Sean Lampley Chat Wrap

Jan. 31, 2001

Sean Lampley at 2:23pm ET
Hello. Sean Lampley has just arrived and we'll get underway shortly.

Sean Lampley at 2:26pm ET
Scottie Pippen is my favorite NBA player. I've followed his career since he was with the Bulls. I've tried to model my game after him. I consider him the best three man to play the game.

Bro. K from [] at 2:27pm ET
Hey Little Tubbs: I have two questions for you. 1. When will your fans get a chance to see you showcase your skills at the 3? 2. With the tough competition in the PAC-10 do you think the PAC deserves to have 5 teams represented in the Tournament? Continue to have a great season, we are praying for you.

Sean Lampley at 2:29pm ET
It's still a possibility that I'll get a chance to play at the wing this season. On the second question, it's still early in the season to decide the Pac-10 deserves five teams. With the ACC playing well, it has probably the strongest conference. But the top five teams in our conference do have a good shot at it.

Go Bears!! from [], at 2:30pm ET
What is the biggest change that has led to Cal's improved play this year?

Sean Lampley at 2:30pm ET
In my opinion I think the team has been playing good defense. After the first four games when we started 1-3, we've started playing team ball.

Toppersfan from [], at 2:31pm ET
Sean, just wondering how your brother Lee is doing and if he is playing pro anywhere. He had a nice senior season at Western Kentucky.

Sean Lampley at 2:31pm ET
Lee's doing fine. He's back in Chicago working. He's looking to pursue a basketball career this upcoming spring.

Felipe from [], at 2:32pm ET
Who is the toughest player for you to go up against in the Pac-10?

Sean Lampley at 2:33pm ET
There are three: Mark Madsen (Stanford), Michael Wright (Arizona), Jerome Moiso (UCLA)

Dr. Blue from [], at 2:35pm ET
First, I just wanted to thank you for your four years at Cal. I have been watching Cal Basketball for almost 20 years and you have to be one of my top 3 favorite players. We (Cal fans) will all be hoping for the very best for you in your post Cal years. Now for my question, I am curious about your relationship with Coach Braun. Can you tell us what he has meant to you and is their an anecdote that you might want to share about the coach.

Sean Lampley at 2:37pm ET
Coach Braun and I have a very good relationship. I'm very pleased that he and Coach Ramsey gave me the opportunity to play at Cal, being an underrated player coming out of high school. Since I've been at Cal, Coach Braun and his staff have been nothing but up front and helpful to allow me to excel at the college level. Coach is a good coach on the court and a great friend off the court. I consider him to be the best coach I've had in my career.

Tom Horsley from [], at 2:38pm ET
Question for Sean:
When you retire from basketball, what would turn you on as a second career?

Sean Lampley at 2:39pm ET
Teaching. I'm graduating with a degree in education from Cal and that's what I'm looking to do after basketball.

CALJuan from [] at 2:39pm ET
Know you love the fights.Who do you think would win a rematch between Oscar de la Hoya and Felix Trinidad? (you know who this is!)

Sean Lampley at 2:39pm ET
Felix Trinidad.

Jerry DeBusk from [] at 2:40pm ET
Ryan Forehan-Kelly seems to be the catalyst for a lot of good things when he is on the court. Do you also feel that way? Can he step up his scoring in your system or is that better left to the other guys?

Sean Lampley at 2:41pm ET
Yes. Kelly has helped this program in many ways. He's a great player. He does all the little things to make this team better. As far as him stepping up, he is sort of a fill-in-the-blanks guys. Whatever is needed for the team to win, he gives that to us.

Matthew from [], at 2:41pm ET
Where do you think Cal basketball is going in the future?

Sean Lampley at 2:42pm ET
I think it's going upward and get better for Cal. After this season, I think we're going to have a good team. We have a good recruiting class, with 2 of the 3 players being All-Americans. I think the key for the program is the Cal family (meaning coaches, managers, all the little things that go into the program). I think that will keep it together.

Cal Alum '85 from [] at 2:43pm ET
Sean, who have you played with at Cal that has made the biggest impact on you as a player? You will be leaving big shoes to fill -- who do you see stepping into the leadership role for next year?

Sean Lampley at 2:44pm ET
The team from 199-98, my freshman year. Those players were tough on me -- Geno, Thomas, Cisco, Mike, Kiwi and Kenyon. They made me a better player.

BoaltAlum98 from [] at 2:45pm ET
Sean, congrats on the Pac-10 player of the week award. Well deserved after a couple must wins on the road. Can you talk briefly about playing in the Haas pavilion vs. the days at the Oakland coliseum? I'm glad that Cal finally gets the full home-court advantage against schools like U of A and UCLA. Best of luck this weekend and into the tourney.

Sean Lampley at 2:47pm ET
The days in Oakland were fun, but I'm much happier and we'd rather play in Haas Pavilion. The fans are great, loyal and it's a great environment. Haas is on campus. I really didn't like traveling to practice or play. This year, the team is trying to carry on an undefeated streak at home.

Cher from [], at 2:48pm ET
Besides basketball,what other aspects or experiences from Cal have you appreciated?

Sean Lampley at 2:49pm ET
The friends I've made, the degree I'm getting, and being around a great team and coaching staff. Those are the most important things for me.

Sean Lampley at 2:52pm ET
Thanks for asking all the questions. I've got time for one more before I need to run to class.

BigBear from [] at 2:54pm ET
I remember Geno saying a couple of years ago that we had not seen half of what Sean Lampley could do. Do you think you are playing to your potential now? or do you think there is room to improve, and if so, in what ways?

Sean Lampley at 2:55pm ET
I think I've improved my game since when Geno said that. I still have a lot of room to improve -- leadership skills, my game in general, shooting, ball-handling. There's still a lot of room to grow, but I think I have improved.

Sean Lampley at 2:56pm ET
I've enjoyed talking with fans and friends. I look forward to doing it again sometime in the future. Thanks for all your support. Go Bears!

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