Ryan Mendez Chat Wrap

Jan. 31, 2001

Hey this is Ryan. Practice was running late and now I'm here to answer your questions.

StanfordBasketballFan from [], at 7:09pm ET
Hello ryan. How is it going? Thats awesome you are finally chatting. How would you compare the stanford squad this year to the squad last year?

Ryan Mendez at 7:09pm ET
I think this year's team is definitely better. We play with such more confidence than the previous teams.

IloveRYANMENDEZ from [], at 7:10pm ET
Hi ryan! You guys are so awesome this year, you have mad game!!! Do you have a girl friend? Someone told me you were with Kerri Strug!?

Ryan Mendez at 7:10pm ET
Kerri and I never actually dated. To set the record straight we were just good friends.

kfdzona23 from [], at 7:11pm ET
Seeing that Duke and AZ are the only good teams you've played...do you feel that will hurt you come March?

Ryan Mendez at 7:12pm ET
I think we control our own destiny. We have faced all kinds of teams this year. Duke and Arizona are definitely some of the top teams in the nation. As long as we stay unselfish and play team basketball we will be fine no matter who we face.

Bobby Jones from [], at 7:12pm ET
The Stanford 6th man club is notorious for being brutal to opponents. Are you ever embarrassed at some of the things they chant at opposing players?

Ryan Mendez at 7:14pm ET
They sometimes can get out of hand, but the 6th man club has been great this year. I actually think this is the best year since I've been here.

Steve from [], at 7:15pm ET
If you had to pick a winner for tomorrow night's matchup between Duke and North Carolina who would you pick?

Ryan Mendez at 7:15pm ET
I would say Duke. The got lucky against Maryland, but look for them to bounce back.

Alex Devkar from [], at 7:15pm ET
Does it add pressure to every game knowing that you have the chance to go undefeated?

Ryan Mendez at 7:17pm ET
I don't think it adds any pressure. We just have to be mentally prepared each and every night. We want to show the country that we are hands down the best team.

Jordan Miller from [], at 7:18pm ET
Let's settle this right here. Who's the better shooter, you or Casey?

Ryan Mendez at 7:20pm ET
Since you are asking me, I am the best shooter. If you ask Jake, he'll say himself. All I am saying after our eligibility is up we can play HORSE for a little something.

Ken Johnston from [], at 7:20pm ET
You are a truly a role model for the younger kids who are developing their basketball skills. Do you have a planned schedule when practicing your free throws? How many free throws do you try to practice a day? Have you always been consistent at the line? 36 of 40 this year, .900 Avg, that is super! You are certainly a terrific representative as a Stanford Student / Athlete. Hope you guy's will be able to continue to win, against USC and UCLA!

Ryan Mendez at 7:23pm ET
I don't have a set schedule of practicing my free throws. Always after practice we shoot 20. That is definitely not enough to be a great free throw shooter. You have to put in tons of time in the summer and during the season.

boomboom from [], at 7:23pm ET
What would you say the main differences between this team and the one which went to the Final Four in 1998?

Ryan Mendez at 7:25pm ET
I think our big men are the most dominate in the country. Mike McD is playing great. We are a talented team that doesn't have to rely on half court sets to be successful. I don't think that could have been said of teams in the past.

Jakey from [], at 7:25pm ET
One question. Can you dunk?

Ryan Mendez at 7:26pm ET
Come on dogg, I can dunk.

lory from [], at 7:26pm ET
i have been granted a medical redshirt this year (I am a freshman). how do you feel it has benefited you being in and around the college game for five years?

Ryan Mendez at 7:27pm ET
I think it has given me a tremendous amount of confidence being one of the older guys in the program. You get to space out your classes a little more. I would recommend it to anyone.

SLM from [], at 7:28pm ET

What are your plans following graduation? Will you keep playing, or put that Econ degree to use?

Ryan Mendez at 7:28pm ET
After graduation I definitely want to play basketball. That econ degree can wait a little while longer.

Tessone from [], at 7:29pm ET
Tell Ryan we have been life long friends and ask him Why he still will not attack the basket.. Thanks Chris

Ryan Mendez at 7:30pm ET
I do attack the basket. It is not always in the game plan, but when the chance is there I'll take it.

Britt from [], at 7:31pm ET
Now, I'm just wandering... Are you typing, or do you got some computer nerd typing for ya?

Ryan Mendez at 7:32pm ET
I am actually typing. On ESPN that have someone type for you. So if I mess up I'm sorry.

Aaron B from [], at 7:32pm ET
Hey Ryan what do you think about the people who talk about how weak the Pac 10 is compared to other conferences

Ryan Mendez at 7:33pm ET
The Pac 10 has 4 legitimate NCAA teams in us, Arizona, UCLA, and USC. Cal should have a good chance if they can get on a roll.

Duke Fan from [], at 7:34pm ET
I don't mean to blast you but if you had been in Duke, you would have been whooped. Will that hurt you, knowing that?

Ryan Mendez at 7:35pm ET
I disagree. They never played us at Maples either. I think it is funny that I receive all these questions from Duke fans. Can't you just accept it.

Mavsman from [], at 7:36pm ET
Hey Ryan, I know you are from somewhere here in Texas, but I just wanted to ask if you were a Mavericks fan and who your favorite player is?

Ryan Mendez at 7:37pm ET
I am a Mavs fan. A little info that you probably don't know is that Dirk took an unofficial visit to Stanford. He's an exceptional player.

Bill P from [], at 7:37pm ET
Who do you expect to be tougher opponent and why- USC or UCLA?

Ryan Mendez at 7:38pm ET
I think they are both tough opponents. USC mixes up their defense and has a great starting 5. UCLA is much more aggressive in their approach. This is a huge week for us.

Justin M from [], at 7:39pm ET
Everyone has been saying lately how rowdy 6th man is. Do you think it really makes a difference? Do you find it more difficult to play at schools with small stadiums and crazy fans?

Ryan Mendez at 7:40pm ET
I love playing on the road especially when the crowd gets into it. I think I could say the same for all of the guys. The 6th man club can really make a difference. If we ever start out flat we can feed off of their energy.

Ryan Mendez at 7:41pm ET
I have to go now, but thank you for all of the questions. I'll be back.

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