This Week in Pac-10 Softball (2/28/01)

February 28, 2001

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Early on, the Pac-10 has shown why it is the premier softball Conference in the nation. After the first month of play, Pac-10 teams have posted a remarkable 123-23-2 (.838) combined record. . . ARIZONA, UCLA and CALIFORNIA are still undefeated headed into March with all three riding double-digit winning streaks. . . Three teams started their seasons with no-hitters. ARIZONA began its year with Becky Lemke throwing a no-hitter against Florida Atlantic (Feb. 2) while CALIFORNIA's Jocelyn Forest added one against UC Riverside (Feb. 10). ARIZONA STATE's Kirsten Voak rounded out the trio by pitching a five-inning perfect game against Utah State (Feb. 9) in the Sun Devils' first contest of the year. . . Five no-hitters have already been thrown this season by Conference teams with two of those going for perfect games. All eight Conference teams are currently ranked in the USA Today/NFCA Poll. UCLA stands at No. 1, followed by ARIZONA No. 2, CALIFORNIA No. 5, ARIZONA STATE No. 6, STANFORD No. 9, WASHINGTON No. 10, OREGON STATE No. 16 and OREGON No. 20.


Wed., Feb. 28Saint Mary's at CALIFORNIA, 1 p.m. (DH)Western Michigan at ARIZONA, 7 p.m.

Thurs., Mar. 1OREGON at UC Riverside, 2 p.m. (DH)

Fri., Mar. 2Colorado St. at UCLA, 9 a.m. (DH) (3)WASHINGTON vs. Utah, 11 a.m. (4)STANFORD vs. Oklahoma St., Noon (4)OREGON ST. at CS Northridge, 1 p.m. (DH) (3)WASHINGTON vs. BYU, 1 p.m. (4)CALIFORNIA vs. Minnesota, 2 p.m. (2)OREGON vs. Long Beach St., 2 p.m. (2)STANFORD vs. UC Santa Barbara, 2 p.m. (4)Creighton at ARIZONA, 3 p.m. (1)Baylor at ARIZONA, 5 p.m. (1)CALIFORNIA vs. Long Beach St., 6 p.m. (2)OREGON at CS Fullerton, 6 p.m. (2)Santa Clara at ARIZONA ST., 7 p.m.

Sat., Mar. 3OREGON ST. vs. Colorado St., 9 a.m. (DH) (3)CALIFORNIA vs. New Mexico, 10 a.m. (2)WASHINGTON vs. Missouri, 11 a.m. (4)STANFORD vs. Nebraska, Noon (4)Indiana St. at ARIZONA, 1 p.m. (1)South Florida at UCLA, 1 p.m. (DH) (3)WASHINGTON at Southern Utah, 1 p.m. (4)OREGON vs. Pacific, 2 p.m. (2)STANFORD vs. Utah, 2 p.m. (4)Oklahoma at ARIZONA, 3 p.m. (1)CALIFORNIA at CS Fullerton, 4 p.m. (2)OREGON vs. San Jose St., 6 p.m. (2)Santa Clara at ARIZONA ST., 7 p.m.

Sun., Mar. 4ARIZONA hosts Hillenbrand Inv., TBA (1)CALIFORNIA vs. Harvard, 9 a.m. (2)OREGON vs. Minnesota, 9 a.m. (2)OREGON ST. vs. South Florida, 9 a.m. (DH) (3)WASHINGTON vs. Nebraska, 10 a.m. (4)OREGON vs. New Mexico, 11 a.m. (2)STANFORD vs. Missouri, 11 a.m. (4)CALIFORNIA vs. Portalnd, 1 p.m. (2)UNLV at UCLA, 1 p.m. (3)Santa Clara at ARIZONA ST., 2 p.m.

