Pac-10 Weekly Women's Basketball Chat Wrap

Jan. 17, 2001

Michelle Greco at 7:31pm ET
Hello everyone... Here we go. Ask away!

Brett Henry from [], at 7:32pm ET
I love your game! I think you are probably the top No. 2 guard in the country. Any aspirations of gong to the next level, ie WNBA

Michelle Greco at 7:33pm ET
Thank you, Brett. I would like to play in the WNBA. That's my ultimate goal and hopefully I can improve on my skills, offensively and defensively to get to the next level.

Marty from [], at 7:33pm ET
Hello Michelle, Describe what it's like to lead The PAC 10 in Scoring this Season?

Michelle Greco at 7:34pm ET
First of all, it's quite an honor since every game I have two or three people guarding me. To get off my shots is tough every game, I am running off screens and have a hand in my face all the time. It's an honor since it's such a great conference with great players.

Alex from [], at 7:34pm ET
hi michelle. just wanna drop by and say that its good to see a cv alumni doing well in the college ranks. what has been the biggest adjustment/change you feel you've had to make when you went from playing high school ball here at cv to college hoops at UCLA?

Michelle Greco at 7:35pm ET
I think just the level of play. Everyone's more aggressive, stronger and has more experience. It's all about physically getting stronger and mentally staying strong.

Amy from [], at 7:35pm ET
How good did it feel to beat those Trojans from USC on Sunday?

Michelle Greco at 7:36pm ET
It was a great win, not only to beat our crosstown rivals but to get a Pac-10 win under our belts. Hopefully we can get on a roll and get a win streak going.

Anita from [], at 7:36pm ET
I heard you like the weather channel... Do you have future plans to be a weather forecaster?

Michelle Greco at 7:37pm ET
Yes, I do love the weather channel... My whole family is into the weather channel. My Dad, brother and I race home to watch tropical updates. I always watch the local forecast with my family, so yes someday I wouldn't mind to be a 'weather woman' if basketball doesn't work out.

AJHoops from [], at 7:38pm ET
Hey you feel that you gain an advantage in playing against men in practice and has that furthered your development this year?

Michelle Greco at 7:38pm ET
Definitely. Playing against guys really helps our development. I grew up playing against my brother and guys are stronger, so it helps to get used to taking that hit.

Megan from [], at 7:40pm ET
You have come a long way since your freshman year. This year you are the veteran so do you feel like you have taken over the role that Erica (Gomez) played for the past few years?

Michelle Greco at 7:42pm ET
I definitely feel like I'm one of the leaders. Myself and Nicole Nakase have taken over the leadership roles of Erica and Maylana. I have so much respect for Erica looking back on her leadership skills. Last year I was more of a role player and this year I definitely feel like it's more my team.

John from [] at 7:44pm ET
Hey Michelle . . . what do you think has helped your game improve so much this year as opposed to last year?

Michelle Greco at 7:45pm ET
I spent all summer working on my strength in the weight room, working with our trainer all summer. My summer plans helped so much with my role, and I knew I would be taking over the responsibilities that Erica and May left over for me as floor leader, so that definitely helped.

John from [], at 7:45pm ET
Hey Grec!!! Your game is dope, you think that you can hang in a game with the men's b-ball squad??

Michelle Greco at 7:46pm ET
I don't know about that... But I would definitely love to try!

Catatamount from [], at 7:47pm ET
Were you recruited from any North Carolina schools?

Michelle Greco at 7:48pm ET
No, I was not.

Buck 'The Bruin' from [], at 7:48pm ET
Where is your favorite place to play in the Pac-10 outside of Pauley?

Michelle Greco at 7:49pm ET
I like playing at Arizona (McKale Center). I've always had fairly good games there, and I feel comfortable in that gym.

John from [], at 7:49pm ET
so . . . who would you say is the best challenge playing against in practice? do any of the guys that you play against really have any skillz?

Michelle Greco at 7:50pm ET
Nope, nobody really stands out (just kidding!). They are all very talented and help us prepare for our games.

Matt from [], at 7:50pm ET
Hi Michelle! I would just like to say that I love your game. As a season ticket holder, it is very refreshing to see the attitude you possess on the court up close and personal. I would like to know what you think the win against SC meant to the confidence of the entire team, especially, the JC transfers Leathem, Allen, Robertson considering it's their first PAC-10 win. Thanks Michelle!

Michelle Greco at 7:50pm ET
I answered this question a few questions back, but the moderator forgot to post it!

John from [], at 7:51pm ET
Michelle, what aspirations do you have for the rest of the season? How far do you plan on getting, or do you just think of this season as a 'rebuilding' period to get ready for next year since you have no one graduating this year.

Michelle Greco at 7:52pm ET
I definitely think we'll be a lot stronger next year. But we're not looking to wrap up the season and hang up our hats. We hope to win some more Pac-10 games, get on a roll and end the season on a positive note.

matt from [], at 7:52pm ET
Where did you get all the hustle from you have on the court? It seems like you're always going 24/7! Keep it up!

Michelle Greco at 7:53pm ET
I think ever since high school and definitely before that. My brother had a lot to do with that. He's a lot bigger and stronger than me, and I hated to lose so I always gave it my all.

