Mark Marquess Chat Wrap

Feb. 8, 2001

Mark Marquess at 2:00pm ET
Hi, this is Mark. I'm here and ready to answer your questions.

Terry from [], at 2:03pm ET
Hi Coach--congratulations on a great season last year and your impending 1000th win. In losing players from last years near-champion team (that was a heartbreaking game) what gaps do you see need to be addressed in the coming season?

Mark Marquess at 2:04pm ET
We really need to fill almost every position except for second base where Chris O'Riordan is the definite starter. Every other position is wide open for a variety of young players. As far as the pitching staff is concerned, we have good depth in our pitching core, yet it is still to be determined who the starters will be. Likely starters are Mike Gosling, Jeff Bruksch, Jeremy Guthrie and Tim Cunningham.

P.J. Cassidy from [], at 2:05pm ET
What team on your schedule do you think will breakthrough this year and pose a threat to you

Mark Marquess at 2:06pm ET
I think our schedule is one of the most difficult schedules that we've had since I've been at Stanford. I believe the toughest team on our schedule will be the USC Trojans, who I consider to be the #1 team in the country. We play them six times -- three non-league and three league in Southern California. They are definitely the #1 team in the country.

Richard C. Ersted | Class of ' from [], at 2:07pm ET
As fans of Scott Dragicevich, my family and I are wondering if he will play at shortstop this year. As a coach, how do you become comfortable with players, and their position in the field and in the batting lineup, when so many players did not start most of last season?

Mark Marquess at 2:08pm ET
Scott Dragicevich has started at shortstop our first seven games and has done a fantastic job. He has been one of our most consistent offensive and defensive players. As for the second part of your question, it's a matter of evaluating their performance and deciding whether they are comfortable in the starting role.

Martin from [] at 2:08pm ET
Coach Marquess,
I am a big fan of your program and I follow them closely, and I admire how you have built this program. I would first like to say that I think you guys will turn a lot of heads this year, even though I believe the media thinks that you are too young to be a real threat. My question for you today regards your pitching staff. Have you ever considered moving Tim Cunningham from Sunday starter to Friday or maybe even a Saturday starter? I know it is early in the year, but he seems to be pitching extremely well. His performance against Fullerton was remarkable. It is early in the year and I'm sure endurance is a major factor in a pitcher's performance, and Tim was able to give you guys 6 2/3 innings against a very good squad. Any possibility of moving the pitchers around? I wish you all the best this year, and I will be following closely.

Mark Marquess at 2:10pm ET
Tim Cunningham has done an outstanding job in his first three outings and is currently 2-0. I certainly would consider him as a Friday or a Saturday starter compared to a Sunday starter, but at this early date in the season it really makes no difference which day he would start on. It becomes more critical as to whether he would be a Friday or Saturday starter when we get to our league schedule at the end of March. But Tim certainly has done an outstanding job during his first three outings.

Bill from [], at 2:11pm ET
When did Stanford first make a statement as one of the 'powerhouses' in College Baseball.

Mark Marquess at 2:11pm ET
It would definitely have to be in 1987 and 1988 when we won back-to-back national championships.

GREG from [], at 2:13pm ET
Mr. Marquess, First of all congrats on your 1000th win coming up soon, who do you think can be the sleeper team in the Pac 10?

Mark Marquess at 2:13pm ET
I think the sleeper team in the Pac-10 could be Arizona State.

Matthew from [], at 2:13pm ET
Dear Coach,
I am from Omaha and I watched every game Stanford played this past CWS and I my question to you is what does your team have to do to get back to Omaha this year?

Mark Marquess at 2:14pm ET
Our young and inexperienced players would have to develop a great deal during our season and we would need to get a surprise or two regarding our power numbers as far as our home runs.

p.j. cassidy from [], at 2:15pm ET
who will probably bat cleanup.

Mark Marquess at 2:16pm ET
The two likely candidates to bat clean-up for us are Jason VanMeetren and Jason Cooper.

Frank from [], at 2:16pm ET
Hi Coach. With a young pitching staff, how difficult will it be to go to your bullpen in the early innings? I was thinking that in a 3-game series against quality opponents, it might be hard to do more than once.

Mark Marquess at 2:17pm ET
One of the things that we need to develop with our pitching staff this year is determine which pitchers can be our closers. We have three or four pitchers presently that can fill that role. We will just have to see in the early season games who performs the best out of the bullpen.

Rich W. from [] at 2:17pm ET
With the newly renovated Sunken Diamond being smaller behind home plate now do you have to adjust your offensive strategy much or is it now more like other ballparks?

Mark Marquess at 2:18pm ET
No, we don't have to change our strategy at all. It is still the biggest ballpark in the country in terms of foul territory between home plate and the backstop.

kelly roder from [], at 2:18pm ET
I was wondering what you think of the ability that Darin Natjes has. I played against him in high school and he was like a man among boys. He was the most unbelievable athlete that I have ever played against. I guess I was just wondering what role he will be playing on the Cardinal team this season? Thank You.

Mark Marquess at 2:19pm ET
Darin Naatjes is a tremendous athlete who will see some playing time at first base and in left field. In addition, we might use Darin out of the bullpen this year because he has an outstanding low-90's fastball.

Duane from [], at 2:19pm ET

Seriously when are you going to get rid of those 70's style pullover uniforms?

Mark Marquess at 2:20pm ET
When we get rid of the 70's head baseball coach.

Mark Marquess at 2:21pm ET
Thanks for all your questions. It's time to go back to getting ready for Florida State.

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