Pac-10 Weekly Women's Basketball Chat Wrap

Feb. 7, 2001

Courtney Johnson at 2:01pm ET
Hi everyone... I am ready to take your questions.

OskiFan from [], at 2:01pm ET
Courtney, the Bears have two tough opponents coming down to the Bay Area with Oregon and Oregon will your team approach each game this weekend?

Courtney Johnson at 2:02pm ET
I think the first thing is we'll take it game by game. We'll work on ourselves, and not focus too much on what our opponents do. That's worked well for us in the last few games, and that's how we'll approach things this weekend.

Stacey Johnson from [], at 2:02pm ET
Hi sis! Figured I would drop by to say I'm proud of you, and I hope your team continues it's current win streak. What are the keys to this current win streak and how can you keep it going. What has been the most rewarding moment this year, and in your career? What are you future goals off the court?

Courtney Johnson at 2:05pm ET
I think we're winning because we have confidence. We believe we can win and that we're entitled to win. This season, I think just being the closest with the team I've ever been in my four years has been the biggest reward. I look forward to seeing my teammates every day. In may career, I'd say that I'm looking forward to being in the NCAA tournament. For my future- I'd love to play in the WNBA and the next level, so I'm hoping that will work out for me. If not, I'm hoping to work as a teacher or clinical therapist.

Dick Orlando from [], at 2:05pm ET
What is you favorite position????

Courtney Johnson at 2:06pm ET
Probably the off-guard. I played that in high school and that's my love. But I've had to play a different role on this team, and if it means the team will win then I'm willing to do that.

John Fung from [], at 2:06pm ET
Do you have any expectations of pursuing a future in the WNBA is the opportunity arises?

Courtney Johnson at 2:07pm ET
Definitely. I still love basketball and I'd like to try and play as long as I can. I would definitely love to do that. I really like the Houston Comets, since Cheryl Swoopes is one of my favorite players, and I've liked her since I was young.

OskiFan from [], at 2:08pm ET
Courtney, what was your favorite game to play in during your time at Cal?

Courtney Johnson at 2:08pm ET
It was last season when we beat UCLA, at UCLA. We really played as a team, everyone was into the game and we beat them at home. We felt as though we really accomplished something after that win.

keith from [] at 2:09pm ET
hey who influenced you the most to play basketball.

Courtney Johnson at 2:10pm ET
All of my brothers and sisters. When I was little, the only way I could get attention was to play outside with them. Then, the only way I could get the ball was to play well. My father has influenced me as well. He's always been there, in good times and bad times, and he's helped make me the player that I am today.

Pumba from [] at 2:10pm ET
Why don't you keep in touch with you little nieces???? They really miss hearing from you. Who is the #1 player that you have ever played against??? I heard your brother was a outstanding basketball player what part of his game do you pattern after his

Courtney Johnson at 2:12pm ET
I do need to keep in touch with my nieces more... my nieces and nephews are my heart. The thing I patterned after my brother's game is that he's very rough and tough. I didn't get to see him play a lot when I was younger, but I do remember that he was always willing to play 100 percent, put his body on the line and draw the foul. He would do whatever it took to help the team.

Cammulder from [], at 2:13pm ET
Is Notre Dame truly the team to beat in the tourney, or is it UConn or Tenn?

Courtney Johnson at 2:13pm ET
I would say Tennessee.. I haven't seen Notre Dame play at all this season, but from what I have seen I would have to say Tennessee is the team to beat.

OskiFan from [], at 2:13pm ET
Courtney, Are you excited about the possibility of joining Cal's 1,000 point club?

Courtney Johnson at 2:14pm ET
Definitely. It's always an honor to be in the books forever, and if I can break some records or accomplish some milestones, I'll always have my name in the Cal women's basketball media guide. That would be quite an honor.

sylvia from [], at 2:14pm ET
What is your major?
What is your favorite class?

Courtney Johnson at 2:16pm ET
My major is sociology... My favorite class was 'Sociology of Men.' It was very interesting to learn different aspects, and why people think the way they do. I love the field so much to study the mind and the outside things that make people do the things they do.

CAL FAN from [], at 2:16pm ET
What is your favorite Pac-10 place to play outside Haas Pavilion?