TOURNAMENT SITES(1) Hillenbrand Invitational, Tucson, Ariz.(2) Worth Invitational, Fullerton, Calif.(3) Easton Classic, Los Angeles & Northridge, Calif.(4) Red Desert Classic, St. George, Utah

RESULTS (Feb. 2 - Feb. 26)

Fri., Feb. 2ARIZONA 5, Florida Atlantic 0^ (1)ARIZONA 8, Tennessee 0 (1)OREGON 5, Texas A&M-CC 0 (8)SW Texas St. 3, OREGON 2 (8)

Sat., Feb. 3ARIZONA 6, Northwestern 0 (1)OREGON 11, Texas A&M-CC 3 (8)OREGON 4, Baylor 0 (8)OREGON ST. 3, BYU 2 (10)Southern Utah 1, OREGON ST. 0 (10)OREGON ST. 7, BYU 4 (10)STANFORD 4, San Francisco St. 0UCLA 8, San Jose St. 0 (13)UCLA 13, CS Northridge (13)UCLA 5, Cal Poly 0 (13)

Sun., Feb. 4ARIZONA 5, South Florida 0 (1)Baylor 6, OREGON 2 (8)OREGON 3, SW Texas St. 2, 8 innings (8)OREGON ST. 6, Saint Mary's 3 (10)STANFORD 12, Santa Clara 1 (GM 1)STANFORD 3, Santa Clara 0 (GM 2)UCLA 7, CS Northridge 0 (13)UCLA 10, Cal Poly 2 (13)

Wed., Feb. 7UCLA 6, CS Fullerton 0 (GM 1)UCLA 18, CS Fullerton 3 (GM 2)

Fri., Feb. 9ARIZONA 8, Georgia 0 (2)ARIZONA 14, Texas 0 (2)ARIZONA ST. 10, Utah St. 0* (2)ARIZONA ST. 8, South Carolina 2 (2)OREGON 8, Texas Tech 0 (2)OREGON 4, Utah 1 (2)OREGON ST. 3, Mississippi St. 0 (11)OREGON ST. 2, Texas A&M-CC 0 (11)LSU 14, WASHINGTON 2 (2)WASHINGTON 11, New Mexico St. 3 (2)

Sat., Feb. 10ARIZONA 10, LSU 0 (2)ARIZONA 11, Nebraska 4 (2)ARIZONA ST. 10, Georgia 1 (2)ARIZONA ST. 5, Texas 0 (2)CALIFORNIA 1, UC Riverside 0^ (GM 1)CALIFORNIA 9, UC Riverside 1 (GM 2)Nebraska 2, OREGON 1 (2)Massachusetts 1, OREGON 0 (2)OREGON ST. 1, Mississippi St. 0 (11)SW Texas St. 5, OREGON ST. 2 (11)OREGON ST. 6, Tennessee 0 (11)STANFORD 2, Pacific 0 (GM 1)STANFORD 4, Pacific 0 (GM 2)UCLA 8, San Diego 0 (GM 1)UCLA 7, San Diego 0 (GM 2)WASHINGTON 4, Texas Tech 1 (2)WASHINGTON 5, South Carolina 1 (2)

Sun., Feb. 11ARIZONA 8, South Carolina 0 (2)ARIZONA 8, Missouri 0 (2)LSU 4, ARIZONA STATE 2 (2)ARIZONA ST. 4, Utah 0 (2)OREGON 2, Wisconsin 0 (2)

Texas 6, OREGON 5 (2)STANFORD 7, San Jose St. 0 (GM 2)WASHINGTON 7, Georgia 4 (2)

Wed., Feb. 14UCLA 7, Long Beach St. 0 (GM 1)

Thurs., Feb. 15STANFORD 2, Michigan 1 (2)

Fri., Feb. 16ARIZONA 29, Bowling Green 0^ (3)ARIZONA 7, Oklahoma State 0 (3)ARIZONA ST. 2, BYU 1 (5)ARIZONA ST. 11, Michigan St. 0 (5)CALIFORNIA 4, Utah 0 (7)CALIFORNIA 4, Kansas 3 (7)OREGON 3, Wisconsin 2 (7)Nebraska 7, OREGON 0 (7)OREGON ST. 8, Loyola Marymount 2 (20)OREGON ST. 5, Central Michigan 1 (20)STANFORD 1, New Mexico 0 (12)STANFORD 2, Michigan 0 (12)UCLA 10, Portland St. 0 (7)UCLA 15, Kansas 1 (7)WASHINGTON 10, Maryland 5 (15)South Carolina 5, WASHINGTON 3 (15)

