T.J. Cummings Chat Wrap

Jan. 29, 2001

T.J. Cummings at 3:19pm ET
I am here and ready for your questions.

Jarrod Schockow from [], at 3:19pm ET
What are the biggest differences between high school and college ball?

T.J. Cummings at 3:21pm ET
I've found that the college game is a lot faster. You have to be in good condition to be able to get up and down the floor. You have to use your head a lot. A lot of times in college they switch defenses twice in one set so you need to know what is going on at all times. I be able to have a lot of fun with it and I am still just learning and coming into my own.

Marty from [], at 3:21pm ET
Hello T.J., Describe what it was like growing up as Basketball Great Terry Cummings Son?

T.J. Cummings at 3:22pm ET
I didn't really see any difference because I have only know one dad and don't have anything to compare it to. But I didn't get a lot of experience.

Matt Hoeppner from [] at 3:22pm ET
TJ, what aspects of your game have you worked to improve in college?

T.J. Cummings at 3:22pm ET
My defensive mind set has really gone up. I knew coming in I needed to improve my defense.

Jarrod Schockow from [], at 3:23pm ET
What was the determining factor in your choice to go to UCLA? I'm sure glad you did!!

T.J. Cummings at 3:23pm ET
I saw a chance to come into a great environment (school) and come into a lineup that was missing one or two links in where I usually play.

Greg from [], at 3:23pm ET
Is UCLA what you expected it to be?

T.J. Cummings at 3:24pm ET
Yes, and more. I didn't think I would be able to do what I'm doing. I didn't think I would get this time on the court and be such an option on offense. It has been a great experience.

Russ Penty from [], at 3:25pm ET
How did the Rick Pitino issue effect you, the players? Go Bruins! And no leaving early T.J.!!

T.J. Cummings at 3:25pm ET
The way I feel is that I really like coach Lavin and I am just trying to stay focused. He has played it as no big deal and that has been easy on us. It just makes us want to play harder for him and keep him around.

Gabe Brosbe from [], at 3:26pm ET
TJ, as a freshman do you feel more pressure of letting down the fans in crucial situations?

T.J. Cummings at 3:27pm ET
Not really. I feel like the coach as given me the green light to be just like another player. I am still a freshman and I don't forget that. I'm still learning.

NEIL from [], at 3:27pm ET
Do you think you can go to Maples Pavilion and beat the Stanford Cardinal?

T.J. Cummings at 3:27pm ET
We are going to go in there with a big-time defensive mindset and let the offense take care of itself. We will just play hard and see what the outcome is.

Marty from [], at 3:28pm ET
Hello T.J., Describe what it will take for UCLA to go far in 'The NCAA Tournament' and challenge for The National Championship?

T.J. Cummings at 3:28pm ET
We have to play better defense and can't think that our offense will take care of everything. We are at our best when we are playing good defense, because we have so many offensive threats, it takes care of itself.

Mike from [] at 3:28pm ET
What is your evaluation of Coach Steve Lavin?

T.J. Cummings at 3:29pm ET
I think he is good and has a great mixture of good coaching and being able to communicate and get along with the guys so we are all on the same page. He is the perfect coach for me and I am glad to have him.

pooh richardson from [], at 3:29pm ET
tj, who was the best player you have played with or against at the AAU camps?

T.J. Cummings at 3:30pm ET
Probably Darius Miles. He was on my AAU team. We played a lot of games together and against each other. He is a lot of fun to play with.

Shahab Ariannejad from [] at 3:30pm ET
What preparations did you take for the transition from high school to college? Did you have to devote more time?

T.J. Cummings at 3:31pm ET
I had to learn how to 'play' in a system with what the coach wanted me to do. I struggled with what was a good and bad shoot. But I watched a lot of tape and listened to the coaches and that helped in the transition.

GoBears from [], at 3:31pm ET
T.J., tough road trip for UCLA this week. Anything specific you guys are looking to do against Cal and Stanford.

T.J. Cummings at 3:32pm ET
These two teams have a lot of threats offensively. So we will go over the scouting report and make sure we play good defense. We have get stops against these guys and let our offense take over.

ian from [], at 3:33pm ET
TJ, why is there still the lack of respect for the pac 10? both ucla and cal have very good teams, yet are only receiving a couple of votes in the polls?

T.J. Cummings at 3:34pm ET
I think for us, it is a school that has to live up to the great past and sometimes people forget about what kind of team we have now. There is pressure to live up to expectations. But we just go out and try and play like we are capable and just have fun.

T.J. Cummings at 3:36pm ET
That's all the time I have for now. Thank you for all the support of the program and I apologize for not getting the fans donuts last game. We were one bucket away but we'll try and get it next time.

Take care and thanks again for the support of UCLA basketball.

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