Ryan Mendez Chat Wrap

Jan. 5, 2001

Ryan Mendez at 6:05pm ET
I'm ready to take your questions! Let's go ...

Bobby from [], at 6:05pm ET
Your team is one of the most disciplined in the country, and all of you seem to act with class, maturity, and dignity. That being said, do you ever see a Stanford Cardinal leaving the program for early riches in the NBA?

Ryan Mendez at 6:06pm ET
I think so in the future. As you get better and better players it is bound to happen. You have to go out when your stock is high. That is my opinion.

card92 from [], at 6:06pm ET
Given that Stanford has such lofty academic standards, was the recruiting process different than at other schools that pursued you?

Ryan Mendez at 6:07pm ET
Basically when other schools recruit you they say you have a scholarship, just sign the line. But at Stanford there were requirements I had to fulfill before I could come here. At least that is how it was in my case.

Patricio from [], at 6:07pm ET
How would you compare this year's Stanford team to the one that went to the Final Four in 1998?

Ryan Mendez at 6:08pm ET
I would say actually we are a lot better team. Out post play has been phenomenal. We have a very unselfish and balanced team. Everyone buys into the team concept and doesn't get caught up in individual stats. We are definitely a better team.

B from [], at 6:08pm ET
You mentioned in a news article after the Duke game that you'd like the team to come onto the court with that same type of confidence. Do you think you've got it now? I think that confidence is going to be the difference in a game like Saturday's against Arizona.

Ryan Mendez at 6:09pm ET
Anytime you play on the road, especially against an Arizona, you have to have confidence. It starts with the veterans and has to funnel down to the younger guys. We have to go in with a good mind set.

cal sucks from [], at 6:09pm ET
You are a very deep team with 9 or 10 contributors. Do you feel that you can handle the press of teams better this year because of that?

Ryan Mendez at 6:10pm ET
I don't know if it is because of that. It goes back to experience, having a great point guard, etc. We have faced teams with great pressure and haven't turned it over much.

Terry McGrath from [], at 6:10pm ET
Do you expect Curtis to play against Arizona?

Ryan Mendez at 6:11pm ET
I really don't know. He didn't practice today. We would love to have him but our other guys will step up if he can't play. I'm confident in that.

Marty from [], at 6:11pm ET
Hello Ryan, Describe what it will take to defeat Arizona this Weekend in College Basketball?

Ryan Mendez at 6:12pm ET
I think at least being down here and being interviewed, everybody is making a big deal about them not playing well. It will be an emotional game for them but every year they have been up for us. It will take one of our best games. We have to adapt to the way they are guarding us and take what they give us.

Wesley Barker from [] at 6:12pm ET
How do you feel your season is going? Why can't you return peoples phone calls R-no?

Ryan Mendez at 6:14pm ET
Sorry Wes, I apologize! I lost your number! Don't worry, I will next time!

I haven't played to well the past couple games but I am very proud about how I have played this season. As an older guy it is kind of scary. I'm feeling confident and playing each game like it is my last.

Darren from [], at 6:14pm ET
Blue Chalk cafe in down town PA, where is it on your finger scale? An secondly, I am curious as to why you don't penetrate to the hoop much, you are money from in there, and if you miss you are automatic from the line.

Ryan Mendez at 6:15pm ET
Well, that is something I try to do. I want to get to the line a lot more. Basketball is about unselfishness but if my opportunity is there I am going to take it.

The Blue Chalk is a great bar in PA!

Rachel '97 from [], at 6:15pm ET
Is McKale Center the toughest away game during the PAC-10 conference season? And how does the team feel about playing there for the opening weekend of conference play?

Ryan Mendez at 6:16pm ET
By far. That is the place you want to play because of the caliber of the team and the fans. Their fans stand the whole game. They are always up for us and have had our number.

It is a great opportunity for us to play their opening weekend. It will be a great show and we will be up for it.

Rhett Reese from [] at 6:17pm ET
Ryan, you're known for your deadly three point shot. What percentage do you generally shoot unguarded in practice? Do you and Casey ever hold contests?

Ryan Mendez at 6:17pm ET
Casey wants no part of a game of horse with me, I can tell you that right now. I want to shoot 50 percent for the season. It's just a matter of getting on a rhythm and having confidence.

Casey wants no part of me.

Parker from [], at 6:17pm ET
Does your game change from when you are on The Farm at Maples on the bouncy floor as to when you play on the road on a less 'giving' floor? How do you adjust?

Ryan Mendez at 6:18pm ET
I don't think it is really adjusting. Players feel better at home and the courts are harder on the road but you don't really have to adjust. You might be more sore though.

card#1fan from [], at 6:18pm ET
At the beginning of the year how much does a quality team like Stanford look at rankings? Do you care or are they just
a waste of your time?

Ryan Mendez at 6:19pm ET
You really don't look at them as closely when you get older. THe younger guys look at them a lot. Guys are spoiled coming in knowing we are No. 2 or 3 in the nation and don't realize what it takes to get there.

Cameron Newton from [], at 6:20pm ET
Mendez, nice to see you on the chat room. Talk to me about the roles you foresee for Julius Barnes and Justin Davis in Saturday's game. Barnes was extremely impressive against Duke. Does this equate into more playing time for the youngster?

Ryan Mendez at 6:21pm ET
Anytime you play well against a top team it means more playing time. We will need guys to step up. Somebody will have to play better than normal for us to beat Arizona. Justin is still young but he may have to give us a lot of minutes. Julius has no fear, that is just the way he plays. But we will need a spark from both of them to win against Arizona.

Cardinalfan from [], at 6:21pm ET
Over the years, I can't say that I've seen you dunk at all. Is that your choice or the coaches?

Ryan Mendez at 6:22pm ET
It has nothing to do with the coaches! If I had Julius' hops I would be doing it all the time. I have a side bet with Jarron Collins so I have to get at least one before I leave.

Andrew from [], at 6:22pm ET
Do you feel that your team should be number one?

Ryan Mendez at 6:23pm ET
I don't think it really matters. We don't look at that. We just want to play the best we can. If we get to No. 1 that is great, we will try to ride it out as long as we can.

B from [], at 6:23pm ET
What's your favorite pre-game meal?

Ryan Mendez at 6:25pm ET
We have pretty much the same thing every time we are on the road. Chicken, pasta, salad, milkshakes and juice. That is pretty much standard throughout the Pac 10.

That is a question for Jason Collins. Any pregame meal is his favorite meal..

I appreciate all the questions and hopefully we can do this again later in the season. Sorry I couldn't get to all your questions but thanks for the support. We hope to put on a good show for you Saturday ... thanks!

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