Shantay Legans Diary

March 12, 2001

BERKELEY - This is my last Pac-10 diary for the year. I hope everyone has enjoyed hearing a little of what the team and I have gone through this year. The last week of the Pac-10 season is kind of a measuring point on how the team has done during the year. Luckily for us, we did what had to be done to move on to the tournament. What can I do to improve, what do I need to work on, what can I do to help the team more are some of the things each player asks himself at this time.

We struggled a bit in the pre-season until the team started clicking and then the league started. There are other good teams in the country, but I think the Pac-10 has some of the toughest and best teams around. UCLA, Arizona, USC and Stanford are excellent teams. WSU, ASU, OSU, Oregon and Washington are no patsies either. On any given night in the conference, any team could be beat so it isn't a walk in the park. I would have liked our record to be better, but with the experience the team has gotten in the last two years, we will be an even better team next year.

Now that conference play is over, WE ARE GOING DANCING! Who's going dancing?? The BEARS!!!!!!!! The whole team is very excited and even though our coaches had been telling us we were going, we were still sweating it. They didn't put California up in the brackets until the last region, although a major clue we were going was that they had UCLA and USC in the same bracket, so we kind of figured it would work out. Coach told before last week's games that we had to play hard and play well to make the tournament.

I thought against ASU we did what the coach asked. Brian had a super game and Ryan also had a big night. It is sweet for a point guard to have guys like Brian, Joe, Ryan, Solomon, Nick, Dennis, Donte and of course, Sean, to pass the ball to. There is nothing better for me than watching one of my passes being converted into points. I think that game gave us confidence going into the Arizona game.

With the win against ASU, we didn't let down going into the Arizona game, and we played hard and stayed with them. Lampley had one of his dominating games and we were all playing hard. I thought we had the game won and I felt real bad about my turnover at the end of the game. I felt I had let my team and coaches down. I didn't want the seniors, Lampley and Morgan, to go out like that.

Despite the loss, we still made NCAA s and we are all now focused on playing well and beating Fresno State and will be practicing hard all week. It feels really great to be going to the NCAA s, I haven't felt this good in awhile. All the hard work the team and the coaches have put in this year has paid off, and I'm especially glad for Lampley and Coach Braun to have the team recognized in the postseason.

I want to give a lot of thanks to all our fans who came out to see us all year and to let everyone know that on Thursday when we played ASU and Saturday when we played Arizona the HAAS was LOUD!!!! Especially Saturday, the fans were awesome. The team really gets fired up and energized when the crowd is like that. When I went to Midnight Madness my freshman season at Cal and Coach Braun said Cal fans were the best in the country, I didn't know what he meant. Now I do. Thanks to all, and I hope you can all go dancing with us!



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