WSU Drops OSU Swimming For Second Consecutive Day, 113-92

Feb. 3, 2001

CORVALLIS, Ore. - - For the second consecutive day, the Oregon State women's swim team hosted the Washington State Cougars, and for the second time in as many days, WSU was victorious at Stevens Natatorium on Saturday by a count of 113-92.

The meet marked the last home meet of the season for the Beavers (7-5 overall, 0-3 Pac-10), as well as the final home meet for six Oregon State seniors.

Although the Beavers came up short, OSU made a remarkable push at in the final two races to make WSU earn the win.

Trailing 97-72 with two races remaining in the 11-event meet, OSU swept first-through-third places in the 200-yard breaststroke, with Birte Steven garnering the win in 2:20.95 to give the Beavers a chance to win going into the final race - the 400 freestyle relay.

Down just 100-88, OSU needed to take first and second in the final race to earn 15 points and therefore a one-point win, as teams are awarded 11 points for a win in a relay, four for second, and two for third.

The Beavers held first and second after the first leg of the relay, but WSU continued to whittle away at OSU's second-place position, and was soon swimming second. OSU's lead was tenuous heading into the final leg, and WSU's Andree-Anne LeRoy made enough of a push to edge out OSU's Erin Buckley over the final 25 yards and give the Cougars a slim win with a time of 3:32.11 over the Beavers' 3:32.85.

'This is a big rivalry,' OSU coach Mariusz Podkoscielny said after the meet. 'We took a lot of pride in racing this weekend, and I think our girls should come out of this race with their heads up. We did not give them an inch - Washington State beat us, we didn't lose the meet. It was another tough day.

'All across the board, both teams were a little slower (than Friday's meet),' Podkoscielny continued. 'I think their depth played a major role, because they were able to rotate their swimmers in a way that kept them a little more rested than ours. We had to spend ourselves in every event just to keep up.'

The Beavers trailed at the first intermission 54-39 after racing what are normally some of their stronger events, namely the 1,000 freestyle and the 200 individual medley. OSU trailed 88-62 after the 200 backstroke (the eighth event) before sophomore Naya Higashijima got the Beavers back on track with the last of her three individual wins on the day, which came in the 500 freestyle in a time of 5:04.16.

Higashijima also won the 1,000 freestyle in 10:26.30 and the 200 butterfly in 2:02.50 to give her 21 wins on the year, and six over the weekend's two meets.

Birte Steven captured the Beavers' fourth and last win, which came in the 200 breaststroke with a time of 2:20.95.

Saturday's meet marked the final time OSU's six seniors would compete at home for the Beavers. The group of Erin Buckley, Sarah Cohen, Arianna Higuera, Melissa Hsieh, Amy Imwalle, and Kristen Severance, was Podkoscielny's first recruited class. They hold 22 spots on OSU's lists of all-time top-10 performers in individual events.

'It's pretty emotional,' Podkoscielny said of his seniors' last home meet. 'I wish we could have given them a win, I wish they could have given themselves a win, but I'm extremely proud of them. For as long as Oregon State has a swimming program, they will be the ones who started the new era of Oregon State swimming. They should be proud of what they accomplished.'

Hsieh and Severance, who each hold three places on OSU's all-time top-10 lists, expressed their thoughts after they finished their home careers at Oregon State.

'It was awesome to see all the fans coming in to support swimming and being excited,' Hsieh said of the enthusiastic crowds at Stevens Natatorium. 'The difference from our freshman year (to this year) has been phenomenal.

'This was the most exciting meet I've had since I've been here,' Hsieh commented. 'I want to thank the fans, the community, the athletic administration, OSU's administration, and Dixon Recreation Center for supporting us and helping get us where we are.'

'Our team wouldn't be where it is today without the support of our athletic department, our fans, and our parents,' Severance agreed. 'I'm proud of everyone on the team, and I want to thank everyone for all their support.'

OSU's next action will be at the Pacific-10 Championships in Federal Way, Wash, Feb. 22-24.

'I think we're right on target to go to Pac-10s,' Podkoscielny said. 'The swimmers looked good, they were able to come back twice and race hard and tough, so that's encouraging and we look forward to Pac-10s.'


400 MEDLEY RELAY - 1. WSU `A' (LeRoy, Dong, Henehan, Ternent), 3:53.92, 2. OSU `A' (Starkey, Steven, Renwick, Higuera), 3:54.45, 3. WSU `B' (Byrnes, Swanson, Hubley, Schmeid), 4:02.46, 4. OSU `B' (Polvi, Tehranchi, Hsieh, Personius), 4:06.60.

