Pac-10 Weekly Women's Basketball Chat Wrap

Jan. 24, 2001

* UCLA's Michelle Greco
* Oregon's Jenny Mowe
* Wahsington State's Katie Nyseth

Nicole Powell at 12:02pm ET
Hello everyone and welcome to the chat... I'll start taking your questions in just a few minutes!

Sharissa from [], at 12:03pm ET
Was it a big change for you to move from being a center in high school, to being a point guard in college? If so, how did you manage making that change?

Nicole Powell at 12:04pm ET
It has been a big change... I knew coming in that I would play on the perimeter a lot so during the summer I started working on my ball-handling skills to get ready. I try to get better every day.

Tricia from [], at 12:42pm ET
What did you find most difficult about transitioning to the college game and the college atmosphere?

Nicole Powell at 12:05pm ET
The game is at a faster and quicker pace. Every night you have to be prepared to play well because every team is good. Every player is a threat. More than ever the defensive pressure has been turned up, and that's something to adjust to.

Ruth Powell from [], at 12:06pm ET
Did you think that it was going to be so tough to win games in the PAC 10? How do you manage to stay positive with all the defeats? I'm still your other NUMBER ONE FAN! Go Cardinal #14!
Mama Powell

Nicole Powell at 12:07pm ET
I did expect the Pac-10 to be tough. Every team in the Pac-10 is competitive, and that's good. I think it's important to stay positive because we have a good team. We're off to a slow start, but we know what we need to accomplish. The team is working hard, and we still feel like we can have a good season. Thanks for the question Mama Powell!

Lynne from [], at 12:08pm ET
Tara VanDerveer has said that she thought of making you a point guard the first time she saw you play. What position would you prefer to play. What has been hardest about the transition?

Nicole Powell at 12:09pm ET
I don't really prefer a position. I just prefer to be out on the floor and helping the team. I do like playing the point, and the hardest transition is that you have so many things to think about -- what defense to run, what offense to run and directing traffic and being a floor leader out there.

Victor Burga from [], at 12:09pm ET
Wassup Nicole... You rule! And it's an honor to be the dormmate of the Pac 10's star. Keep it up... do it for DoHo!

Nicole Powell at 12:10pm ET
Thanks for the e-mail. Donnerites rule!

Eileen Gilmore from [], at 12:10pm ET
Nicole--This is Amanda and Shayna's mom. We have been watching you on T.V. and we sit there and root for you and are so proud of you. Will you be home before the ASU game and if not, will we be able to say hi at Wells Fargo Arena? The girls will be really sorry they missed you, but we will see you at the game in March. Keep up the good work you are playing just fabulously. Eileen

Nicole Powell at 12:11pm ET
I don't know if I'll be there early. I look forward to seeing Amanda and Shanyna. I've been having a really good season and school year so far. Thanks for the support.

James from [], at 12:12pm ET
How would you describe Stanford to a friend who is interested in going there?

Nicole Powell at 12:12pm ET
I would describe Stanford as a really positive atmosphere. Teachers are very supportive of athletes here. It's a great school and a great atmosphere to be around.

kevin from [], at 12:13pm ET
do you ever get jealous of all the attention the mens team gets when you guys deserve just as much attention as they do? you girls are having a great season. you are making the alumni proud

Nicole Powell at 12:13pm ET
No, I don't get jealous of the men's team. Both teams are very supportive of each other. Any time you have a No. 1 team on campus, it's great for the whole school. They're having an awesome year.

Levi from [], at 12:14pm ET
What are some of the goals you would like for yourself and your team to accomplish now that the team has had such a slow start? and has coming to stanford always been a dream of yours?

Nicole Powell at 12:15pm ET
Yes, it has been a dream of mine since I was pretty young. I think our team goals have stayed the same. We take each game one at a time. We plan to make the NCAA Tournament and take it one game at a time. Every day I'm trying to improve and help my team any way I can.

BW from [], at 12:15pm ET
How did you start playing badminton?

Nicole Powell at 12:16pm ET
I played my freshman year in PE class. I had so much fun with it that the next year I played on the team and we won the state championship. My senior year I played again and we won the state championship again. It's just a lot of fun.

Tricia from [], at 12:16pm ET
You still have a big fan base in Arizona. How do you feel about being in the spotlight and having people following your career?

Nicole Powell at 12:17pm ET
I appreciate all the support from any fans. It's nice to have hometown fans in Arizona. It's neat that people are interested in my career and want to know how I'm doing.

jim denny from [], at 12:18pm ET
Hey nicole, it is katies bro, just happy to se you getting the recognition you deserve, luv ya

Nicole Powell at 12:18pm ET
Thanks for the support, Jim. See you at the Washington game.