Sat., Feb. 17ARIZONA 12, Kentucky 1 (3)ARIZONA 9, New Mexico State 1 (3)ARIZONA ST. 6, Michigan St. 0 (5)Iowa 3, ARIZONA ST. 1 (5)CALIFORNIA 6, Nebraska 5, 8 innings (7)CALIFORNIA 3, UNLV 0 (7)OREGON 8, Kansas 6 (7)Loyola Marymount 7, OREGON 4 (7)OREGON ST. 4, Fordham 0 (20)OREGON ST. 12, Florida I'ntl 1 (20)STANFORD 12, Utah St. 0 (12)STANFORD 2, Long Beach St. 0* (12)UCLA 9, Wisconsin 2 (7)UCLA 6, Nebraska 2 (7)Notre Dame 3, WASHINGTON 2 (15)South Florida 4, WASHINGTON 3 (15)

Sun., Feb. 18ARIZONA 9, Pacific 0 (3)ARIZONA ST. 8, Illinois St. 4 (GM 1) (5)ARIZONA ST. 4, Illinois St. 0 (GM 2) (5)CALIFORNIA 14, Fordham 1 (7)OREGON 1, Central Michigan 0 (7)Utah 12, Utah 6 (20)CS Northridge 2, STANFORD 1 (12)UCLA 10, Florida I'ntl 0 (7)WASHINGTON 8, Hofstra 4 (15)

Wed., Feb. 21WASHINGTON 7, Tenn.-Chatanooga 1 (GM 1)WASHINGTON 3, Tenn.-Chatanooga 0 (GM 2)

Fri., Feb. 23ARIZONA 5, Drake 0 (4)ARIZONA 11, Connecticut 3 (4)ARIZONA ST. 5, Massachusetts 1 (6)Alabama 7, ARIZONA ST. 6 (6)CALIFORNIA 1, DePaul 0 (6)CALIFORNIA 2, Nebraska 1 (6)OREGON 4, Southern Illinois 1 (9)OREGON 7, New Mexico St. 6 (9)Oklahoma 1, OREGON ST. 0 (6)OREGON ST. 2, South Carolina 1 (6)STANFORD 4, Illinois-Chicago 0 (6)STANFORD 2, LSU 0 (6)UCLA 12, Wisconsin 1 (14)UCLA 4, CS Fullerton 0 (14)WASHINGTON 5, Southern Mississippi 0 (6)New Mexico 3, WASHINGTON 2 (6)

Sat., Feb. 24ARIZONA 13, McNeese St. 1 (4)ARIZONA 8, Southern Utah 0 (4)Kansas 7, ARIZONA ST. 1 (6)ARIZONA ST. 4, Michigan St. 0 (6)CALIFORNIA 7, Long Island 1 (6)CALIFORNIA 3, LSU 0 (6)OREGON 6, Iowa St. 2 (9)OREGON 6, Houston 0 (9)OREGON ST. 5, San Diego St. 2 (6)OREGON ST. 3, Fresno St. 1 (6)STANFORD 14, Seton Hall 8 (6)STANFORD 6, Kansas 4 (6)UCLA 4, Texas 3, 8 innings (14)WASHINGTON 9, Michigan St. 0 (6)South Carolina 3, WASHINGTON 2 (6)

Sun., Feb. 25ARIZONA 5, Florida 0 (4)ARIZONA ST. 2, San Diego St. 1 (6)Baylor 3, OREGON 0 (9)OREGON 8, Texas A&M-CC 0 (9)OREGON ST., 0, DePaul 0 (6)STANFORD 0, South Carolina 0 (6)UCLA 1, Wisconsin 0 (14)WASHINGTON 8, Kansas 0 (6)

Mon., Feb. 26UCLA 4, SW Texas St. 3 (GM 1)UCLA 3, SW Texas St. 1 (GM 2)

Tues., Feb. 27ARIZONA 10, Western Michigan 0

TOURNAMENT SITES(1) Louisville Slugger Tournament, Tampa, Fla.(2) Fiesta Bowl Softball Tournament, Phoenix, Ariz.(3) Pepsi Arizona Softball Classic, Tucson, Ariz.(4) Wildcat Invitational, Tucson, Ariz.(5) Louisville Slugger Classic, Tempe, Ariz.(6) NFCA Lead-off Classic, Columbus, Ga.(7) UNLV Classic, Las Vegas, Nev.(8) SW Texas State Tournament, San Marcos, Texas(9) Troy Cox Classic, Las Cruces, NM(10) Southern Utah Tournament, St. George, Utah(11) Texas A&M-CC Tournament, Corpus Christi, Texas(12) Campbell/Cartier Classic, Poway, Calif.(13) Spartan Early Bird Classic, San Jose, Calif.(14) Texas Invitational, Austin. Texas(15) Holiday Inn Invitational, Tampa, Fla.

