Pac-10 Weekly Women's Basketball Chat Wrap

Jan. 31, 2001

Amanda Levens at 6:02pm ET
Hello everyone. Thank you for joining me in my first chat. Hopefully I can provide the best answers to your questions.

RAE from [], at 6:03pm ET
Amanda, first off congrats on PAC10 POW! Got to watch the Tennessee game and was really impressed with the 21 points and 29 minutes in the mildly cold weather.
Question: Besides a year of practice/experience, what's the biggest reason for improvement from OD to ASU?

Hope everything is well in Arizona, including your roomate.
Good luck vs OG State! Hope to see you dancin in March!

Amanda Levens at 6:04pm ET
I'm just really comfortable with our offense and the program as a whole at ASU. I gained a lot of confidence in the offseason. It really humbled me sitting out a year. It's easy to take for granted not having to miss any games. You just really get hungry again to get back out there.

George Allen from [], at 6:05pm ET
What have you noticed in the biggest difference in Pac-10 competition versus the teams in the Conlonial Athletic Association when you played for Old Dominion?

Amanda Levens at 6:06pm ET
I think the Pac-10 has so much parity. Every team is very good and night in and night out its going to be a competitive, uptempo style. In the CAA, we had many years with not losing a game, but in this conference teams are beating each other everyday and there are many upsets. That just didn't really happen in the CAA.

A.B. from [], at 6:06pm ET
What's up Amanda, I am a Freeport, IL native and enjoyed watching you and former Pretzel Lindsay Werntz do battle, who would you say is the best player you've went up against? Glad to see you're doing well.

Amanda Levens at 6:08pm ET
I'd have to say Tamika Catchings. She's got great guard skills and is a well-rounded player who works hard. It's unfortunate that she ended up getting injured this year, but with her work ethic she will be back.

#3 from [], at 6:08pm ET
hey levens can you tell your fans who really taught you that jumper that you have developed to perfection?

Amanda Levens at 6:10pm ET
I think a lot of different people... I would just be in my driveway at night and keep shooting and shooting and shooting until my mom would call me to come in. I went to a shooting camp and Tony Pappas had a lot to do with it. Also our assistant coach here, Kim Gervasani, has worked with me a lot to develop my shot. So it's actually input from several people.

Dave Adams from [], at 6:11pm ET
As an ODU season ticket holder and a fan of yours I have been following your success on the Net. My question is do the players have the same close relationships with th fans as you did at ODU? and compare East Coast B-Ball to West Coast. My Son still wears the 1999 CAA championship hat you gave him. Good luck hope to see you on TV in the NCAA'S

Amanda Levens at 6:13pm ET
I think here there are some fans that have similar relationships, but ODU fans were great and they packed the gym. We don't have that here yet... but we will. East Coast and West Coast basketball I don't really think about. You just look at it as your next opponent, and not where they are from geographically. Teams are pretty tough on both sides -- and all over the country.

Steve from [], at 6:14pm ET
As the post season draws near where do you see the Sun Devils seeded ? You have recorded a .837 free throw percentage. Would you ever give Shaq some hints because it seems he can't reach past 40 percent?

Amanda Levens at 6:15pm ET
I don't think we're looking that far ahead to March yet. The biggest thing on everyone's minds is Oregon State. We're playing one game at a time, and come March if postseason includes us, we'll be happy to be there. As far as Shaq, I don't think I have any advice for him. If I start making 100 million dollars per year, then maybe I can offer him some tips.

Dick Gozinya from [], at 6:16pm ET
How many teams do you see making the tourney from the Pac10

Amanda Levens at 6:17pm ET
If it were up to me, I'd say that all 10 of us should go because there's such great competition. In the past there's always been four or five teams that have gone. This year the conference is as good as ever, and I don't know how RPI plays out... but whoever gets picked is going to do a great job of representing the league.

Eric Rohloff from [], at 6:18pm ET
What has been the best moment you've been through in your 3 yr career at Arizona?

Amanda Levens at 6:19pm ET
Arizona State! The best moment was when I decided to come here. At the time I decided to transfer, I didn't know if they would have a scholarship available for me. When I found out that one came open, I was very thankful because I wasn't sure I would continue to play basketball if one didn't come open. That just started everything and from there it's been a great experience.

runjes from [], at 6:20pm ET
You are such a great player and I think you are a great model for young girls. You also set a good example for other athletes and I personally thank you for this

Amanda Levens at 6:21pm ET
Tkank you, first of all. I think it's very important for young girls to have role models. When I was young, the people I looked up to most were women athletes and basketball players. I think we're very fortunate to be blessed with the abilities to play at this level, and I think it's so important to give back when you make it to this level.

Bryon Houy from [] at 6:23pm ET
Besides Mark Frailey, who is the most important influence in your life?

Amanda Levens at 6:26pm ET
I'd have to say my parents because they have worked so hard, endless hours. They've been at all of our games and
supported us in everything we did whether we were successful or failed. They were always there for us. They provided good examples for my brothers and I, how to treat other people, and that hard work pays off. They led by example.

Jess from [], at 6:26pm ET
I am a real big fan and I was wondering how you stay so positive over such a long season??

Amanda Levens at 6:27pm ET
I think you don't have a choice. If you want to be succesfull, a negative attitude just takes away from the team. It takes more energy to be mad or negative than it does to stay positive. We put too many hours into what we do here to take away from it by not having a good attitude.

Eric Rohloff from [], at 6:28pm ET
What do you plan on after you graduate?

Amanda Levens at 6:29pm ET
I'd like to keep playing as long as it's possible to play. After that I hope to coach in college.

Dan J from [], at 6:29pm ET
Just wanted to say that I have a little girl of 5 and its great to have success stories in sports that she can stive towards. Its nice to be able to take her to games so she can see women such as yourself on the court being competitve and being strong role models.

Thanks for giving it your little girl loves watching you play

Amanda Levens at 6:30pm ET
Thank you. We appreciate everyone's support at the games. Hopefully she can start bringing some of her friends to the games, so we can fill more seats!

Steve and Jarrod Steinke from [], at 6:31pm ET
As followers of your career since our days in Belvidere, too, we have enjoyed watching your role change since leaving ODU. Your leadership on the floor is clearly growing week by week. Is that something you have been asked to do by your coach, or is that something that has just evolved through your playing time and experience?

Amanda Levens at 6:33pm ET
I think it's a combination of both. I think people look up to people who work really hard. If you go out full of energy and want to work hard every day, and strive for constant improvement, it causes the team to raise their level of play. Being chosen as a captain, the coaches always want more from you. They want you to raise your level, knowing the team will too.

Matt from [], at 6:34pm ET
What made you want to transfer to Arizona State from ODU? They made to the final four a couple years ago. You are a great player and the way ASU is playing this year Im glad you came to Tempe.

Amanda Levens at 6:34pm ET
A lot of things led up to me leaving ODU... I was really just looking for a new beginning. I was welcomed here with open arms and was very fortunate to be given this opportunity.

Lonn Buzzell from [], at 6:35pm ET
Congratulations on being player of the week!Is defense more difficult for you in college than in high school?

Amanda Levens at 6:35pm ET
Yes, The players at this level are all the best high school players. You'll never be guarding a weak player, so you have to work hard on every possession and on both ends of the floor.

Amanda Levens at 6:37pm ET
I appreciate everyone taking the time to write in their questions. Hopefully you can make it out to a game sometime, or catch us on TV. Thanks for the support... And Go Sun Devils!

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