Brett from [], at 7:53pm ET
What other sports do you like to play other than basketball?

what sports do you like to watch?

Michelle Greco at 7:54pm ET
I love playing all sports. In high school I played tennis softball and basketball, and I used to play soccer. I love watching all sports -- the NBA, tennis and soccer. I like it all.

Marty from [], at 7:54pm ET
Hello Michelle, Which Players do you like competing against in College Basketball?

Michelle Greco at 7:55pm ET
I always like playing against the big name players, because it's a chance to go against the best. I enjoyed playing against the Miller twins from Georgia... They're very talented.

Richard from [], at 7:56pm ET
Michelle- I heard that Kaz left because you wouldn't turn
down your music (just kidding). You can play both guards as
well as the small forward. Which is your favorite and at
which do you see your future?

Michelle Greco at 7:58pm ET
I really don't play my music very loud, so it couldn't have been me :o). I like playing guard. I bringing up the ball and being able to created on my own. In my future, if I play in the WNBA, the guard position would be the one I would play instead of forward.

Brett from [], at 7:58pm ET
Hey Michelle - WHEN YOU ARE IN THE WNBA, which team would you like to play for

Michelle Greco at 7:59pm ET
I'd like to play for the Sparks if I could. I don't want to leave LA... I love it here. I've grown up here and this is home. It would be fun to have my family come watch me play. But there are a lot of teams, so I know there's a chance I could play outside LA.

Paul Biggs from [], at 8:00pm ET
Hi Michelle! Congratulations on your steady improvement at the collegiate level. What advice do you have for a young girl, who like you were, will be pursued heavily by major colleges in the next two years?

Michelle Greco at 8:01pm ET
One big thing is in making your decision, it's important to choose where you want to go. A lot of times, parents and coaches have a lot of influence on where a kid goes. But ultimately, it's the player's choice where they want to play college ball. If you let yourself be influenced by other people, you're not going to be happy.

Arlene Rodarte from [], at 8:02pm ET
Great game Sunday! Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Do you plan on continuing your basketball career? What are your future goals? Good luck!

Michelle Greco at 8:02pm ET
Thank you. Hopefully in the next five years I can still be playing basketball and still living in LA.

Benard from [], at 8:03pm ET
Do you like to play video games?

Michelle Greco at 8:04pm ET
My brother and sister and I loved regular Nintendo... We also had Atari, and we loved playing that. Our favorite Christmases were when we got a new Nintendo game.

Billy from [], at 8:04pm ET
Hi Michelle,

I understand that you come from a big family. What kind of influence did your uncles have on your basketball skills?

Michelle Greco at 8:06pm ET
Definitely, my family had a huge part with my competitive nature. I grew up playing with my uncles, my Dad and my brother. I remember my uncles fouling me so hard at times, that I'd fall into the bushes. They said it was a test of will. If I was a player I'd bounce back up and if I didn't then I wasn't.

Hello Uncle Bill.

Buck 'The Bruin' from [], at 8:06pm ET
What other schools were you recruited by?

Mike Montano from [], at 8:06pm ET
Michelle who influences you in basketball

Michelle Greco at 8:07pm ET
Quite a few schools... I knew when I was being recruited that I didn't want to go far from home. I narrowed it down to UCLA, USC and Santa Barbara after that.

Toalea from [], at 8:08pm ET
Do you still keep in touch with the seniors from last year, and if so, who and how are they doing?

Michelle Greco at 8:10pm ET
Quite a few of the seniors are still around, with the exception of Maylana, who lives in Minnesota. Carly, Janae and Marie are around in LA. And Erica pops up every now and then. Takiyah lives in Washington and she did the radio for our game in Seattle. We all keep in touch and try to see each other whenever possible.

Becky D from [], at 8:10pm ET
Where you asked to help at the Girls Basketball camp? And if so why weren't you there? And are you planning on coming this year?

Michelle Greco at 8:10pm ET
I'll definitely work the camps this summer, except for August. I plan to work a camp in my area, in LaCrescenta, where I grew up.

Bruin Fan from [], at 8:16pm ET
What are your plans after graduating and would you like to stay in the L.A. area?

Michelle Greco at 8:17pm ET

My plans are hopefully to make it into the WNBA and play a couple years and be successful. But if not, I'd love to get into coaching and start out as an assistant, someday working my way up to head coach. I love the LA area. I grew up here and my whole family is here, so I'd love to stay here if possible.

Matt from [], at 8:22pm ET
Hi Michelle. I don't have a question, but I do want to thank you for leaving your heart on the court every time you go out and play. I am a season ticket holder and I thoroughly enjoy watching you play. Your fundamentals are great as well as your basketball instincts. Thank you giving 110% every game and hopefully we'll win some more!

Michelle Greco at 8:22pm ET
Thank you very much for the comment and I appreciate your support -- especially with the kind of season we've had so far. We've struggled, and it's so good to have the support of such great fans.

Jenny Kanatch from [], at 8:27pm ET
What's it like being a superstar?

Michelle Greco at 7:47pm ET

Thanks Jenny/Snatch, but I'm not a super star yet...

Michelle Greco at 8:11pm ET
Thanks everyone for participating in the chat. I appreciate your support, and hope to see you at some games!

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