^ No-Hitter* Perfect Game


1. UCLA (19) 2. ARIZONA (6) 3. Oklahoma (2) 4. Alabama 5. CALIFORNIA 6. ARIZONA STATE LSU 8. Fresno State 9. STANFORD10. WASHINGTON11. CS Fullerton12. Iowa13. DePaul14. Notre Dame15. Nebraska16. OREGON STATE Florida State18. Michigan19. South Carolina20. OREGON21. Texas A&M22. Texas23. S. Mississippi24. Massachusetts25. Florida I'ntl


WALNUT CREEK, Calif. - STANFORD first baseman Sarah Beeson has been named Pac-10 Player of the Week while her teammate, pitcher Dana Sorensen, was named Pitcher of the Week for Feb. 19-25, Commissioner Tom Hansen announced today.

Beeson, a junior from Tucson, Ariz., had a solid tournament performance as No. 9 Stanford improved its mark to 16-1-1 on the season. Beeson helped lead the Cardinal to a NFCA Leadoff Classic Championship by hitting .417 with four home runs, eight RBI and six runs scored over the five game stretch. She was also perfect in the field with 27 putouts and two assists. On the year, Beeson is hitting at a .413 clip with a team-leading 22 RBI. She is also tied for the team-lead in home runs with five. For her efforts, Beeson was named to the NFCA All-Tournament team.

Sorensen, a sophomore from San Diego, Calif., went 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA at the NFCA Leadoff Classic. She pitched 17.1 innings over three contests with 32 strikeouts while holding opponents to a .105 batting average at the plate and pitching two complete games. In the rain-shortened contest against No. 19 South Carolina, Sorenson had a no-hitter through five innings. On the season, she leads the team with a 0.13 ERA and a 7-1 record. Sorensen has 98 strikeouts in 53.1 innings pitched on the year while holding opponents to a 0.97 batting average. She has added seven complete games and five shutouts this season.

It is the first weekly honor for Beeson while Sorensen garners the second honor of her career. Stanford has now received 14 honors all-time.

Also nominated for Player of the Week were: Toni Mascarenas, ARIZ. Veronica Nelson, CAL. Lisa Wangler, ORE. Toria Auelua, UCLA.

Also nominated for Pitcher of the Week were: Jennie Finch, ARIZ. Erica Beach, ASU. Jocelyn Forest, CAL. Crystal Draper, OSU. Amanda Freed, UCLA. Tia Bollinger, WASH.


Arizona (21-0, 0-0)The Wildcats have outscored their opponents 191-10 through the teams' first 20 games. . . The Wildcat pitching staff of seniors Becky Lemke and Teresa Demeter, along with junior Jennie Finch and freshman Jenny Gladding have a combined ERA of 0.47 in 118 innings of play. They have struck out 195 batters, averaging nearly 10 strikeouts per game. . . The Wildcats are already halfway to the NCAA record in home runs, blasting 50 so far this season. The Pac-10 and NCAA record of 100 was set back in 1995 by Arizona. . . The Cats' are hitting .399 as a team. . . Arizona's 29-0 victory over Bowling Green on Feb. 16 is a school record for runs in a game, as is the 17-run fourth inning UA put together.

Arizona State (13-4, 0-0)ASU starts just one senior, sometimes none at all. . . Junior pitcher Kirsten Voak threw the second perfect game in school history against Utah State on Feb. 5. . . Head Coach Linda Wells reached the 750 win plateau with a 2-1 victory over San Diego State (Feb. 25) in the NFCA Leadoff Classic. . . ASU has faced seven nationally ranked teams through its first 17 games (most in Pac-10 to-date), going 4-3. . . Erica Beach currently leads the Devils with a 9-2 record. She went 3-0 in the NFCA Leadoff Classic last weekend and was honored by making the all-tournament team.

