Pac-10 Weekly Women's Basketball Chat Wrap

Jan. 3, 2001

I noticed you have a 3.86 G.P.A. Is it difficult to balance your study and practice/game schedules? How do you do it?

Katie Nyseth at 1:37pm ET
It's really just prioritizing. I put basketball and academics first. Those things have to be taken care of before anything else for me, and that's how I do it.

What exactly is your major - biological systems engineering? What made you interested in this field?

Katie Nyseth at 1:38pm ET
At first I was interested in chemical engineering. I found biological systems engineering in the WSU catalog. I knew I wanted to do something in the engineering field. The major has a lot of options in what you can do with your degree. After a year into the program, I went into the environmental aspect and really liked it, so I stayed with it.

Lukas from Spokane

Hey Katie,
You are obviously a VERY good player who has many different facets involved in her game. However, if a pro career doesn't work out, what do you envision yourself doing after college?

Katie Nyseth at 1:39pm ET
I actually had a job interview yesterday with an environmental engineering and consulting firm, and I could envision myself working there if a pro career does not work out.

If I am trying to get more Division I schools to notice and recruit me, especially a Pac-10 school, what's the best advice you can give me to help increase my exposure?

Katie Nyseth at 1:41pm ET
Probably playing in summer leagues or summer tournaments, like all-star tournaments. Coaches attend a lot of summer events. Also, you can introduce yourself to coaches through letters or by sending a game tape. If they're interested, they'll make sure they attend events you'll be at.

Does the team have any routines on the road? Do you get the chance to do anything fun or is it mostly business?

Katie Nyseth at 1:43pm ET
On a lot of our road trips we get to do fun activities. When we went to Washington DC in November, we toured the sites and saw several memorials. Of course these things happen after games. Usually when we go to LA and San Francisco in Pac-10 play, we get to things on the Friday in between games. We went to Alcatraz last year, we went to Disneyland in the past, so it's fun!

Have you thought about continuing with basketball after leaving WSU? And if so, what kind of outlet, meaning, coaching young kids, playing in community or work leagues, etc?

Katie Nyseth at 1:45pm ET
I've thought about coaching a high school team sometime in the future. I don't have serious plans for that right now. I need to wait until I'm done playing here. I've also thought about trying out for the WNBA, so that's another possibility.

Scott in Moscow
What's your most memorable moment in the Cougar uniform? What sport would you play at WSU if not playing hoops, and why?

Katie Nyseth at 1:47pm ET
If I wasn't playing basketball here, I would want to play volleyball because I've seen their team. They have great chemistry and they make it to the tournament often.

Which team do you look most forward to playing when Pac-10 play begins this weekend?

Katie Nyseth at 1:48pm ET
I personally am looking forward to playing both the Oregon schools. For the whole team, we are looking forward to playing Washington. All three of those teams are teams we can beat this year, and we're looking forward to the chance to do it.

bball 4ever
Do you guys hang out as a team outside of basketball together, or do most of you have different friends that aren't on the team?

Katie Nyseth at 1:49pm ET
This year is a little different. Many of us have roommates who are on the team. Many of us also have friends outside the team. Right now we spend a lot of time together, since school is out and the team is here for practice at this time of year.

What has been your favorite class so far?

Katie Nyseth at 1:50pm ET
My favorite class so far has been my senior design class. It's one of the last courses I have to take in my engineering major. You get to start a project, take it through the initial planning stages all the way through the end where you get to complete the project.

Speaking of the tournament, the soccer and volleyball teams made it to the NCAA Tournament this year. Can I start making my reservations now for a Cougar Women's BB Team in the Tourney come March? What's it going to take?
Beat Stanford!!!!!!

Katie Nyseth at 1:53pm ET
WSU is hosting the women's NCAA West Regional in Spokane this year, and we'd really like to be in that. We made a goal to win 15 of our 29 games, to be above .500 and be eligible for the NIT tournament. That's where we're aiming this year, which is a big step for a team that finished where we finished last year. The big tournament would be great, but I'm not sure if that's where we'll be this year. But with Coach P. and the team, I know that will happen in the near future for sure.

Were you recruited by other schools and what made you choose Washington State?

Katie Nyseth at 1:55pm ET
Yes, I was recruited by other Division I schools. I took visits to Harvard and Portland State and turned down visits to some smaller schools in the Midwest. I chose to come here because of the Pac-10 and it is relatively close to home compared to other schools I was looking at. WSU also had the engineering programs I was interested in.

Katie Nyseth at 1:58pm ET
Thanks, everyone for participating. It was great for talking to you today. I've got to run...


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