Carlos Quentin Chat Wrap

March 29, 2001

Carlos Quentin at 1:31pm ET
Hi, this is Carlos. I am here to answer your questions.

Card Fan from [], at 1:32pm ET
Who would you say was the toughest pitcher you faced in High School and, aside from weather, why do you feel San Diego is such a hotbed for talent. You are continuing a long line of great players to come out of the San Diego area in the past decade, such as Eric Karros, Troy Glaus, Jacque Jones, Eric Chavez, Eric Munson, Chad Hutchinson, Set Davidson, Jose Silva (and of course, Pablo and Chris!), etc...the list goes on and on. Thank you and beat ASU!

Carlos Quentin at 1:33pm ET
In San Diego, there are a lot of club teams for younger players. These teams have very good coaching and eventually these players develop the proper skills to play in high school. The toughest pitcher I faced in high school was probably Adrian Walker.

Metcalfe's KY Wildcats from [], at 1:34pm ET
What was the most difficult thing for you to adjust to coming out of high school?

Carlos Quentin at 1:34pm ET
The most difficult adjustment has been the time commitment to sports and academics ... keeping the balance between the two.

jonathan from [], at 1:35pm ET
what type of training would you recommend for a high school kid to do in order to get to the point you are at

Carlos Quentin at 1:36pm ET
I recommend a running program to build speed along with a specific weight training program geared towards improving baseball skills. I've worked with Tom House and Sean Cochran with weights and throwing mechanics.

marc at BC from [] at 1:37pm ET
Yo CQ! just wanted to give you a shout out and some props on a good season so far, even though you guys swept SC...i was curious as to who is the toughest pitcher you have faced? did you ever get to hit off Zito when he was still at Uni? take it easy man and I'll see you back in the 619.

Carlos Quentin at 1:38pm ET
The toughest pitcher I have ever faced is my friend Mark Prior at USC. No, I never hit against Zito.

Brian from [] at 1:39pm ET
Los Q-

Hey buddy. What has been the biggest adjustment for you from high school to college? How does it feel to play for the top team in America? Good luck and I will see you back in the dorm.
p.s. Never going to get you Los.

Carlos Quentin at 1:40pm ET
The biggest adjustment has been the school work ... Andrey.

Metcalfe's KY Wildcats from [], at 1:41pm ET
What is your major?

Carlos Quentin at 1:42pm ET
I'm undecided at this point, but I'm thinking about Political Science.

The cross from [], at 1:42pm ET

As a fellow college athlete, I find it difficult to enjoy things socially with practice school work and games. How do you manage to balance this at a prestigious school like Stanford?

Carlos Quentin at 1:45pm ET
I tend to hang out a lot with my fellow teammates. When I do have time to do something socially then I take full advantage of the opportunity.

Tom from [], at 1:45pm ET
Hey Carlos,
Do you and Sam Fuld get along well or are you to always competing at everything out there in the field.

Carlos Quentin at 1:46pm ET
Sam and I have become very good friends. We support each other on the field and off.

Derek from [], at 1:47pm ET
If you had your choice of an organization to play for after college, which would it be?

Carlos Quentin at 1:48pm ET
Well, I'm a Los Angeles Dodgers I guess I would like to play in their organization.

Queta from [], at 1:49pm ET
We just want to wish you and your team luck! GO CARDINAL!

Carlos Quentin at 1:49pm ET
Thanks Mom, I love you.

STACard28 from [] at 1:50pm ET
Carlos-What is it like starting for one of the best programs in college baseball as a freshman?

Carlos Quentin at 1:51pm ET
I feel honored to have the chance to play baseball with a great bunch of guys. The style of baseball that this team plays is extremely fun and the coaching is intense.

Rick from [], at 1:52pm ET
Carlos, Do you play for the Love of the Game, or like the rest of the kids coming into the bigs, for the CASH?

Carlos Quentin at 1:53pm ET
I play for the love of the game. A lot of players play for this reason.

Howard from [], at 1:54pm ET
Hi I'm a newbie to baseball and I work with your aunt. She's getting into baseball so I wanted to know what would be an exciting game to watch? and congratulations man on your baseball/academic career.

Carlos Quentin at 1:55pm ET
April 21 we play USC on Fox.

a m from [], at 1:55pm ET
I'm a Stanford student and I wanted to know if you're happy with your decision to come here and not a less stressful place - there's a lot of other schools where athletes can take it easy and live like kings but Stanford's pretty academic. Good luck with your season.

Carlos Quentin at 1:57pm ET
I am very happy with my decision to come to Stanford. The academics and athletics are a challenge, and I feel that I am getting more out of my college experience.

Woodrow from [], at 1:57pm ET
Hey Carlos
I heard you are a big bird watcher and bird lover. Do your teammates have any birds?

Carlos Quentin at 1:58pm ET
I am not aware of any players that own birds.

Jack from [], at 1:58pm ET
Which will be the toughest team you think you will face Carlos

Carlos Quentin at 1:59pm ET
USC and Arizona State are very good at home. We still have Pac 10 series at both places.

NJSteve from [], at 2:00pm ET
I have no ties to any of your family or friends...what else do you do in your free time?

Carlos Quentin at 2:01pm ET
I like to hang out with the other players on the team.

Mark Johnson from [], at 2:03pm ET
With the success that you guys are having this year, are you afraid of getting over confident?

Carlos Quentin at 2:04pm ET
I feel that the team respects the other teams too much to get overconfident. We are a young team that plays hard and plays to win.

Carlos Quentin at 2:05pm ET
Thanks for all the questions. I've enjoyed this chat.
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