1,000 FREESTYLE - 1. Naya Higashijima, OSU 10:26.30, 2. Semah Zavareh, WSU 10:27.26, 3. Jill Olson, WSU 10:32.79, 4. Amy Imwalle, WSU 10:45.97, 5. Becca Cohen, WSU 10:50.85, 6. Dana Stoddard, OSU 10:55.13, 7. Jill McMinn, OSU 10:56.39.

200 FREESTYLE - 1. Rachel Dong, WSU 1:55.07, 2. Paula Finlay, OSU 1:55.86, 3. Trista Hedlind, OSU 1:57.51, 4. Erin Buckley, OSU 1:59.11, 5. Sasha Taylor, WSU 1:59.68, 6. Katie Byrnes, WSU 2:00.07, 7. Rachelle Carano, WSU 2:00.82, 8. Jill Personius, OSU 2:01.23.

50 FREESTYLE - 1. Taryn Ternent, WSU 24.19, 2. Audi Higuera, OSU 24.44, 3. Lindsay Henahan, WSU 24.60, 4. Suzanne Starkey, OSU 24.92, 5. Christina Swanson, WSU 25.04, 6. Tatiana Maristany, WSU 26.50, 7. Aubree Gustafson, OSU 26.69, 8. Jessica Randleman, OSU 26.71.

200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY - 1. Andree-Anne LeRoy, WSU 2:06.89, 2. Birte Steven, OSU 2:10.57, 3. Kristen Severance, OSU 2:13.15, 4. Sheila Tehranchi, OSU 2:14.63, 5. Nicole Chinn, WSU 2:14.88, 6. Theresa Dunn, WSU 2:17.29, 7. Carrie Breed, WSU 2:29.27.

200 BUTTERFLY - 1. Naya Higashijima, OSU 2:02.50, 2. Melissa Hubley, WSU 2:02.86, 3. Nicole Chinn, WSU 2:12.86, 4. Melissa Hsieh, OSU 2:13.14, 5. Rachelle Carano, WSU 2:13.61, 6. Jill McMinn, OSU 2:19.08, 7. Myriam Iglewski, OSU (exhibition) 2:27.24.

100 FREESTYLE - 1. Taryn Ternent, WSU 53.05, 2. Bonnie Renwick, OSU 53.96, 3. Trista Hedlind, OSU 54.46, 4. Sara Schmied, WSU 55.15, 5. Erin Buckley, OSU 55.24, 6. Theresa Dunn, WSU 55.61, 7. Jill Personius, OSU 57.10.

200 BACKSTROKE - 1. Katie Byrnes, WSU 2:06.56, 2. Sasha Taylor, WSU 2:07.57, 3.Paula Finlay, OSU 2:09.92, 4. Tatiana Maristany, WSU 2:11.70, 5. Vanessa Polvi, OSU 2:15.08, 6. Jessica Randleman, OSU 2:19.82.

500 FREESTYLE - 1. Naya Higashijima, OSU 5:04.16, 2. Jill Olson, WSU 5:11.84, 3. Semah Zavareh, WSU 5:13.17, 4. Becca Cohen, WSU 5:15.94, 5. Amy Imwalle, OSU 5:16.35, 6. Dana Stoddard, OSU 5:23.14, 7. Jill McMinn, OSU 5:24.86.

200 BREASTSTROKE - 1. Birte Steven, OSU 2:20.95, 2. Kristen Severance, OSU 2:26.10, 3. Sheila Tehranchi, OSU 2:26.64, 4. Christina Swanson, WSU 2:33.44, 5. Nicole Chinn, WSU 2:33.81, 6. Susan Zavareh, WSU 2:44.22, 7. Carrie Breed, WSU 2:49.24.

400 FREESTYLE RELAY - 1. WSU `A' (Dong, Henahan, Taylor, LeRoy), 3:32.11, 2. OSU `A' (Higuera, Renwick, Hedlind, Buckley), 3:32.85, 3. WSU `B' (Carano, Schmied, Hubley, Dunn), 3:40.98, 4. OSU `B' (Starkeyk, Finlay, Imwalle, Hsieh), 3:57.44, 5. OSU `C' (exhibition) (Randleman, Gustafson, Stoddard, Iglewski), 3:57.39.

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