Jeff Quinney Chat Wrap

March 29, 2001

Chase from [], at 2:02pm ET
What kind of facilities can be found at the Arizona State college's golf course

Jeff Quinney at 2:04pm ET
We have some of the best in the country. The best part is not only our facilities, but the number of courses across the Phoenix area. We play some of the best places in the nation here.

Jason from [], at 2:05pm ET
What do you think about the Georgia mens golf team and their individual rankings of the top five being in the top 25. Are they the best team in college?

Jeff Quinney at 2:07pm ET
Georgia is one of the best, as is Georgia Tech. College golf is just so balanced right now. The funny thing is that anyone can win the national title by getting hot at the right time and getting off it a good start. The last few years we have not had a good first round and that hurt us. We usually get hot about now. But I think that Georgia and Georgia Tech have as good as a chance as anyone. But don't count out the Sun Devils.

Ryan from [], at 2:09pm ET
What as been the WORST part about winning the Amateur and how are you going to prepare for the outside distractions that come when playing with Tiger? Have you ever played with him before?

Jeff Quinney at 2:11pm ET
The worst part has been all the little interviews and media requests that take up a lot of the time. It is not like I don't like them, but it is hard to do all of them. It is a good problem to have. I don't think I will playing with Tiger at the Masters, I have not played with him yet but I look forward to the Open.

jamie from [], at 2:12pm ET
I've played Karsten many times. What is your best round ever playing there?

Jeff Quinney at 2:13pm ET
I shot a 62 at Karsten in my sophomore year when I won the Thunderbird Invitational. The 62 broke Phil Mickelson's record, so that was a good day.

greg from [], at 2:13pm ET
How has growing up in the rainy northwest and playing on the types of courses up there, helped or hurt your overall game

Jeff Quinney at 2:14pm ET
I played basketball all winter and golf in the summer. The courses were great. All the tall trees make you keep it in the fairway. I think it helped being able to play in all types of weather.

John from [] at 2:15pm ET
Hi Jeff. I was at the Amateur and I stood with your parents for most of the match and they are the nicest people I have met in a long time and I want to commend you on your accomplishments!!!

Jeff Quinney at 2:16pm ET
Thanks for the nice words. I imagine they were pretty nervous, especially when I almost threw it away!

Jimmy from [], at 2:16pm ET
Hello Jeff-Eugene fans want to know if you plan to attack pins at the masters?

Jeff Quinney at 2:17pm ET
I plan to attack the ones you are supposed to and not get overly aggressive and get penalized. Say hello to everyone in Eugene.

Darius from [], at 2:18pm ET
What is the reaction of the professionals as you tee it up with them as an amateur?

Jeff Quinney at 2:19pm ET
They usually come up and congratulate me and tell me they watched the amateur. Since it was so exciting, a lot of people remember it, including the guys on the Tour.

tsull73 from [], at 2:19pm ET
What's the best way you know to correct a slice, especially with a driver?

Jeff Quinney at 2:20pm ET
Avoid swinging from over the top. And without seeing you swing, I'd work on the grip. And slow down...that always works.

Eric from [], at 2:20pm ET
Is golf your favorite thing to do?

Jeff Quinney at 2:21pm ET
I love golf, but it is not the only thing I do. I love basketball and football. I try to balance the books, too. But golf has opened up a lot of doors for me.

Aaron from [], at 2:22pm ET
Hi Jeff:

I am a Sun Devil Alum. Glad to hear your getting national recognition. One quick question for you. My son is on the Varsity Golf team at his High School and is interested in going to ASU. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, other than applying, what is the best way for him to get recognized by ASU?

Jeff Quinney at 2:23pm ET
Try to get him some AJGA exposure but in the meantime write our coach, Randy Lein, a note with all his information. Point out all the highlights of his career. And then follow up with a phone call.

Sun Devil from [] at 2:24pm ET
Jeff, at what age did you start playing golf and at what point did you realize that you were pretty good and could possibly make a living at it?

Jeff Quinney at 2:24pm ET
I started playing when I was four and in my sophomore year I realized that I could be decent and maybe make a living.

Lumpy from [], at 2:25pm ET
Did you party a lot at asu.

Jeff Quinney at 2:26pm ET
ASU provides a great atmosphere. When not golfing, I am usually in the library...:)

Riley from [], at 2:26pm ET
Do you follow ASU athletics besides golf?

Jeff Quinney at 2:27pm ET
I love to watch all the sports, especially basketball. The programs are all rebuilding but I will continue to watch after I graduate.

Jeff from [], at 2:27pm ET
What is your favorite golf course?

Jeff Quinney at 2:28pm ET
My favorites are Cypress Point, Pebble Beach and Augusta National and Karsten National. I got to play Augusta last weekend with my dad.

john from [], at 2:29pm ET
if you could tell tiger woods one thing that is bad about his game what would it be?

Jeff Quinney at 2:30pm ET
I can't find a weakness. Can anyone?

Sal from [], at 2:30pm ET
Do you ever address the ball by Saying 'Hello Ball'

Jeff Quinney at 2:31pm ET
No...but that is a good joke.

mcgyv from [], at 2:31pm ET
I am a freshman golfer for the Virginia Military Institute. What do you do to stay focused throughout the round, especially after a bad hole?

Jeff Quinney at 2:33pm ET
Try to forget the bad shots and remember the good ones. Golf is a game of managing your bad shots. No one is perfect.

Thanks for your time on this. I have to go and get some more practice in before leaving for Augusta on Friday. I appreciate everyone stopping by for the chat. I promise to answer every question if I win the Masters...Thanks again!

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