Pac-10 Women's Hoops Chat Wrap

Feb. 14, 2001

Felicia Ragland at 4:08pm ET
Hello everyone. I'm ready to take your questions.

Go Beavs! from [], at 4:08pm ET
Felicia, how does it feel to be a member of Oregon State's 1,000-point club?

Felicia Ragland at 4:09pm ET
I think it's very exciting. I just found our yesterday. I've put in a a lot of hard work in the off-season and over the summer to improve my offensive game. It's great and I just hope to continue.

Seth Laninga from [], at 4:09pm ET
Who do you consider to be the best player you've faced this season?

Felicia Ragland at 4:10pm ET
This season I would say maybe Megan Franza from Washington. She stuck it to us for 28 points when we were there earlier this year. This is on my mind right now because we play them Thursday night.

Jennifer from [], at 4:11pm ET
Felicia, I have enjoyed watching the team this year and I hope you guys give UW and WSU all they can handle this week! My question is: how has the strong play of the posts this year, especially Ericka Cook, helped to add balance and does that help allow you to keep scoring so many points every night?

Felicia Ragland at 4:12pm ET
Yes. Our post players have really stepped it up... especially Ericka Cook. She has picked up her game individually and really focused this year since starting. She had 22 points in our last game. She and our freshman posts have really done a tremendous job for us.

Tom Nelson from [], at 4:12pm ET
You are such a great athlete and so enjoyable to watch on the court.
I was wondering what you do to prepare for games and if you have any superstitions?

Big Beaver Fan

Felicia Ragland at 4:14pm ET
No, I don't have any superstitions. Every day I come in with the mindset to work hard all 40 minutes, and not to let up at any time during the game. During practice I just try to stay focused all week and not let anything off the court affect my game. If you concentrate, work hard and stay focused, good things will happen during the game and that's my mindset every night.

Julie Thompson from [], at 4:14pm ET
I think you are a great role model for young kids. What advice would you give young girls just starting out in the sport?

Felicia Ragland at 4:15pm ET
I would say to keep working hard at any sport or anything in life in general. Don't let anyone talk you out of anything. With the professional league now for women, it's important for young girls to strive for their goals - whatever they may be... especially in the sport of basketball.

Anthony K. from [], at 4:15pm ET
As an alum of OSU, I'm always glad to see former Beavers as head coaches of our programs. What has it been like to play for OSU alum Judy Spoelstra and how has she helped you to further develop your game?

Felicia Ragland at 4:17pm ET
It's been a tremendous honor to play for Judy. I've been with her for three years, and she has been there to help me in all aspects of my life, not just basketball. We've been through thick and thin, like all players and coaches. I can't say enough about her. She's a wonderful coach, but more than that she's been there for me. I know she truly cares about her players... I consider it an honor to be here at OSU and play for her.

Joe Cal from [], at 4:18pm ET
Felicia, I go to a lot of Cal games and happened to see you play here last week. I was very impressed with your play and think you will be a good WNBA player someday. Do you see yourself in the WNBA in the near future?

Felicia Ragland at 4:19pm ET
Hopefully... that is one of my goals right now. Along the way it takes hard work and the motivation to play at that level. I just hope to stay healthy throughout my career and work hard so that I may get the opportunity to play at the next level.

SuperDave '97 from [], at 4:19pm ET
As a former OSU student-athlete, I was wondering how the facilities have improved in the last few years. Haven't been back in a while. Do all the non-football sports still have to share the old weight room at Gill?

Felicia Ragland at 4:21pm ET
No- they've built the new Valley Football Center where the majority of sports go to lift. We're also building a new softball complex and a brand new indoor facility, so it's great to see the progress. They're also planning to remodel Gill Coliseum over the next few years, so the exciting changes continue... Come back and check it out!

Tom from [], at 4:21pm ET
Did you have any athletic role models while growing up?

Felicia Ragland at 4:22pm ET
I think Michael Jordan, especially while I was in high school. I always watched MJ and he was just a tremendous athlete all-around. While I was growing up, he was the one I looked up to.

Mike from [], at 4:22pm ET
Felicia, you really know how to put points on the board. How much of that is natural talent, and how much of that is just hard work?

Felicia Ragland at 4:23pm ET
It's hard work all-around. These past couple of summers I've stayed in Corvallis to work on my outside shot.. But the bottom line is it's hard work and motivation to get on the court and put the time in. You can't coach motivation, and that's what it takes. I hope I can continue.

BeatheDucks! from [], at 4:23pm ET
Which Pac-10 team is your favorite to play against and why?

Felicia Ragland at 4:24pm ET
Probably Stanford because of all the history there... It's fun to go there and play at their place, with the atmosphere at Maples Pavilion.

Ali (former OSU marketing inte from [], at 4:24pm ET
Felicia- Tanesha and I say hi. Don't have a question for ya, but just want you to know two former OSUers in Chicago are keeping up with 'our' girls! Keep it up!

Felicia Ragland at 4:25pm ET
Thanks. Great to hear from you guys.

Suzannah from [], at 4:25pm ET
How does it feel when you score a 3 pointer in front of a large crowd?

Felicia Ragland at 4:26pm ET
It feels good to know that my shots are falling, especially at home when the crowd gets going and really gets into it and cheers every time... It's a great feeling.

Tracy from [], at 4:27pm ET
Felicia, you are definitely one of the Pac-10s best players! What advice do you have for young players that are looking to play in college?

Felicia Ragland at 4:28pm ET
I would definitely say that hard work and motivation are the keys. Don't let anyone stop you or get in the way of your playing potential.

BOB from [], at 4:29pm ET
What factors determine rather you decide to take a shot or not and do they change at different times during a game?

Felicia Ragland at 4:30pm ET
At a point when we need to put up a shot- if the shot clock is coming down or if you're coming off a screen and you're wide open, or if your teammate set picks. You don't want to try and shoot over two or three people.

Buddy Beaver from [], at 4:31pm ET
Hi Felicia. Where is your favorite place to play in the Pac-10 outside Corvallis?

Felicia Ragland at 4:31pm ET
At Oregon because of their fans and the crowd. I like trying to keep the fans quiet- that's the best part.

will brantley from [], at 4:32pm ET
Hello felicia, as a Beaver basketball alumni, I was wondering if the transition from Calif. to Oregon has been difficult for you at all?

Felicia Ragland at 4:33pm ET
No, it hasn't been difficult. It's been a good transition for me. I always wanted to go outside of California and play in Oregon. It's been fun and things have gone very smoothly.

Kim from [], at 4:33pm ET
What others schools were you recruited by and why did you choose OSU?

Felicia Ragland at 4:35pm ET
At the time, it was Oregon State, Oklahoma and Virginia. I chose OSU because it was a little closer to home, the coaches are great and the atmosphere was nice coming here on my visit.. They treated me great, and so far playing here has been the best opportunity.

Felicia Ragland at 4:36pm ET
Thanks everybody for writing in and chatting with me. It's been great. I am heading over for treatment right now.

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