Dimson Enjoys Time At Stanford

Feb. 26, 2001

By Jessica Raber

College is a time for learning, but it's also a time for fun. No one wantsto look back on her years as a student and remember all those late nightsalone in the library. People want to think about their friends and the latenights spent hanging out and laughing. Learning to balance the twoexperiences can take a good portion of one's college career, but once youmaster it, life is smooth sailing.

Luckily for Sarah Dimson, she learned to balance her life early on. Despitehaving had a hectic schedule with school and basketball, she made time forother projects. 'My sophomore year in high school, I was in studentgovernment,' she said. 'Three other guys [and I] decided to run for classpresident and we won that. It was a lot of work. It's funny because in highschool, you can do it all. So in freshman year, when the opportunity came,it was like 'Of course!' but I wasn't really thinking about basketballbecause it was a really big time commitment, but it was fun to get into andlearn from that experience.'

She learned her lesson and no longer over-extends herself. In her junioryear, she stepped out of the political arena and focused on school andbasketball - and hopefully got some extra sleep. Stanford provides itsstudents with a vast array of classes and Dimson is trying to soak it allup. She plans on taking an acting class this spring and notes that while hermost memorable class, 'Work and Organizations in the 19th Century' doesn'tsound very exciting, it was great. 'We talked about the evolution of workand how it's still changing in the era of technology,' she noted. 'We did alot of good work - debates and papers.'

And in her senior year, she is working to pull the Cardinal through anobstacle-filled season. The 2000-01 basketball team began the season withhigh but attainable hopes. The season has turned into one of the mostturbulent in recent history, but the group is coming together stronger thanever. Plagued with injury and illness, the squad got to the point where theybegan asking themselves what else could go wrong. Tough losses, both playersand games, did not sink the players and coached into despair. Instead, theylook to the adversity as an incentive to do better, in part because it willmake a good story. 'I would hope that we don't see anything worse than whatwe're going through now,' she said, 'but at the same time, our motto rightnow is 'Look, wouldn't it be awesome to have this great turnaround story atthe end of the season.' Tennessee won a National Championship with 10losses - people forget about things like that. Even though we've lost acouple of game, it's still within our reach to go to the NCAA Tournament andgo to the Final Four.'

Dimson, a tenacious defensive player, is working hard to make the most ofher final season on the court for the Cardinal. The 6-0 forward has startedevery game this season and is averaging 6.9 points and 4.3 rebounds. Inleague play, She is averaging 11.0 points per game. Dimson set a careerhigh earlier this season with 13 rebounds (eight offensive) against Pacific(11/26) and recorded a season-high 21 points (just one shy of hercareer-high) versus Arizona State (1/4).

Focusing on the task at hand, she and her teammates are aware of what theyneed to do to succeed right now in order to have a solid chance in thepostseason 'As a team, we are trying to cut out our turnovers and look toattack a press,' she said. 'People look to press us a lot because we arebigger and we don't have one quick guard. Individually, I need to keeptalking to people and keep our spirits up and on the court, just look tohelp handle the ball. Those are the major things we're working on rightnow.'

Her final campaign at Stanford in full swing, Dimson is looking back on herinvolvement with Stanford basketball and seeing good things. Although Dimsonwill return to The Farm next year to complete a degree in Science,Technology and Society and pursue a Masters in Sociology, her basketballcareer is coming to a close. Stanford represents many things for everystudent, and Dimson has taken as much as she could from her time in PaloAlto. 'Over the past four years, I could say that I'm a better person,' shenoted. 'I'm surrounded by the most amazing people [here]. Stanford haschanged me. It's opened my mind to a lot of different things that I don'tthink I would have been exposed to if I were anywhere else.'

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