Karissa Hampton Diary

Dec. 2, 2000

Okay, I know I didn't write a diary yesterday, but as all of you probably heard, we won! It was so amazing. I am thrilled! We are very deserving of all we have accomplished. The game had a lot of momentum shifts, which kept me very tense and stressed but we got the result. I am so proud of us and how well we've done because we have really come full circle when you compare last year to this year. After the game we did not do much. We came back to the hotel ordered movies, ate pizza and soaked up all the joy that comes along with winning. Not just winning but advancing to the finals of the NCAA College Cup. Tomorrow we will be competing for a national title!!!

As of today, it was a very fast day and there was so much to do that time just flew by. Our morning began quite early - we had breakfast at 9:30! I know that may not seem early to you but it is earlier than we've been getting up. Soon after breakfast we went to a clinic where there were hundreds of little girls. The purpose of us going to the YES Clinic, as it's called, was to sign autographs for all of the young soccer players. All four teams were there and I think it was a really nice thing to do because the kids loved it and were really excited. Following the clinic we had a light practice that consisted of a six-minute jog and stretch and penalty kicks. It was basically just a little something to loosen up the legs. I guess to reward us and rejuvenate us for the next game, many of us were taken to massage therapists and received thirty minute massages. When I woke up this morning I felt very stiff and I know that a lot of other people did as well so I know that getting the massages was very much appreciated.

After the massages we had some down time at the hotel and had the opportunity to just relax and hang out with friends and family. I got a chance to talk with my uncle and my parents so it was nice. We weren't allowed to leave the hotel, which was fine because I really needed to relax. A couple of hours after hanging around we had to go to dinner. We went to C.B.Hannegans, a very loud restaurant. The good thing about this dinner was that all of our friends and family could be a part as well. We laughed and shared and just had a great time. My dad even turned to me and sad this is 'jamming.' I am having so much fun. It is always good to see parents enjoying themselves with other parents and even with my teammates. It was just a great evening.

Following our return to the hotel we had a meeting in the coaches room. When we walked in the room there were two glasses sitting on the table with water in them. One glass was bigger than the other. She had us all sit down and told us that each person was to get up and add water into the small glass (you did this by using a straw), keeping the room completely quiet. As soon as everyone went around once, she had us go around again and had us do it until the glass was completely full. When the glass became full she told us, 'we are that glass, each one of us contributes a part of ourselves to make up the whole.' Then she had us share inspirational beliefs, it was sort of a game called 'we're gonna.' So we went around the room and each person had to say something about what we we're going to do tomorrow starting with 'we're gonna.' For example, we're gonna win the physical battle, we're gonna win, we're gonna bring home to UCLA its 103rd national title (etc.). After we were done doing that, Jillian said her 'we're gonna's.' Following that, we ended the meeting. I think that was the best meeting we have had all year. It was very motivating.

Tomorrow's game can very much well be our game if we bring it. I am confident that we will bring our best game tomorrow because we will be disappointed with second place - that is not why we came. So before I go to bed I just want to say to all those that cannot be here with us tomorrow, I hope that you are watching it on ESPN2 at 12:30 p.m.wearing your blue and gold. Know this, we are going to 'fight, fight, fight' to the end!!!!

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