Chris O'Riordan Chat Wrap

March 8, 2001

Chris O'Riordan at 3:17pm ET
Hey this is Chris. I'm ready for your questions...

trojanforever from [], at 3:18pm ET
Of all the pitchers at SC, Prior, Currier, Reyes, who gives you the most trouble? Who in the Pac 10 is the toughest for you to face?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:19pm ET
All three pitchers are very challenging, but I'd say Currier gave me the most trouble last year. He's got great control and an outstanding slider

Stanford Fan from [], at 3:20pm ET
It took a while to complete but what are your impressions of the new Sunken Diamond?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:21pm ET
Sunken Diamond already was an incredible place to play and with the new stadium seats it is even better. It is a lot of fun

Little Jake from [], at 3:22pm ET
CO, great job yesterday. A lot like FSU last year, huh? How did Gosling look? Any idea if he's going to close or move into the rotation, pushing Bruksch back to the 'pen? See you in two weeks.

Chris O'Riordan at 3:22pm ET
Hey Jake. Gosling looked really good last night. His fastball was really good and he looked in top form. Good to hear from you

Rob from [] at 3:23pm ET
Chris, do you find it challenging to perform at a high level for the entire season? Do you find the long season more mentally or physically tiring?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:24pm ET
The hardest part about performing during the season is keeping the mental approach constant. Baseball is not the most grueling physical sport but I can't think of another more challenging mental game. Not letting the last at bat get to you or take your defense to the plate

treehugger from [] at 3:26pm ET
What was your best memory from last years championship run?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:27pm ET
Last year was unbelievable, but I think my most memorable experience was coming back to beat Nebraska after losing the Friday night game. That said a lot about our team.

jason from [], at 3:27pm ET
who is the best player on the team and strongest

Chris O'Riordan at 3:28pm ET
'Jason' has asked this question three times so here's my answer. The strongest player and best player are also named Jason. that's as much as I'll say

Grandma from [], at 3:28pm ET
Way to go, CO-----Should we make our reservations in Omaha for this year? Good job last night. See you in Tempe.

Chris O'Riordan at 3:29pm ET
Hi grandma. Yeah, we can definitely be back in Omaha this year. I'll see you in Arizona. Say hi to grandpa

Sandy from [], at 3:30pm ET
Who is the toughest pitcher you have faced so far this season? How do they compare to last year?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:31pm ET
The toughest pitcher I've faced so far this season would have to be Saarloos from cal st. fullerton. He had incredible movement on his pitches and had good location as well. The pitching has been as good as last year, and this weekend should be a test.

matt from [], at 3:31pm ET
Do you have a good chance of winning a championship before you graduate?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:32pm ET
We definitely have the talent to win a national championship either this year or next. Hopefully we'll stay healthy and come together to make a run at it.

canefan from [], at 3:32pm ET
Where to you play you summer ball? What do you think of the change from aluminum to wood for summer of eventually for pro ball?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:34pm ET
I spent last summer playing for the Anchorage Bucs in Alaska and this summer I'll be playing for Cotuit in the cape league. Wood is definitely more challenging than aluminum. As a hitter you need to hit the ball on the barrel or it just doesn't go like with an aluminum. But at the same time I think the difference is often hyped up.

Nick from [], at 3:35pm ET
do you lift in the weight room during the season or do you mainly stick to playing ball?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:35pm ET
I lift during the season, but at a much lower level than during the offseason. Just maintenance, not strengthening

m.burton from [], at 3:36pm ET
it's always great to see local boys making it big...congrats for the much deserved success. your career's been amazing so far...keep it up! You've always been a hard worker...but is there anything in specific that elevated your game to the next level? A coach or new swing or approach? Also, what ever happened to Rizzo...speaking of local boys? how's it look for a title run? Best of luck!!

Chris O'Riordan at 3:37pm ET
I think a summer I spent in florida just looking at video of my swing as well as pro players' swings really helped me. I took a couple ideas that have stuck with me for awhile now. I am not sure about Jeff Rizzo, but I believe he is a stock broker in San diego.