California (11-0, 0-0)The Bears have won their first 11 games this season. Last year, Cal won its first 19 contests. . . The Bears have seven players who have started all 11 games. . . The Cal pitching staff has a combined ERA of 1.18 this season. Junior Jocelyn Forest leads the staff with a 6-0 record, 0.68 ERA and 64 strikeouts. . . Sophomore Veronica Nelson is off to a hot start, batting .520 with a 1.080 slugging percentage, .677 on-base percentage and 12 RBI. . . The Bears are currently 11-for-14 in stolen base attempts. . . Cal is outscoring opponents 54-12 on the season.

Oregon (15-8, 0-0)The Ducks were an easy target for pitchers at the Southwest Texas State Tournament (Feb 2 - 4). Oregon had 11 batters hit by pitches in six games, including five in the first game of the year against Texas A&M Corpus Christi. . . Junior Holly Ray has already smashed five homers this year following a 2000 season in which she hit seven. . . Senior Triawn Custers' four home runs this season brought her career total to 30, which puts her just 3 behind the school record of 33 set by Jill Robinson (1997-00). . . Junior Connie McMurren currently ranks fifth on the all-time Duck win list with 36. She is 5-3 this year.

Oregon State (15-4-1, 0-0)OSU has four shutouts this year. . . Junior Crystal Draper has 10 of the Beavers' 15 wins. She currently owns a team-leading 1.17 ERA. . . Beaver pitchers have struck out a combined 144 batters while walking just 29. . . OSU has already doubled its triple total of 2000 with four this season. . . Oregon State has scored 78 runs through 20 games, averaging just under four runs per game. . . Head Coach Kirk Walker needs just 14 more wins to reach 200 for his career. . . Sophomore second baseman Brynnen Guthrie is recovering from reconstructive shoulder surgery and should return later this season.

Stanford (16-1-1, 0-0)The Cardinal set a a school record for its best start of the season, going 12-0 before falling to CS Northridge 2-1 (Feb. 18). . . Stanford has appeared in the top 25 of every regular season poll since early in the 1998 season, reaching a high of No. 7 in 1999. The Cardinal peaked at No. 8 last season. . . The Cardinal have already surpassed last year's mark of 10 shutouts with 12 in their first 18 games this season. The school record for shutouts is 25 (1998). . . Sophomore hurler Dana Sorensen set a single game school record at the Campbell/Cartier Classic, posting 16 strikeouts in a 1-0 win over New Mexico (Feb. 16).

UCLA (21-0, 0-0)The Bruins have won 21 consecutive games to start the 2001 campaign, which is third best in school history. In 1999, UCLA opened the year with a school-best 35-game winning streak while in 1992 it started with 33 straight victories. . . Sophomore Tairia Mims has hit 10 home runs thus far already surpassing her mark of nine last year as a freshman. . . Sophomore Natasha Watley currently has 19 RBI this season, which is eight more than her 2000 mark. Remarkably, Watley already owns the Bruins' career stolen base record with 51. . . Junior phenom Stacey Nuveman is the NCAA active leader for career home runs with 56. She currently has five round-trippers this season to go along with a .462 batting average, 27 RBI and a .923 slugging percentage. . . With UCLA's second win over Southwest Texas State (Feb. 26), Bruin head coach Sue Enquist earned her 600th career coaching victory. Enquist now holds a career record of 600-115-1 (.839) and is in her 13th season.

Washington (11-6, 0-0)Four of the Huskies' six losses so far in 2001 have been by just one run. . . Washington has outscored its opponents in the fifth inning, 22-1. . . UW freshman Amanda Oleson is currently on a 13-game hitting streak, matching the team's season high set by senior Kelly Hauxhurst. . . Freshman pitcher Tia Bollinger has been impressive early on, earning all but one of the team's 11 wins this season. Bollinger earned her 10th win of the season in UW's victory over Michigan State. She currently owns a record of 10-2 with the two losses being by one run.


Fox Sports Net will be televising three softball games this spring. The games will be aired on a live basis. Occassional time conflicts with other programming in selected Regionals may result in the game telecast being delayed. The three televised games are:

Arizona at UCLA Sat., April 7, 2001 2:00 pm PST
Stanford at California Sat., April 14, 2001 1:00 pm PST
Oregon at Washington Sat., May 5, 2001 2:00 pm PST


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