Guess Who?

Feb. 22, 2001

In this week's column by senior guard Liz Paulson, find out how much you know about the Arizona State women's basketball team.

(answers are down below!)

1. Who wears a tiger stripe hair tie in her hair on game days?
2. Who has the most lotion and smelly perfume spray in their locker?
3. Who was 10 for 10 in the game vs. UCLA and made the winning basket vs. Washington State?
4. Who leads all the cheers in the locker room and in the hallway before the game?
5. Who runs the clock at practice?
6. Who won the first 'Glue Award?' (awarded to the person who is the most supportive in practice that week)
7. Who is responsible for selecting the 'Chairman of the Boards' in practice everyday?
8. Who reads the sports section everyday at breakfast on the road?
9. Who has to sit in the cold whirlpool every day after practice?
10. Who has the coolest bike on the team and NO car?
11. Who is responsible for making sure the team huddles together before every practice?
12. Who watches hours and hours of game film just to get a few dubs recorded?
13. Who is eight months pregnant?
14. Who just had a little baby boy?
15. Whose locker was voted, by a unanimous vote, the most disorganized?
16. Who is the student athlete that represents the team at SAC meetings?
17. Who drives a yellow Jeep?
18. Who scored in double digits for the first time this year vs. UCLA?
19. Who adds a braid to her hair every time we win a game?
20. Who got the nickname 'Hawaiian Punch' after an accident vs. Oregon State?
21. Who lives with Brett Leonard in Scottsdale?
22. Who is married but living in a different state than her husband?
23. Who made the warm up tape for our home games that includes 'Let's get soaking wet'(our favorite song) ?
24. Who in her first semester this year got a 4.0 GPA?
25. Who orders Ice-T at every meal?
26. Who makes the Gatorade every day before practice?
27. Who blocks the most shots IN PRACTICE and ran track for ASU?
28. Who has the longest hair on the team?
29. Who has a dog named COACH?
30. Who carries a stuffed ASU bear with her on road trips?
31. Who sits in the way back of the bus on road trips and hands out Mento's before each game?
32. Who stole the dessert menu as motivation for our UCLA game? (we get dessert if we win!)
33. Who had eight assists vs. UCLA?
34. Who takes the most time to get ready after practice when we're about to go on the road?
35. Who is in charge of making sure we all are studying and maintaining our grades?
36. Who would forget her head if it wasn't attached?
37. Who has a motorized scooter that she rides to and from practice?
38. Who usually has the toughest defensive assignment and leads the team in steals?
39. Who has taken black and white photos all year of the team that we put up in the locker room?
40. Who loves ASU basketball?

1. Amanda Levens
2. Aubrey McFadyen
3. Melody Johnson
4. Betsy Boardman
5. Sheka Robinson (manager)
6. Li'i Liu
7. Mark Lewis
8. Brett Leonard
9. Leah Combs
10. Betsy Boardman
11. Li'i Liu
12. Laura Hughes
13. Charli Turner Thorne
14. Nikki Swagger
15. Brett Leonard
16. Liz Paulson
17. Brett Leonard
18. Aubrey McFadyen
19. Li'i Liu
20. Cian Carvalho
21. Natalie Tucker
22. Kim Gervasoni
23. Rainy Crisp
24. Jen Albert
25. Kellie McDanal
26. Lisa Himmelspach (our trainer)
27. Moe (manager)
28. Cian Carvalho
29. Mark Lewis
30. Rainy Crisp
31. Chris Hollands (manager)
32. Betsy Boardman
33. Amanda Levens
34. Leah Combs
35. Laura Hughes
36. Liz Paulson
37. Amanda Levens
38. Betsy Boardman
39. Kim Gervasoni

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