the new conference this year has given all the teams in the Pac 5 a great opportunity to play quality teams twice. Seeing 3 out of the 5 Pac 5 schools get into the tourney tells us the nation respect our conference.

sol rosenburg from at 3:55pm ET
rumor has it that after your game against ucla, you picked up a new nickname of 'JESUS'. whats up with that?

Scott Leber at 3:57pm ET
well Stevens,
the UCLA fans were just paying the highest compliment a person can get. i guess the person just liked my hair game.

Peter Busch from at 3:57pm ET
Not many people have worked for their goals(a little pun) as hard as you do. How does it feel now that all of that hard work has paid off and you're one of the top players in the country?

Scott Leber at 4:00pm ET
Well Peter, first of all thanks for the compliment! Yeah, it is nice after the first two years of college sitting on the bench and then be able perform my final two years.
See you in AZ in about 3 weeks, we'll play some pool at my house, take care Peter!

Sam Dubal from at 4:00pm ET
Scott--Coming out of Arizona with that big goals record, were you set on Stanford? What other schools did you consider? Are you happy at the farm? Good luck Sat. and the rest of the tourney.

Scott Leber at 4:02pm ET
I knew after seeing the school, meeting the guys on the team, and most importantly talking with Coach, convinced me that Stanford had the best soccer school combination in the country. So far, Stanford school and soccer has exceeded all my expectations.

Jesse Wild from [] at 4:02pm ET

What's the outlook for next year? What are your thoughts?

Scott Leber at 4:04pm ET
thanks Jesse, and again Congrats on the engagement!!!
Next year, I really do not know right now. All I care about I the game against SMU and I will take whatever happens after that as it comes.

Spens from at 4:05pm ET
Scott- You always credit past Stanford Greats for their amazing contributions to your game and the team. What will your personal and this years seniors legacy be?

Scott Leber at 4:06pm ET
I think this years Senior class will remembered for our leadership and hard work. i do not know of any other group of guys that have worked harder not only for themselves but for each other.

Matt from at 4:07pm ET
Scotty -

Congratulations on your great season so far!!! You guys are definitely the best team I've ever watched play, and I look forward to a shot at winning it all. How's your media relations person, and did you like the 'goooall' call at New Maloney Field?

Scott Leber at 4:07pm ET
This year reminds me of my freshman year when Ed Spiker was around. Matt has done an amazing job! Thanks Matt!

Mr. Leber from at 4:08pm ET
Son you know we are very proud of you and what you and the team have done this year. You are a great role model for all your little brothers and sisters, all five of them!
I think this interview is so neat! See you at dinner.
Love, Dad

Scott Leber at 4:08pm ET
Thanks Dad and Mom,
love you guys to and see you at dinner

pook russ from at 4:09pm ET
In the game with SMU coming up, how do you think the team is going to react? What are there weaknesses and how do you think you can exploit these weaknesses? Do you foresee any problems your team has, possibly a problem with your left-back(inexperience)?

Scott Leber at 4:10pm ET
no. our left back is one of the most solid players I have ever played with. Thats right Todd!
Again, SMU is a very fast team and their weaknesses, I guess we will see on Saturday at 7:30

Mike Jones from at 4:11pm ET
Scott how did you get noticed out of High School by College level coaches?

Scott Leber at 4:12pm ET
My advise is to contact the coaches as early as your soph. year in highschool and see how they respond, then do follow letters and phone calls.

stanford hottie from at 4:12pm ET
I am a huge fan(250lb's worth) and was curious if you were seeing anyone? I would be tons of fun:)

Scott Leber at 4:13pm ET
Sorry hottie,
I am currently unavailable.

SalpointeCat from at 4:13pm ET
Who do you root for in Basketball when the Wildcats play the Cardinal since you grew up in Tucson with a family that is such big wildcat basketball fans?

Scott Leber at 4:14pm ET
I have lots of love for AZ, but lets be honest I am a Cardinal.

Eric 'Big Bro' Leber from at 4:15pm ET
Hey little you think you are the man now because you are going to chat online through I am truly proud of you and your achievements. And, Scottie, be nice to your fans...I will see you over X-mas.
Later bro,
Big E

Scott Leber at 4:16pm ET
I guess you do not have a question Eric but I had to respond to my brother, see you at Christmas!!

room 204 from [], at 4:18pm ET
First of all, we would like to congratulate you on your
success thus far, and want to wish you the best of luck this weekend. What's your next step to prepare for the rest of the season?

Scott Leber at 4:20pm ET
the next step is going to be the same preparations we make for every game. No real changes in any tactics or style, just play like we have been doing all year.

Scott Leber at 4:21pm ET
Thanks everyone!
Hope to see everyone at New Maloney this Sat. night at 7:30 against SMU in the NCAA quarterfinal match.
Have a great day and thanks again!

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