Courtney Johnson at 2:17pm ET
Stanford. I think it's an exciting place to play, just because they are our rivals and that's a place where we always want to get a win. Playing there is always exciting.

Gwen Johnson from [], at 2:17pm ET
Hi Courtney, this is mom. I am very proud of you. Why do play basketball and what things motivate you?

Courtney Johnson at 2:19pm ET
I play because I love the game. I love the team aspect and the competitiveness that it brings to my life. God motivates me and so does my family. Every day that I go out and play, I do it for those to reasons. I have a little brother that I idolize, and I want him to go out and see me do good things... so I think those things are what motivates me the most.

Joe Cal from [], at 2:19pm ET
Do you think the Pac-10 Tournament will be a good thing?

Courtney Johnson at 2:21pm ET
Yes. It will give teams that maybe didn't play well early on in the season a chance to prove that they aren't as bad as their record may indicate. Other conferences have postseason tournaments, so I think it will help with publicity of the Pac-10 Conference. It will be a good thing. I will miss the first Pac-10 women's tournament next year (2002), but hopefully we'll make it to the NCAAs this year by our number of wins.

Cal 4ever from [], at 2:21pm ET
What do you like to do when you're not involved with practice or school work?

Courtney Johnson at 2:22pm ET
I hang out with my friends and my family... I go see my little brother play.. I see my parents. My parents only live about 35-40 minutes from me, so I spend a lot of time with them. Basketball occupies most of my day, so there's not a lot of time left after that.

nicole sanders from [], at 2:23pm ET
Hi sis! Just wanted to say that Omar, Brandon and I are so proud of you and love you. you have quite a following of young female athletes in California. what do you think is the responsibility of athletes as role models, in particular female athletes? how do you use the spotlight to influence or help young girls?

Courtney Johnson at 2:24pm ET
I think I always try to be positive. I tell young girls that I'm more than a basketball player, and try to focus on other aspects in my life. I go to school, I go to church. I like working with kids and working in community service. That's what I did this summer. It's very important to bring across to kids the positives of being an athlete, as opposed to the negative images they see in the media today.

Marian Sylvestre from [], at 2:25pm ET
Hi Courtney, we are very proud of you here in the Bay Area and at the American Red Cross as one of our volunteer. How are you able to manage your busy sched.. with college academic basketball,family and other personal commitments

Courtney Johnson at 2:26pm ET
The main thing is that I love what I do. It makes it easier when you're happier with what you're doing. As a senior now, I've learned how to manage my time and gotten better at it each year. So all of those aspects make it a little easier. It's definitely not easy, though.

#1 BEARS FAN from [], at 2:26pm ET
Do you ever hang out with any of the other Cal athletes and what is your favorite sport outside b-ball?

Courtney Johnson at 2:28pm ET
Yes.. I hang out with guys from the men's hoops team and the football team. The athletes are all pretty close at Cal, since we see each other so much. My other favorite sport is softball. I played it in high school and absolutely loved it, and I wish that I was good enough to play in college. But I'll just have to be a spectator.

John from [], at 2:28pm ET
What player do you like to watch or play against in the Conference?

Courtney Johnson at 2:30pm ET
I wouldn't say I have a favorite that I like to play against. I like watching good players to pick up moves or see how they play the game, especially point guards. There's not a specific player that comes to mind. I'm so competitive that I like to play against all of them equally.

WinBerkeleyWin from [], at 2:30pm ET
Hey, Courtney....which team do you think has been the toughest to play against this season?

Courtney Johnson at 2:31pm ET
Probably Stanford, because they're so big inside. We had difficulties getting in there and getting inside to score, just because their whole lineup is over 6-feet tall. It was harder for us to shoot.

Erick Versou from [], at 2:31pm ET
My little idolizes you. Is there any way you can say hi to her and wish her the best of luck at her junior high game today?

Courtney Johnson at 2:32pm ET
Good luck! Go get 'eam. I'll think about you and send positive thoughts, and hopefully your team will win. You can celebrate by watching us play Oregon State and Oregon this week!

Courtney Johnson at 2:33pm ET
Thanks for dropping a note and saying hi... I've got to go to class now, so keep rooting for us and please come out and see us play. GO BEARS!

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