Brittney Hopping from [], at 12:18pm ET
Which one of you teammates most inspires you or helped you with your transition from High School hoops to College basketball?

Nicole Powell at 12:19pm ET
All my teammates inspire me. They all work so hard, and they're all leaders in their own way. They've all been supportive and helped me go into the point guard position.

CrazyCardinalFan from [], at 12:20pm ET
Nicole, which place and which team have been the most fun to play in and against this season?

Nicole Powell at 12:20pm ET
I always love playing at home - the fans are great! Playing at Tennessee was fun, I just wish we could have come away with the win. But the experience was great and it was fun to play there.

Bob from [], at 12:21pm ET
you are a rebounding machine and are always around the ball! Were you taught those skills or does it come natural to you? Good luck the rest of the season!

Nicole Powell at 12:21pm ET
It's always been a big emphasis for me, even in high school. I just like getting the boards, getting in there and rebounding.

Cardinalforlife from [], at 12:22pm ET
GO cards! What is the program doing to guard against all of the ACL injuries?

Nicole Powell at 12:22pm ET
We're constantly lifting weights as part of the strength program. That's important to build up your muscles around that area.

Jonathan Preston from portland from [], at 12:23pm ET
Who do you want to play for in the WNBA and do you think you can win the National Title this year, because Duke, Tennessee, and Uconn are playing some good basketball.

Nicole Powell at 12:24pm ET
I don't have a preference as to which WNBA team I'd like to play for. I would be happy to play in the league.We're not really concerned about UConn and Tennessee and Duke right now. We're just worried about our team at the moment. Anything is possible, we just need to peek at the right time.

Ben from [], at 12:25pm ET
Nicole congrats on a very impressive freshman year so far. I was just wondering how your teammates handle you being a freshman and leading them in scoring and rebounding. Do they take it pretty well or do you sense some jealousy.

Nicole Powell at 12:27pm ET
That is something that would never concern them. They're behind me 100 percent as far as being in the point guard position. They're selfless and they just want to team to win. I don't think any of us are concerned with individual stats. We just want to get 'W's.'

coaches Smith & Shaw from [], at 12:27pm ET
Well we just wanted to say keep up the good work and we are very proud of you.See you on your Arizona trip in march. The coaches at Mountain Pointe HS.

Nicole Powell at 12:28pm ET
You guys are awesome. Thanks for your support. I hope your freshman team is kicking butt this year.

JENNIE from [], at 12:28pm ET
What other things do you like to do besides play basketball?

Nicole Powell at 12:29pm ET
I like to play tennis and badminton. I like to play pickup basketball when I'm not in season. Bowling is really fun. I love to bowl.

Lawrence Powell from [], at 12:30pm ET
I know what parts of your game you need to improve on! Do you? In your opinion, what do you need to improve on? Please call me if you need more PGA.
Your #1 Analyst and Fan,

Nicole Powell at 12:31pm ET
I need to work on ball-handling, on making point guard decisions out there with the ball. I need to work on lots of things. I'll be calling you up soon!

Susana Gallardo from [], at 12:32pm ET
Hi Nicole!
It's a pleasure to watch you kicking booty this year! I have a brain question for you, from a armchair fan: in any given play or in any given moment, what exactly are you thinking? Can you walk us through an (average) play? How much of your play is skilled routine/practice, and how much is innovation/seize-the-moment?

Go Card from [], at 12:32pm ET
What made you choose Stanford and do you feel the Cardinal will return to greatness before the end of your career? Have you ever dunked!?

Nicole Powell at 12:34pm ET
I chose Stanford for academic reasons, and I think we have one of the best coaching staffs in the country. We will definitely return to greatness. We have a young team, we're battling some injuries but with the players we have coming back next year, we'll be contending for the national championship.

I dunked a tennis ball once, but not a basketball...

Jesse Fleming from [], at 12:34pm ET
how do you think the pac-10 compares to other conferences nationwide in competitiveness

Nicole Powell at 12:35pm ET
I think the Pac-10 is one of the top Conferences as far as competitiveness goes. Every team is capable of winning and contending for the title at any time. There are a lot of talented players in the Pac-10 as well.

Levi from [], at 12:36pm ET
What is like playing for a Coach like Tara VanDerveer?

Nicole Powell at 12:37pm ET
It's awesome. I think she's an awesome person... Her knowledge of the game, the experiences she's had and the players she's coached is unbelievable.

Levi from [], at 12:39pm ET
Just wanted to say that you will win the national title with Stanford! Go Cardinal!

Nicole Powell at 12:39pm ET
Thanks for the encouragement. I hope so, too. We plan on it.

Nicole Powell at 12:40pm ET
Thanks everyone for participating in today's. I'm running to Spanish class! Thanks a bunch. Hello to everyone in Phoenix!

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