Pac-10 Women's Basketball Chat Wrap

March 7, 2001

Reshea Bristol at 2:01pm ET
Hi, everybody! Thanks for joining the chat...I'm ready for your questions.

ncrzdapeaz from [], at 2:01pm ET
Hey girl, This is your mom, what you got to say? Are you ready to play tomorrow?

Reshea Bristol at 2:02pm ET
Hi, Mom! Everything is going good down here, even thought it's raining in the land of the sun. I'm as ready as ever for the last two games of my senior year. I definitely want to go out with a bang.

Joe Cal from [], at 2:02pm ET
Reshea, I saw you play at Cal and I thought you were awesome. What made you become such a great player?

Reshea Bristol at 2:03pm ET
It's God-given talent and I just work hard from there and try my best every game.

BearDown89 from [] at 2:03pm ET
What are your plans after graduation? Will you be looking for a spot in the WNBA?

Reshea Bristol at 2:04pm ET
My plan after graduation is to hopefully play professionally anywhere. I want to stay in Arizona if I can get hooked up with the Phoenix Mercury. If not basketball, I'd like to be a probation officer.

ARIZFAN from [], at 2:04pm ET
Who has been your toughest opponent in Pac-10 games this year?

Reshea Bristol at 2:05pm ET
Probably the hardest opponent would be Washington. They definitely have a great team. They have a real inside/outside game that is hard to match-up with.

AZBBFan from [], at 2:05pm ET
There has been a lot of talk this year about team chemistry, especially with Pac-10 women's teams. How is the team chemistry with your team?

Reshea Bristol at 2:06pm ET
We have team chemistry, but it's almost inconsistent. We all get along together. Right now we're struggling with a lot of different things, so it's hard to keep chemistry together when you're down.

Ed from [], at 2:06pm ET
What has been your most memorable moment in a Wildcat uniform? from [], at 2:07pm ET
Hi Reshea we love you in the big 'O' my son lil Jesse is one of your biggest fan he has your poster hung up right next to his bed. I can't wait until you come home so that he can see you in person and maybe school you a little bit on his basketball game. Ok now the big question 'Are you going to go pro or what?' and also Joslyn says hello and she can't wait to see ya! I love you girl, Vicki

Reshea Bristol at 2:07pm ET
Hello, you all. I definitely wish I could see you all. Continue to watch me play.

K.T. from [] at 2:08pm ET
What's it like to play for one of the best coaches in the game? Joan has to be one of the BEST at motivating and preparing her teams. Is she always as intense as she comes across during the games?

AZBBFan from [], at 2:09pm ET
Do you feel that the loss of Krista Warren to an ACL tear on Saturday is going to have a bearing upon the outcome of this week's games?

Reshea Bristol at 2:09pm ET
It definitely is. If you lose anybody from a team it hurts somehow. But how this year has gone, we've been faced with a lot of struggles. We're just going to have to play.

BearDown89 from [] at 2:16pm ET
Reshea, as an outgoing senior, how do you see the future of Wildcat basketball? Looking at some of the dynamic young players in the program like Veranda James and Aimee Gzryb and getting Julie back next season, don't you think there's a lot to look forward to?

Reshea Bristol at 2:16pm ET
There is definitely going to be a young team next year. I believe that Liz Pickney and the upperclassmen will lead the team. They should be pretty good to watch.

Melissa from [] at 2:17pm ET
Why did you pick Arizona and what other schools did you take a close look at?

Reshea Bristol at 2:18pm ET
First of all, my parents told me to pick a place where they could vacation. Besides being the only West Coast school that recruited me, my brothers live in Portland and knew about the Pac-10 Conference. I looked at Virginia, Kansas and Maryland. It was all East Coast schools that recruited me.

kevin from [] at 2:19pm ET
what's michael wright really like? do you guys get along with the men's team or hang out at all?

Reshea Bristol at 2:20pm ET
Michael Wright is a very quiet guy. He is probably more talkative on the basketball court than in person, but is a great man. Our schedule with the men's team conflict, so we rarely hang out with them. When we seem them in the hall at McKale though, we'll usually joke around with them.

zona dave from [] at 2:20pm ET
You've had quite a career in the red and blue, and you will be missed by all the loyal McKale Center fans for years to come. Thank you for giving us so many great memories. When all is said and done, which memory will be your best as a Wildcat?

