Quotes From Henry Bibby's Teleconference

March 19, 2001

Quotes From USC coach Henry Bibby

I think we have surprised a lot of people with how we've gone so far, but this is basketball and anything can happen when a team is playing well. We said we would play well and we did play well. I'm very pleased with where we are and I'm looking forward to playing Kentucky. They are one of the top powerhouses in the country and we're excited about it.

(On his impressions of Kentucky)

I don't want to just talk about the problems they present to us--I think we also present some problems to them. Everyone knows how good they are. We've seen a lot of film on them and we know what they do. Teyshaun Prince is an L.A. kid and we know he's going to be excited about playing an L.A. school. Kentucky comes out and they press, they put a lot of pressure on you, and we'll be ready for that.

(On USC's depth)

Depth hasn't been a problem. We've played basically six guys all year. I think we can go deep into the bench if we need to. Every team has five guys that they depend on. We have five guys who we plan on going with most of the time.

(On Teyshaun Prince)

We felt we had a good shot at getting Teyshaun Prince. He has a couple family members who work at USC. We made a good push to get him. But the traditional schools like Kansas and Kentucky were in on him. We are building our program and we hoped Teyshaun would stay and help build USC into a powerhouse. He was always a good three point shooter. But now he's more mature, stronger and better inside. He's learning the game more now.

(On Kentucky's press)

We've faced some good presses this year. UCLA has a very good press. I think we can stick it out and attack it and score. If that's the game we're faced with, we'll attack it.

(On the fatigue factor)

At this stage in the game, we're not concerned about the fatigue factor. Our guys play 38 minutes every night and I don't see anyone getting tired. You have so many TV time outs, there are time outs every four minutes and then we have so many time outs to call as a coaching staff. So I don't think it's much to ask of players to play three or four minutes at a time without getting fatigued.

(On staying on the East Coast after the first two rounds)

It took us three days to adjust to the schedule originally. To go back to L.A. then to come back again would have made no sense. We are totally adjusted now. We let the kids get away from basketball for a day. We went into New York city and relaxed. Now we're back in the grind and ready to go.

(On the two point guards)

I think Brandon Granville is one of the top guards in the country. He's a big plus for what we do. He's taken over the leadership role of the team. I don't know much about Saul Smith because I haven't seen Kentucky play a lot, but I know Brandon has emerged as the leader on this team. He's been what I want him to be: that leader who won't let us lose.

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