Jeremy Guthrie Chat Wrap

March 22, 2001

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:02pm ET
hello, this is jeremy and I am ready to start taking your questions.

David from [], at 3:03pm ET
Are you surprised by the performance this year's Cardinal has had? You were supposed to finish 3rd in the Pac-10 and now you are #1 in the nation. How does that feel and what happened to the rebuilding year? Good luck and Go Card!

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:05pm ET
It is exciting to have had the success that we have had to this point and I think that we as a team are all surprised by our success but feel that we have worked hard to achieve it. We still have much to improve upon and we will continue to work hard throughout the year.

kevin from [], at 3:05pm ET
will you describe your basic day during the season and during the off season

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:13pm ET
Well to be honest i begin each day by talking to my wonderful fiance Jenny Williams and then i get in some personal study before eating breakfast and heading off to classes. The morning is filled with classes and i grab lunch just before going to practice. We are there for most of the afternoon and it is a good time for me. I always stretch my legs and arms before throwing and then start off rather close before long tossing. As a staff we work on throwing technique, pick-off moves, and fielding. I throw on friday nights so i follow that up with a light toss on saturday along with lifting weights. sunday is a day off for me as far as throwing and i come back on monday with some middle distance toss. tuesday is the day i throw a bullpen and that is generally about 50 pitches. wednesday i will throw flat ground and work on spinning some curve balls. the day before i throw i don't do much other than some of the drills that we do as a staff.

Colin from [], at 3:13pm ET
Hello Jeremy, Congratulations on a wonderful start. With the University of Washington coming to Sunken Diamond this weekend, what do you see Stanford's big challenge to be? and secondly, Did You 'Run with the Bulls' while in Spain? Keep up the great pitching. Go Cardinal Baseball!!!

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:16pm ET
Colin, this weekends game versus the Huskies will definitely be a big challenge and test for us. They appear to be hitting the ball well as they took two from USC this past weekend and so i suspect that they will come in ready to hit. Our biggest challenge i think will be as a staff to come out and pitch well and limit what they can do from the offensive side. I didn't run with the bulls but we run 5 times a week in the morning if you want to see that!

Little Jake from [], at 3:16pm ET
Can you please comment on how Coach Kunis has helped your development on the mound? Thanx.

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:20pm ET
Coach Kunis is a great coach and works as hard as anybody on the team. His dedication and hard work has benefitted the whole staff. I think that each pitcher is able to take something different away from his coaching and improve his game. I personally have learned a lot and i think that one of the most important things has been learning to recognize when i am pitching well and using the correct mechanics and also adjusting when i lose that. I have definitely grown as a pitcher this year.

Card Fan from [], at 3:20pm ET
Do feel a great sense of history, tradition when you step on the Sunken Diamond mound?

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:22pm ET
Yes i do feel a great sense of tradition out there on the field. Sometimes i will just look around and think about all the great baseball that has been played at Sunken diamond and feel a little overwhelmed and humbled by it all. It is a great feeling to be a small part of it all and hopefully this years team can add another successful chapter to its storied history.

Amber Guthrie from [], at 3:22pm ET
HEY BRO! I am so proud of you this year! your doing great!

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:23pm ET
It is great to have fan and family support! it makes the game a lot more enjoyable and worth it. I am grateful for the support of my sister amber in idaho!

Mike from [], at 3:24pm ET

Congratulations on your success this year! I was wondering how difficult was it to come off a two year absence from the game and then make the adjustment to new coaches and the Stanford Baseball program? Looks like you have fit in perfectly. Good luck to you the rest of the season cause I would love to make another trip to Omaha with you guys.

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:27pm ET
It was a great blessing to be able to come back from being away from the game for two years and have the success that i have had. I was able to get back in shape by running and lifting weights which i feel are important for me. There was the temptation to want to come back and throw like i did before, by taking it slow i avoided any pain or injury which is very important. The coaches and players have helped me with the adjustment and i can't thank them enough.

Little Jake from [], at 3:28pm ET
There's a huge debate raging in college baseball about the overuse of startings pitchers by running up high pitch counts. What are your thoughts on the subject?

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:30pm ET
I think that each pitcher and coach must decide how many pitches is too many and come to an agreement. I personally have always thrown a lot of pitches and have never had arm problems so i think that it is an individual thing and must addressed with concern. I think for some it is alright and for others no.

Nick Mahrt from [], at 3:30pm ET
Jeremy -- Having gone to Stanford and being able to watch ball games at beautiful Sunken Diamond, could you describe your reaction the first time you took the field this year and one of the most pristine baseball fields in college.


Jeremy Guthrie at 3:32pm ET
it was a wonderful experience to pitch for the first time here at stanford. that came for many reasons this year. It was our first game in the newly remodeled Sunken Diamond and also coach Marquess' 1000th win. I was very excited and also focused as we faced a tough ball club in Florida State. It was awesome.

Geaux Tigers from [], at 3:33pm ET
Being an LSU fan, I have to tell you Stanford has us really worried last year. You guys just about had the title game won till the last 2 innings. Did coming so close really motivate your team for this year. Good luck the rest of the year and hopefully we will see you again in Omaha!

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:35pm ET
each one of the guys that was a part of that team last year feels pain for what happened last year. LSU played a great game and shocked us at the end. being so close to winning it all gave each a small taste of what it would be like to win a championship and think that that motivates and inspires each player to work hard and hopefully get back to that same spot.

Michael from [], at 3:35pm ET
I aspire to play Stanford baseball. It is one of the few (read: it is the only) schools that combines academic excellence and athletic excellence. As a student that wants to go to a great college and play college baseball, Stanford seems to be a great fit. How hard is it to balance being smart and an ace pitcher? How did you get recruited for college baseball? GOOD LUCK!

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:37pm ET
it is a definite challenge to balance out baseball and studies here at stanford but the coaches are great at working with you and helping you along the way. it takes a lot of dedication and focus but the rewards are worth it. i was recruited here by having a very dedicated and hopeful high school coach who wanted to see me have a chance to play at a great school. he did all the work.

Millicannon from [], at 3:38pm ET

What would you attribute your success to? Coaching, hard work, maturity, etc???? your friend, milli

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:40pm ET
Well Milligan, i think that the number one factor in success for anything is hard work. I have tried to give my all at every moment and i know that that has payed off for me. I do feel as though i am a different pitcher now than i was two years ago and that could be maturity that has made the difference. i hope that i can continue to work hard and grow as a pitcher in the future.

Jeremy Guthrie at 3:43pm ET
Thank you all for your questions. Hope to see you out this weekend for our Pac-10 opener against Washington! Good luck to you all!

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