Reshea Bristol at 2:21pm ET
Attending the University and the NCAA Tournament when it was hosted here when we beat Santa Clara and Virginia. With the number of fans that showed up--that was a sight to see.

yooks from [], at 2:22pm ET
what's up styx!! this is yuka from san francisco... i don't know if you recognize me by my name, but i was at your stanford game a couple months ago.. you know, from camp.. anyways, just wanted to say wassuup and good luck tomorrow!!

Reshea Bristol at 2:22pm ET
Thanks. Hopefully you can watch me more outside of college, professionally.

Kristen (reporter from Daily S from [], at 2:22pm ET
You seem to know a lot of players around the Pac-10 and have developed friendships with them. How have you developed these relationships aside from playing against them twice a year and who are your best 'friends' across the league?

Reshea Bristol at 2:24pm ET
It's almost like high school, where you tend to see that everyone is all in it for the same reason. You can become friends with somebody because they know your schedule and they know you basically. I'm closest with Melissa Erickson from Washington and the Good 'ol Girls from Stanford. from [], at 2:24pm ET
reshea to be a great player like yourself about how much time would you say it takes and what are the steps to get there and what would you say to a 12 year boy?

Reshea Bristol at 2:24pm ET
It takes a lot of time, but if you are committed and dedicated than time doesn't matter. You can't forget about your academics. Always remember that it can always get better.

John from [], at 2:25pm ET
Who is the toughest player you have ever matched up against?

Reshea Bristol at 2:26pm ET
In the Pac-10 it would probably be Milena Flores from Stanford or Tamika Catchings.

CAT FAN from [], at 2:26pm ET
Who is your favorite player in the WNBA?

Reshea Bristol at 2:27pm ET
I would say Adia Barnes because she is my teammate for life and a dear friend. And probably also, Sheryl Swoopes and Cynthia Cooper.

ncrzdapeaz from [], at 2:27pm ET
okay, reshea let's get to answering ??? I know that you enjoy the game of basketball, but if you had another opportunity to play any sport what would it be?

Reshea Bristol at 2:27pm ET
It would definitely be volleyball. I would have like to play both sports in college, but it is very time consuming.

Janis from [], at 2:28pm ET
Are you excited about your future in basketball? Does it seem like you've played 4 years of college ball?

Reshea Bristol at 2:29pm ET
Time flies. I can remember being dropped off by my parents my first year. From then on time flew by. It doesn't feel like five years, but I'm ready to leave.

AZCAT from [], at 2:29pm ET
How do you deal with the Arizona heat?!

Reshea Bristol at 2:29pm ET
Usually, I'm in an athletic facility playing basketball with air conditioning. I'm fine with it, considering it's not as humid as Nebraska.

John from [], at 2:30pm ET
Who do you predict will win the national championship?

Reshea Bristol at 2:30pm ET
Although I would like to say Arizona. I think that UConn will pull it out. They have a lot of talented players.

ARIZFAN from [], at 2:30pm ET
What do you think of how the Pac-10 race has gone this season?

Reshea Bristol at 2:31pm ET
It's an up-and-down Conference. I don't know if that's good or bad, considering that everyone can beat everyone. There is no dominant team as of right now. I think that we can definitely represent the West Coast in the NCAAs.

ncrzdapeaz from [], at 2:32pm ET
This is your mom, your dad just called from work and said to tell you hello and that he is looking forward to Saturday, your big day of celebration, my girl, Reshea's last game at the McKale Center. We just hate we didn't get to see you more during your college career.

Reshea Bristol at 2:33pm ET
Hello, Dad, I hope work isn't as tiring as it seems. I would be really happy to see both of you here on Saturday, but if a problem arises, it's all good. You'll have many other times to watch me play.

Ed from [], at 2:33pm ET
Which team do you most like/want to beat?

Reshea Bristol at 2:34pm ET
Stanford is always the dominant team and to have a good game against them, it shows that hard work pays off. Just to win is a good feeling.

Reshea Bristol at 2:36pm ET
I have to run now, but thanks for joining the chat. Love you Mom and Dad.
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