Pac-10 Weekly Women's Basketball Chat Wrap

Jan. 10, 2001

Annette from [], at 3:49pm ET
You must be a big celebrity back in Powers. What do they do when you come back to town?

Jenny Mowe at 3:50pm ET
Everyone knows me, and I know everyone, because it's a small town. I don't feel any differently. When I'm back, I try to visit as many people as I can. I just went back for my little brother's basketball game and I got to visit with a bunch of people.

Marty from [], at 3:50pm ET
Hello Jenny, Which College Basketball Players do you most like competing against this Season?

Jenny Mowe at 3:51pm ET
I really like playing against Wisconsin's post players. I like playing against Stanford's Carolyn Moos and Cori Enghusen... I like playing against the bigger girls, definitely.

SBrown from [], at 3:51pm ET
Coming from a small town, how was the transition to Division 1 basketball

Jenny Mowe at 3:52pm ET
It was very difficult, and I'm still learning things every day. I played basketball at Powers, but it's not the same type of basketball we play here. I am still picking things up every day in practice. It's been hard, but I can tell I'm getting better and better.

jenny crab from [], at 3:53pm ET
We hear you're a big soccer fan. What's your favorite team?

Jenny Mowe at 3:53pm ET
There's a team here in Eugene called Euro-Trash, and they're my all-time FAVORITE team.

Marty from [], at 3:54pm ET
Hello Jenny, What's the toughest 'Aspect' of being a Center in Women's College Basketball Today?

Jenny Mowe at 3:55pm ET
Probably that you get called for a lot of cheap fouls. Women's hoops is getting more and more physical, and I'm not sure that the refs know how to call it yet, since it's changing. But post play is definitely getting more aggressive today. The girls are getting bigger and stronger.

Ed the Duck from [], at 3:56pm ET
Jenny lee , we all know you are a great bball player, but are there other sports you excel at eg. bowling?

Jenny Mowe at 3:57pm ET
I love gymnastics, especially the uneven bars (ha-ha!). No not really. I love playing volleyball, and I love to horseback ride.

KBrown from [], at 3:58pm ET
Jenny, we love to watch you battle with the other posts in the Pac-10. Who is your toughest match-up and why?

Jenny Mowe at 3:58pm ET
Probably the smaller, quicker post players, because it's not as physical as when I play the big girls. It's the smaller, quicker players that pose more problems for me. That's where Bri (Meharry) comes in!

Sandie from [], at 3:59pm ET
I've enjoyed watching you play since you became a Duck. What are your plans after graduation?

Jenny Mowe at 3:59pm ET
To train for two months and then hopefully enter the WNBA draft... Or go overseas and play basketball in Europe somewhere.

Quacker from [], at 4:00pm ET
Hi, Jenny! What advice can you give high school players who are interested in playing college hoops, but aren't necessarily being recruited heavily?

Jenny Mowe at 4:01pm ET
I would say just to play for the love of the game. It doesn't matter if you're good enough to play college basketball -- just keep playing. I never thought I would be good enough until my junior year in high school. I played for the love of the game until then. Play because you enjoy it, and if it's meant to happen, it will happen.. You can also send in game tapes if you want.

#1 Duck Fan from [], at 4:01pm ET
Do you ever scrimmage the men's team for fun?

Jenny Mowe at 4:03pm ET
No, we don't get to scrimmage the men's team. Coach Kent is afraid I might hurt them. He's afraid of me hurting their post players! ,o) (just kidding, Coach Kent)

Duck Fan from [], at 4:03pm ET
What are your thought on the Pac-10 adding the postseason tourneys?

Jenny Mowe at 4:04pm ET
I'm not for it, because we already play both teams twice. If you play every team twice, you should get your league standings that way. Although it won't affect me because I'll be gone.

Marty from [], at 4:05pm ET
Hello Jenny, Good luck the rest of the Season and hopefully Oregon will go far in this tears NCAA Tournament!

Jenny Mowe at 4:05pm ET
Thanks, Marty.

Jenny Mowe at 4:06pm ET
Thanks everyone for logging on. I'm off to practice and GO DUCKS!!!

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