A Long Trip From UCLA To USC

March 21, 2001

PHILADELPHIA - The two schools are across town from each other, but thetrip for Henry Bibby from playing at UCLA to coaching at Southern Californiatook a long time and a winding path of twists and turns.

While his old team was preparing Wednesday for the NCAA East Regionalagainst Duke, Bibby was busy getting his current one ready for Kentucky.

He has taken teams into big games before, teams in the USBL and the CBA,teams in Savannah and Springfield, even a team in Venezuela. Like mostbasketball lifers, there are plenty of destination stickers on his luggage.

'The road I've taken here, I've been in a lot of spots and there have beena lot of obstacles,' Bibby said. 'I'm a self-made coach.'

Bibby's basketball roots go back to Franklinton, N.C., playing backyard ballwith two older brothers, one of them former major league pitcher Jim Bibby. Hewas recruited by UCLA and played point guard on three of John Wooden's NCAAchampionship teams, 1970-72.

In those days, Southern California was a basketball afterthought in LosAngeles, while Wooden's UCLA dynasty was winning 10 national championships in12 years.

Drafted by the New York Knicks, Bibby arrived just in time to be on an NBAchampionship team. There would be two more trips to the NBA finals withPhiladelphia in 1977 and 1980, when he played with Julius Erving.

So this regional is something of a homecoming for Bibby.

'In the latter part of my career, I was booed here a lot,' he said. 'Ihope they don't think I owe them a championship. Dr. J. made that promise toPhiladelphia, not me.'

Bibby's only promise was to himself. He wanted to coach and he knew the onlyway to do that was to start at the lowest levels. So, Bibby began drawing x'sand o's in the basketball bushes.

For eight seasons, he coached in the CBA with teams like the Oklahoma CityCavalry, Tulsa Fast Breakers, Savannah Spirits and Baltimore Lightning. Therewere three summers in the USBL with the Springfield Flame and another with aclub team in Venezuela before he was hired as an assistant at SouthernCalifornia in May 1995.

'At that level, you have to drive the van, tape the ankles,' Bibby said,recalling the places he's been and the things he's done. 'I've done everythingpossible in basketball to get where I am.'

That included resurrecting a moribund Southern California program.

Hired as interim coach in February 1996, Bibby imposed tough standards onthe team, running off players who broke the rules. Eventually, he found himselfwith just four scholarship players and the Trojans lost their final nine gamesof the season.

The message was clear. It had to be his way or not. Southern Californiachose his way.

Despite the losing streak, Bibby got the coaching job and began imposing hisbasketball will on this football school.

'We teach a lot of life skills,' he said. 'I don't have too many NBAguys. I try to prepare them for life. I understand the people I coach and whatthey go through. I understand what it's all about with them.'

They'd better understand him.

The toughest assignment belongs to point guard Brandon Granville, who playsthe same position Bibby did. That is not always a good thing.

'My first two years, he was constantly pressing me,' Granville said. 'Itwas a team joke. If I passed the ball to a guy and he took a bad shot, it wasmy fault for passing it. Being a point guard humbles you and forces you to takeresponsibility. Coach Bibby is trying to make me better. You have to respectwhere he's been, as a player and as a coach, and just listen.'

From Bibby's perspective, there's no place he'd rather be and nothing he'drather do than coach.

'I've played on a lot of championship teams in high school, college and theNBA,' he said. 'The most satisfaction I've had since I've been in basketballis to be able to put together 15 men and five coaches, put them all on the samepage and see it work.

'I love coaching. It's more satisfying than playing. You touch morepeople's lives and help them succeed. I like that.'

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