General Gilman from [], at 3:38pm ET
If you could only listen to one c.d. right now what would it be? thanks, good luck

Chris O'Riordan at 3:39pm ET
That would be Blink 182's Dude ranch.

gus from [], at 3:40pm ET
who has the best work ethic on the team

Chris O'Riordan at 3:41pm ET
There are a lot of guys with great work ethics on our team. I can't really single one guy out but if a player ever wants extra swings, there is always another guy who will help out.

Cardinal Alum from [], at 3:41pm ET
Hey Chris -- it's nice to see the Cardinal get some good press. Very glad to see you're having an outstanding season. By the way, any chance you can convince Nine to switch to button-up jerseys?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:43pm ET
Well, that is probably the most frequent question I hear as a stanford player (and I'm sure 9 (coach Marquess) hears it a lot as well). But, I'm pretty sure I won't see any button down jerseys in my lifetime

go cardinals from [], at 3:43pm ET
what are your thoughts on your team's offense so far this year? the pitching has been great, but it looks like the hitting could pick up a little

Chris O'Riordan at 3:44pm ET
Our pitching has been incredible but the hitting can definitely pick up. But I'm not really worried. We have a lot of young guys who are making the adjustment and the offense should pick up as we head into Pac 10 play

Jamie from [], at 3:45pm ET
Do you think that nine will start to use J.D. more now that he has done so well in the last two games?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:46pm ET
JD Willcox should be getting more time, but I can't speak for nine. he has had two great outings which have helped him to become 'happy-cox'

Dude! from [], at 3:47pm ET
so honestly, what does vince lombardi have to say about the kicking game?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:48pm ET
So I've heard that the most important part about the kicking game is the long-snapper....What's up choey. Good to hear from you.

Gerald from [], at 3:49pm ET
We are all familiar with coach Marquess but tell us a little about the assistant coaches for the Cardinal.

Chris O'Riordan at 3:50pm ET
The assistant coaches are great. Coach Stotz is the associate head coach and he has great knowledge of the game. Coach O'Brien is a great motivator and has helped our team develop a great infield. Coach Kunis handles the pitchers and he also does a great job. And the there's Ritter....

Brian from [] at 3:51pm ET
What is the social life like at Stanford?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:51pm ET
The social life is really fun. I enjoy all fraternity parties and all the girls are really good looking. No complaints here!

Taubin from [], at 3:52pm ET
What about Coach Neil?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:53pm ET
Sorry, I forgot about a new addition to the coaching staff this year. Coach Neal. He keeps us in line and makes sure we 'wrap it up' on time. Thanks for keeping me on track Taubin

AnonymousMexican from [], at 3:54pm ET
I've heard you have a lot of nicknames on the team. Which is your favorite? Where in the world did 'Cobalt' come from? What about 'mischievous backstabbing weasel?'

Chris O'Riordan at 3:54pm ET
My favorite is probably the one about the backstabbing weasel. I'm not sure where they come from, but I will allow it.

john from [], at 3:55pm ET
Have you always played second? If not, what positions did you play in LL and HS?

Dave_23 from [], at 3:55pm ET
Chris, i know the commitment is very strong during the season, but what do you do for fun on your off time?

Chris O'Riordan at 3:57pm ET
I have pretty much played second since high school. I played shortstop in little league and played some short my freshman year of high school. But that was an ugly experience so I've stuck to second ever since. In my off time I like to hang out with my buddies and play mario kart

kakes from [], at 3:58pm ET
i know you're doing so well now, but what kept you going that freshman year when things didn't look so sure if you were gonna get to play? good luck and keep up the good work - mirv and i'll be cheering you on!

Chris O'Riordan at 4:00pm ET
Well, freshman year was definitely tough, but I think the fact that I had a lot of friends here from high school who helped me take my mind off of baseball when things weren't going so good, and then there was my parents who always believed in me. So it was hard, but I knew I could do it if I got a chance. The hardest part was thinking I might not get a chance. Thanks mirv. Good luck to you too.

DonD28 from [], at 4:01pm ET
Which 2nd Baseman in MLB do you enjoy watching?

Chris O'Riordan at 4:02pm ET
Roberto Alomar is unbelievable to watch. it's like he was made for the position. Plus he hits bombs from both sides of the plate.

Chris O'Riordan at 4:04pm ET
Thanks for all your questions. Sorry I didn't get to all of them. Hope to see some of you at the USC series this weekend.
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